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Gallery Mode:

Unlock Devil to gain access to Gallery Mode.

Tekken Bowl Mode:

Unlock Ogre for bowling mode.

Juke Box:

Get 200 points in Tekken Bowl.

Theatre Mode:

Complete the game once to see all FMV.

Bonus Characters:

Complete Arcade Mode with every fighter to see 14 new fighters.

15th Character:

There is a 15th character in the game. Just beat the game 15 times and you get a secret character called Unknown.

Play as Dr B:

Obtain the highest score in Tekken bowl.

Knock Down Dr B:

Hit a well-aimed shot at him in Bowling.

Play as Tiger:

Highlight Eddy on the Fighter Select and press [Start].

Play as Angel:

Highlight Devil and press [Start].

Play as Gold Tetsujin:

Win 10 matches in Vs Mode.

Play as Heihachi:

Complete Arcade Mode, without losing, in less than 5:30.

Play as Devil Jin:

Make Jin and Heihachi partners then, while playing as Jin, press [Left],[Right],[Square],[Triangle],[Triangle],[X].

Armor King's Secret Outfit:

Complete Arcade Mode with Armor King, then highlight him on the Fighter Select and press [Start].

Ling FMV:

Complete Arcade Mode with Ling, then in her school outfit to see two Ling FMVs.

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