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Four players without a MultiTap:

All you need is a USB keyboard and mouse. This will also allow you to play four player via two keyboards and two controllers. Just set the controller configuration so the keyboards and mouse's are in the third and fourth player positions.


The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Master Code (Must Be On)EC879938 1456E60A
Unlock All Assault Levels1D9698C0 1456E7A6
1D96A560 1456E7A6
1D96AF00 1456E7A6
1D96B680 1456E7A6
1D96C020 1456E7A6
1D96CDC0 1456E7A6
Unlock All CTF Levels1D961E70 1456E7A6
1D962810 1456E7A6
1D9635B0 1456E7A6
1D963C30 1456E7A6
1D9646D0 1456E7A6
1D965BF0 1456E7A6
1D966490 1456E7A6
Unlock All Characters7C1E5D98 1459E7A6
3D988229 14CB8D21
3C978329 1456E7A5
Unlock All Death Match Levels1D938200 1456E7A6
1D939330 1456E7A6
1D939FF0 1456E7A6
1D93C8C0 1456E7A6
1D93D6E0 1456E7A6
1D93E7A0 1456E7A6
1D93F570 1456E7A6
1D9304F0 1456E7A6
1D9316A0 1456E7A6
1D96DEE0 1456E7A6
1D96EB80 1456E7A6
1D96F520 1456E7A6
1D960180 1456E7A6
Unlock All Domination Levels1D949860 1456E7A6
1D94A0E0 1456E7A6
1D94AD80 1456E7A6
1D94B720 1456E7A6
1D94BEA0 1456E7A6

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