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Main Menu Cheats

Aeon Flux offers players access to a huge variety of special abilities and hidden content through its cheat menu. To access these, while on the main menu, press "Y". Then go to the "Enter Cheats" menu and enter one of the following passwords:

Unlock Action Movie #1
Bravo, Alpha, Golf, Mike, Alpha, November

Unlock Action Movie #2
Uniform, Kilo, Golf, Alpha, Mike, Echo, Romeo

Free Fatalities
Charlie, Uniform, Tango, India, Oscar, November, Echo

God Mode
Tango, Romeo, India, Romeo, Oscar, Xray

Restore Heath
Hotel, Echo, Alpha, Lima, Mike, Echo

Unlimited Ammo
Foxtrot, Uniform, Golf

Unlimited Heath
Charlie, Lima, Oscar, November, Echo

One Strike Kills
Bravo, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo, Foxtrot, Sierra, Tango


Golden Gun Silencer

In true James Bond style, this weapon provides you with access to a silencer that a P2K doesn't have. To acquire this, get as much accuracy as you can, take as few hits as you can, while trying all the typical Bond moves (such as shooting barrels to exlpode, shooting vital enemy characters, and finding secrets areas). Good luck!

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