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The following impressive FAQ has been compiled and created by the inspired team over at The Clan[F34R].

Comments, congratulations and submissions should be directed to gt3faq [at]

The Clan[F34R] Gran Turismo 3 FAQ v0.7 (BROKEN DATA)
Please send submissions to gt3faq [at]

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Neither the authors of this FAQ or any person involved in its distribution
are responsible from anything that may result from use of this FAQ for any
purpose.  Drive sensibly and carefully in real life.

This FAQ may be freely distributed provided it is kept in its entirety and
unmodified.  This FAQ may not be sold or included as part of a publication that is
sold (including a web site to which access is sold) without the authors' express

Gran Turismo 3 is (c) Sony and Polyphony Digital 2001.  Use of trademarks in
this FAQ is not intended as a challenge to their validity.


  It's Gran Turismo 3.  It doesn't NEED an introduction.

  AAAAAARRRRGGGHH!  OUR MEMORY CARD BLEW UP!  Because of this, we're now trying
to recover our former game status so updates might be held up for a while..

$ 1.1 - The chip rumours

Nobody in Clan[F34R] has a chipped PS2, so we cannot give guarantees here.  But
here is a summary of our take on what's been said about chips and this game.


  (We have recieved reports that GT3 does work on these units but we cannot
  guarantee this.)

DISPROVEN.  We have run GT3 on SCPH-10000s (with the original V1.00 DVD drivers
loaded) with no difficulty whatsoever.

Our opinion: VERY UNLIKELY.  If the parts of the firmware concerned with
protection could be modified in software, hackers could write software to
disable the protection completely!  It's very unlikely the console designers
would have made that possible.

$ 1.2 - What's in the box

  Just because some people have asked.  The Japanese version comes on one DVD,
in a standard PS2 DVD case.  A standard manual ships in the case.  Included in
the shrinkwrap with the DVD case - but not in the case itself - is the large
Gran Turismo 3 Reference Guide, a 179-page reference for all the cars in the
game.  This manual has the same footprint as a DVD case.

$ 2 - Basics

$ 2.1 - Arcade Mode

  Arcade Mode is a standard, traditional racing game.  You pick a track and car
to race and try to beat all the computer cars.
  The tracks on Arcade Mode are divided into "areas".  Selecting the "Goodies"
mode from the Arcade mode menu will let you scroll up and down between the
areas.  Every time you win a race on a certain track at a certain difficulty
level, you will get a light on the Goodies display for that track.  Getting
all the Easy lights opens the next Area.
  Getting all the Hard lights awards cars for use in Arcade Mode only.
(Note: Completing Normal _doesn't_ give you any cars, although it looks like it
does.)  The cars awarded for each area are:

A: Eunos Roadster (Class C), West Razo Silvia (Class S).
B: TT (Class B), Delta Rally Car (Class R).
C: RX-8 (Class A), Vertigo (Class S).
D: Concept Z (Class A), Zonda (Class S).
E: RGT (Class A), Tuscan Speed Six (Class A), Esperante GTR-1 (Class S),
   R390 GT1 LM (Class S)
F: Viper GTSR Concept, Speed 12, GT-One, 787B (all Class S).

  On the difficulty level selection, you can access "Pro" difficulty by pressing
L1+R1 at once.  You do not win any cars for completing races at Pro level.

$ 3 - Translations

A note on Katakana

  Note that a LOT of the Japanese text in Gran Turismo 3 is actually English
text rendered in Katakana script.  Hence, if you can read Katakana you can
understand the text without needing to know any actual Japanese language.  Although
you may have heard about the Japanese script having 3000 characters, that is Kanji.
The Katakana script has relatively few symbols.

  You can find a table of the Katakana script for download on the net.  Unlike
English, every symbol in Katakana has a specific sound associated with it and it
always sounds the same regardless of what symbols appear near it.  Japanese does
not have as many sounds as English, so the way in which English words are rendered
in Katakana may seem bizarre, but it is easy to get used to.  For example, "skyline"
may be spelt "SUKAIRAIN".  This looks bizarre but if you try pronouncing it with all
vowels soft ("sUUkAH", not "sUHkEH") and no lazy vowels ("sukai" should sound like
"sky", not "suuuukaaaaiiiii") it will actually sound like "skyline".  Notice that when
you say "skyline", you make the same sound twice for two different bits of spelling:
the y of "sky" and the i of "line".  Because of Japanese's rule that the same symbol
always sounds the same, the word has to be spelt in Katakana with the symbols for "AI"
in both occasions where this sound appears.  The L has turned into an R because there is
no L in Japanese.

