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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Master Code (Must Be On)EC8562A01456E60A
999 Enemies Killed4CBF019C1456E404
All Fluorite1CBFFE742456DBA4
Bishamon O.1CBFFE782456B075
Byakko Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 41CBF0170164FB047
Genbu Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 41CBF0174164FB048
Seiryu Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 41CBF0168164FB045
Suzaku Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 41CBF016C164FB046
Have Book - Apoc. #11CBF015C1656B02B
Have Book - Apoc. #21CBF01601656B02C
Have Blue Book1CBF01481656B02E
Have Green Book1CBF01501656B030
Have Orange Book1CBF01541656B029
Have Red Book1CBF014C1656B02F
Have Seiryu Book1CBF01641656B045
Have White Book1CBF01581656B02A
Have Journal #11CBF01301656B038
Have Journal #21CBF01341656B038
Have Journal #31CBF01381656B032
Have Journal #41CBF013C1656B033
Have Journal #51CBF01401656B034
Have Journal #61CBF01441656B02D
Dark Realm Map1CBFFE241456B024
East Area Map1CBFFE201456B023
Decorated Arrow1CBFFE842356B05A
Great Arrow1CBFFE802456E65B
Decorated Sword1CBFFEA42456B062
Have Bishamon Sword1CBFFF080456B0B1
Easy Pass - Oni Spirit4CBFF54E1456E1D4
Great Bow1CBFFE882456B059
Green Key1CBFFE6C2456B0D7
Red Key1CBFFE642456B0D5
Blue Key1CBFFE682456B0D6
Have All Files7CBF012C144FE7A6
Have Great Armor1CBFFF242456B0AA
Have Holy Armor1CBFFF202456B0A9
Silver Plate1CBFFE8C2456B060
Evil Plate1CBFFEA82456B061
Gold Plate1CBFFE902456B05F
Have Sougen's Note1CBF012C1656B037
Infinite Burst Bullets1CBFFE3C2456B0AF
Infinite Soul Absorber1CBFFE5C245644A1
Infinite Lightning Magic4CBF01921456E725
Infinite Talisman1CBFFE60245644A8
Infinite Arrows1CBFFE2C2456B0B4
Infinite Bullets1CBFFE382456B0AE
Infinite Fire Arrows1CBFFE302456B0AD
Infinite Fire Magic4CBF01981456E725
Infinite Health4CBF06C81456E725
Infinite Herbs1CBFFE4C245644A6
Infinite Magic Jewel1CBFFE58245644A3
Infinite Power Jewel1CBFFE54345644A2
Infinite Wind Magic4CBF01961456E725
Infinite Keep Map1CBFFE141456B028
Infinite Keep Und. Map1CBFFE181456B021
Left Crest Piece1CBFFE982456B05D
Right Crest Piece1CBFFE9C2456B064
Low Time1CBFF9DC14552BAF
Max Enhancement Points4CBFFFDC145699EE
Max Health4CBF06C21456E70D
Max Injected Souls4CBFFFE0145699EE
Max Magic4CBFF9E21456E70D
Purifier Bell1CBFFEAC2456B068
Rope Ladder1CBFFEB82456B065
Wood Ladder1CBFFEB42456B066
Rosary of Com.1CBFFEB02456B067
Shinobi Kit1CBFFE700456B0D8
South Area Map1CBFFE101456B027
Statue Head1CBFFEA02456B063
Und. Temple Map1CBFFE0C1456B026
Vision Staff1CBFFE7C2456B05C
West Area Map1CBFFE1C1456B022

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