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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Master Code (Must Be On)EC84685C1456E60A
Enemies are Sitting Ducks1C87CB4015F6E79D
Extra Health - Most Levels4CB4006A14562BA5
Freeway Massive4CD5E1BC1456E7A5
Idiot Al1C87CB4015F6E79D
Infinite Ammo1C8E237815F6E79D
Mega Machineguns4CDA2C6C1456E7A5
Prison Pass Massive4CD5E1C01456E7A5
Rapid Fire Missile4CDA2C701456E7A5
Rapid Gas Can4CDA2CA41456E7A5
Rapid Homing Missile4CDA2C741456E7A5
Rapid Pow Missile4CDA2C781456E7A5
Rapid Rico4CDA2CA81456E7A5
Skyscrapers - Large4CD5E1C41456E7A5
Agent Stone Epilogue4CD5E0801456E7A5
Agent Stone Middle4CD5E0481456E7A5
Axel Epilogue4CD5E0A01456E7A5
Axel Playable1CD5E19C1456E7A5
Billy Ray Epilogue4CD5E0781456E7A5
Billy Ray Middle4CD5E0401456E7A5
Black Epilogue4CD5E0A81456E7A5
Bloody Mary Epilogue4CD5E0901456E7A5
Bloody Mary Middle4CD5E0581456E7A5
Cage Epilogue4CD5E0A41456E7A5
Dollface Epilogue4CD5E0941456E7A5
Dollface Middle4CD5E05C1456E7A5
John Doe Epilogue4CD5E0881456E7A5
John Doe Middle4CD5E0501456E7A5
ManSlaughter Playable1CD5E1A41456E7A5
Minion Playable1CD5E1AC1456E7A5
Minion Stadium Small4CD5E1EC1456E7A5
Mr. Grim Epilogue4CD5E0841456E7A5
Mr. Grim Middle4CD5E04C1456E7A5
Mr. Kane&Son Epilogue4CD5E09C1456E7A5
Mr. Kane&Son Prologue4CD5E02C1456E7A5
No Face Epilogue4CD5E08C1456E7A5
No Face Middle4CD5E0541456E7A5
Preacher Epilogue4CD5E07C1456E7A5
Preacher Middle4CD5E0441456E7A5
Raven Epilogue4CD5E0981456E7A5
Raven Middle4CD5E0601456E7A5
SweetTooth Epilogue4CD5E0AC1456E7A5
SweetTooth Middle4CD5E0741456E7A5
WartHog Playable1CD5E1A01456E7A5
Y.Jacket Playable1CD5E1981456E7A5

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