$ 3.1 - Options Menu
The options menu is divided into 11 sections, represented by 11 icons at the top
of the screen.  The sections are as follows:

1 - ASPECT RATIO: Has only one setting: the game's aspect ratio.

2 - SOUND.  Six on/off toggles.  Top to bottom: Menu BGM, Menu sound effects,
    Race BGM, Race sound effects, Replay BGM, Replay sound effects.

3 - PLAYLIST.  Choose which of the game's tracks to play or to suppress.  If the
    icon next to a track is lit, the game will play the track.  At the very
    bottom of the list of tracks is a toggle switch to determine the order in
    which the tracks are played: sequence (left hand option) or random (right
    hand option).

4 - ANALOGUE.  Two toggles: analogue P1 and analogue P2.

5 - KEY SETUP.  Configure the controls.  The order of controls is as follows:
           Shift up
           Shift down
           Toggle view facing
           Toggle view location

6 - DRIVING.  Transmission: Auto (left option) or Manual (right option), then
    two toggles: Antispin assist on/off, and Traction control on/off.

7 - 2 PLAYER.  Top to bottom: Number of laps (1 to 99 (!)), Tyre damage on/off,
    Handicap distance, and Slow car boost (None / Weak / Strong).

8 - GHOST.  On/off.

9 - STEERING 1.  Top to bottom: Steering assist level (beginner / amateur /
    pro / simulation), Force feedback (on / off), GT-Force key setup, GT-Force
    calibrate.  These last two refer to the GT-Force USB controller.

    [ Note: At the moment we can't translate the GT-Force Calibration menu because
      you cannot get to it if you don't have a GT-Force, and we can't afford one
      atm :) ]

10 - STEERING 2.  Same as STEERING 1, but refers to the second player.

11 - DEFAULT.  Press the button on this panel to reset all settings to their

  Anti-Spin and Traction Controller adjustments made in Options mode only affect your
driving in Arcade Mode.  In Gran Turismo mode, these car settings are adjusted in the
Setting mode.  However, the Transmission Type setting *DOES* affect both Arcade and
GT Mode.

$ 3.2 - "My Home" Menu

  The six options are:

    Game Status
    Run and Setting
    Save Game

  In the Garage, press START to sort the list of cars in your Garage.  You are
given a menu of what you want to sort by:

    Order you got the cars
    Car name
    Colour (!)
    Drive type
    Aspiration type

$ 3.3 - Car screens

  For a car in your garage, the leftmost Japanese option is "Select Car", and
the rightmost is "Sell Car".  For a car in the dealer, the option are "Spec"
and "Buy Car".

$ 3.4 - Parts

  The parts menu lists the following categories:

  Suspension and Brakes

  Inside each category, parts are listed in the order they appear left to right.
Not all cars can accept all the parts.

SUSPENSION AND BRAKES:  Sports Suspension, Semi Racing Suspension, Full Customize
  Suspension, Racing Brakes, Brake Balance Controller.

ENGINE: Sports Muffler and Air Cleaner, Semi Racing Muffler and Air Cleaner, Racing
  Muffler and Air Cleaner, NA Tune Stage 1, NA Tune Stage 2, NA Tune Stage 3, Port
  Polish, Engine Balance Tune, Soup up, Tuned ROM.

TRANSMISSION: Sports Clutch, Twin Plate Clutch, Triple Plate Clutch, Sports Flywheel,
  Semi Racing Flywheel, Racing Flywheel, Carbon Propeller Shaft, Close Transmission,
  Superclose Transmission, Full Customize Transmission, 1 Way LSD, 1.5 Way LSD,
  2 Way LSD, Full Customize LSD.

TURBO: Turbo Stage 1, Turbo Stage 2, Turbo Stage 3, Turbo Stage 4, Sports Intercooler,
  Racing Intercooler.

TYRES: Control Tyres, Sports Tyres, Racing Tyres, Dirt Tyres.  If you choose Racing
  Tyres, you will then be asked to choose a type.  Top to bottom: Super Hard,
  Hard, Medium Hard, Medium, Medium Soft, Soft, Super Soft.  Control Tyres are
  similar to GT2's Simulation Tyres; they respond more like real tyres do (and thus
  make things a lot harder).

