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Horizon Forbidden West - PS5 Hints and Tips

Fans of beautiful, rich RPGs - it's time to sink your teeth into the post-apocalyptic wilderness of Horizon Forbidden West, the breathtaking sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy's latest journey is brought to life like never before, showcasing stunning landscapes and captivating storytelling. This game's beauty may be awe-inspiring, but the dangers lurking within are as real as they come. No need to fret, though — we've gathered top-notch strategies to ensure you're ready to navigate this challenging new world. Check them out below.

Tip 1: Master Your Moves

Aloy's nimbleness is one of your best tools in Forbidden West. The agile hunter can sprint, dodge, climb, and swim her way out of the trickiest situations. Practice these core mechanics and perfect your movement skills. Dodging at the right time can be the difference between life and death in combat situations, so work on your timing.

Tip 2: Scan Your Surroundings

Aloy's Focus is an essential tool for understanding the world around you. It can highlight enemies, scan machines for weaknesses, and reveal clues in the environment. Make it a habit to regularly use your Focus, especially when entering new areas or before engaging in combat.

Tip 3: Understand Your Foes

The machine wildlife in Forbidden West is incredibly diverse, and each type of machine requires a unique approach to defeat. Familiarize yourself with different machine types, learn their attack patterns, weaknesses, and behaviour.

Remember: precision is rewarded in combat. Make good use of your Focus to scan machines and aim for their weak points. Using the right weapon or ammo type can bring down even the toughest machines swiftly.

Tip 4: Craft and Upgrade

Equipment crafting is a cornerstone of the Horizon experience, and it's been expanded in Forbidden West. Collect resources as you explore, and use them to craft ammunition, traps, potions, and more.

Don't forget to regularly upgrade Aloy's weapons, armor, and pouches. Better gear means you're better prepared to take on tougher machines and quests. Also, make sure to keep an ample supply of healing items and ammo on hand — you never know when you'll need them!

Tip 5: Tame the Machines

One of the most exciting features in Horizon Forbidden West is the ability to override and mount more machine types. Doing so not only provides you with a means of fast transportation but can also turn the tide of battle. Always consider the strategic advantages of taking control of a machine in a fight.

Tip 6: Explore the Wild

The vast landscapes of Forbidden West are filled with secrets waiting to be uncovered. Don't rush through the main storyline—take your time to explore, complete side quests, and immerse yourself in the rich lore of the world. You'll often be rewarded with unique items, valuable experience points, and captivating stories.

Tip 7: Master the Skill Tree

Aloy's abilities can be upgraded through the skill tree. Choose your upgrades wisely based on your preferred playstyle. If you like stealth, invest in abilities that make you quieter and more deadly from the shadows. If you prefer a more aggressive approach, boost your combat and crafting skills.

Tip 8: Leverage Your Environment

In Horizon Forbidden West, the environment is more than just a backdrop — it's a strategic tool. High grounds offer vantage points for attacks, tall grasses provide cover for stealth maneuvers, and explosive barrels can be used to trap or damage enemies.

Horizon Forbidden West offers a rich, vast, and challenging world to explore on your PS5. With these tips in hand, you're well-prepared to face whatever the wild frontier throws at you. Remember, each new day in this untamed land brings new challenges and opportunities, and the only way to survive is by mastering your surroundings and constantly adapting.

Whether you're wrestling with gargantuan machines, deciphering ancient technology, or just admiring the lush, post-apocalyptic landscapes, there's a world of adventure waiting for you. It's time to head out into the wild, to uncover the mysteries of the Forbidden West, and to write your own saga in the chronicles of Aloy's journey.

As you embark on this adventure, remember: every victory, every discovery, and yes, even every defeat, brings you one step closer to becoming a true master of Horizon Forbidden West. So keep pushing forward, and always be ready for what lurks around the next bend. Happy hunting, and may your arrows fly true!

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