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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Infinite C4 (player 1)3CA3F737 1456E79D
Infinite Health (player 1)3CBCBC41 1456E781
Infinite Health (player 2)3CBCF071 1456E781
Infinite Rockets (player 1)3CA3F73F 1456E7A1
No Reload Pistol (player 1)3CBCBC3D 1456E79E
No Reload Pistol (player 2)3CBCF06D 1456E79E
No Reload SMG (player 1)3CBCBD1F 1456E7AB
No Reload Shotgun (player 1)33CBCBC39 1456E79D
No Reload Shotgun (player 2)3CBCF069 1456E79D
No Reload Silencer (player 1)3CA3F73C 1456E79D

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