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The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game:

Master Code (Must Be On)F6000914 C305
All Weapons (player 1)160D34A8 000E
All Weapons (player 2)160D3520 000E
Unlimited Bombs (player 1)160D34A6 0005
Unlimited Bombs (player 2)160D351E 0005
Unlimited Ships (player 1)160D34B4 0009
Unlimited Ships (player 2)160D352C 0009
Unlimited Credits (player 1)160D34CE 0003
Unlimited Credits (player 2)160D3546 0003
Unlimited Shields (player 1)160D34AE 0003
Unlimited Shields (player 2)160D3526 0003
Invincibility (player 1)160D3490 005B

The following are designed for use with the Japanese (NTSC) version of the game:

Master Code (Must Be On)F6000914 C305
Full-powered Missiles (player 1)160D2FC4 000E
Full-powered Missiles (player 2)160D303C 000E
Full-powered Bombs (player 1)160D2FC6 0023
Full-powered Bombs (player 2)160D303E 0023
Maximum Armor (player 1)160D2FC8 0018
160D2FCA 0010
Maximum Armor (player 2)160D3040 0018
160D3042 0010
Unlimited Bombers (player 1)160D2FC2 0003
Unlimited Bombers (player 2)160D303A 0003
Unlimited Ships (player 1)160D2FD0 0003
Unlimited Ships (player 2)160D3048 0003
Unlimited Credits (player 1)160D2FEA 0009
Unlimited Credits (player 2)160D3062 0009
Unlock Easy & Bizarre Level160D319C 0001
Rapid On160D319E 0001
Nine Credits160D31A0 0001

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