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Foundation multi-player map

To unlock this map, successfully complete the game in single player mode under any difficulty setting. Piece of cake! ;)


Unlimited ammunition

First, find yourself either a battle rifle or a shotgun. Then, aim down and shoot yourself in the foot until your character dies. After respawning, do the same thing while wielding two SMGs. This does take a while, but if done correctly about four or five times, you should no longer have to reload, and will have access to unlimited ammunition. Bring it on!


Effective strategies for killing hunters

  1. TWO PLAYER: Have one person obtain a sniper rifle or a covenent. Have the other person get a weapon that has a good melee attack. Then, the player who has the sniper rifle or covenent should set up base in a location were other aliens will have a hard time reaching them. Have the person who has the gun go after the hunter. While the your parter is in a melee attack with the hunter shoot it in the head or waist. You will kill it after three or four shots.
  2. SINGLE PLAYER: Simply find a fixed turret - the human ones are best - and give them a body full of it. They will perish exceptionally quickly. A good place to do this is near the beginning of "Outskirts."
  3. SINGLE PLAYER: When a hunter is approaching (but not charging at you), you can simply fire a shot into their orange stomach and you will kill them quickly.

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