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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Master Code (Must Be On)EC8785D41440F2A4
All Weapons Systems1CAC1D6861DFB00C
High Score1CDF09F017E9C70C
Infinite AT Missile4CD3E7F41456E79E
Infinite CH Missile4CD3E7EC1456E79E
Infinite HH Missile4CD3E70C1456E79E
Infinite Adv Armor 14CD3E9041456E79E
Infinite Adv Armor 24CD3E9EE1456E79E
Infinite Adv Armor M4CD3E9001456E79E
Infinite Firepower 14CD3E9EC1456E79E
Infinite Firepower 24CD3E9FE1456E79E
Infinite Firepower M4CD3E9FA1456E79E
Infinite Flash Roll4CD3E9F01456E79E
Infinite Fuel Air Explosion4CD3E70A1456E79E
Infinite Grenade (version 1)4CD3E7FC1456E79E
Infinite Grenade (version 2)4CD3E7FA1456E79E
Infinite Gun4CD3E7F21456E79E
Infinite Hyper Grenade4CD3E7001456E79E
Infinite Hyper Reload4CD3E9081456E79E
Infinite Hyper Zoom4CD3E9F81456E79E
Infinite IG System4CD3E9F61456E79E
Infinite Jump Regulator4CD3E9FC1456E79E
Infinite MG (version 1)4CD3E7F81456E79E
Infinite MG (version 1)4CD3E7081456E79E
Infinite MG (version 3)4CD3E7061456E79E
Infinite MS Bomb4CD3E7EA1456E79E
Infinite NP Gun4CD3E7F01456E79E
Infinite Power MG4CD3E7041456E79E
Infinite Quick Reload4CD3E9021456E79E
Infinite Rocket Pod4CD3E7EE1456E79E
Infinite Super Shotgun4CD3E7F61456E79E
Infinite SS Rocket Gun4CD3E7021456E79E
Infinite Shotgun4CD3E7FE1456E79E
Infinite Super Reload4CD3E9EA1456E79E
Infinite Super Zoom4CD3E9F21456E79E
Infinite Wheel Adaptor4CD3E9F41456E79E

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