MISC: Weight Reduction 1, Weight Reduction 2, Weight Reduction 3, AYC Controller,
  Variable Center Def.

  Parts will have the following effect on your car:

SUSPENSION:  The three types of suspension represent different levels of
  customizability.  Buying better suspensions will allow you more choice in the
  Settings menu.

RACING BRAKES:  These brakes improve the stopping power of the car.  They also
  wear out more slowly than normal; regular brakes may fade in the later stages
  of a long race.

BRAKE BALANCE CONTROLLER:  Allows you to modify the Brake Balance on the
  Settings screen.

MUFFLER AND AIR CLEANER:  Improved muffler and air cleaner sets will improve the
  flow of air to the engine.  This enables it to burn fuel more efficiently and
  increases the power of your car.

NA TUNE:  General tuning to the engine to improve the power of the car.  These
  tunings cannot be used with a turbo.  Most cars will either not allow NA Tune
  to be purchased or not allow turboes to be purchased, but some will allow you
  to purchase both.  If you purchase both, you must choose one or other to use on
  the parts screen of the settings menu.

PORT POLISH:  Improves airflow to the engine and reduces friction in the engine,
  improving your car's power.

ENGINE BALANCE TUNE:  Balances the timing with which the pistons in the engine
  fire, meaning that energy can be used more efficiently and increasing the
  car's power.

SOUP UP:  Increases the cylinder capacity of the car's engine, and provides more

TUNED ROM:  Many modern engines contain computerised monitoring systems.  This new
  ROM will alter the behaviour of the monitoring system to optimise the engine's
  power.  Having your car chipped will increase the effective power of the engine.

CLUTCH:  Controls the linkage between the engine and the wheels.  Improving the
  clutch will transfer more torque to the wheels and reduce slippage when shifting
  up a gear.  This will also improve acceleration.

FLYWHEEL:  The flywheel keeps the camshafts of the car moving.  Improving your flywheel
  will improve your car's acceleration.

CARBON PROPELLER SHAFT:  Lighter propshaft.  Slightly lightens the car and provides
  better acceleration.

TRANSMISSION:  More sophisticated transmission will allow you more control over your
  gearbox.  Close or superclose transmissions move the gears closer, giving you greater
  acceleration at the cost of top speed.  Full customize transmission will allow you to
  configure your own gear ratios on the settings menu.

LSD: Limited Slip Differential.  Ordinary differentials turn the wheels at different
  speeds, and so balance the torque between the sides of the car.  This can cause a
  problem if one wheel is encountering more resistance than the other - the low
  torque needed on one wheel drags the balance point down, so the wheel that's got
  resistance doesn't get the torque it needs.  Limited Slip Differential tries to
  overcome this by, under certain circumstances, trying to make both wheels move at
  the same speed.  The effect of this is that the wheel with the most resistance gets
  the torque.

TURBO:  A turbo is a device which uses the energy of the exhaust being blown out of
  the engine to power a fan which drives more fresh air into the engine.  This means
  that fuel is burnt more efficiently and the power of the engine is increased.
  However a turbo is only effective when the engine is running at high revs.

INTERCOOLER:  Decreases the temperature of air in the engine, increasing its
  power.  A turbo will tend to heat up the air in the engine, and an intercooler
  will counteract that effect.

TYRE HARDNESS:  The softer a tyre is, the more friction it will have with the road.
  Thus the softer the tyre the better it will grip the road and the more cornering
  power you will have.  However, lots of friction also generates lots of heat, so
  softer tyres also get hot (and damaged) faster, which will mean that in a long
  race you'll need to make a pit stop to change the tyres.  Also, the friction
  doesn't just go away when you're on straights - and friction on straights means
  drag, means less speed.  The effect of tyre types is as follows:

	            Tyre Type        Grip Power      Laps
	            Normal               91%         5-10
                  Sports               94%         10-20
	            Super Hard           94%         20-40
	            Hard                 96%         15-30
	            Medium Hard          98%         10-20
	            Medium              100%         7-14
	            Medium Soft         102%         5-10
	            Soft                107%         2-4
	            Super Soft          109%         1-2

  The average wear expectancy of tyre types (in laps) is as follows:

		    Tyre Type	       Green    Yellow  Red
		    Super Soft	        0.5     2       3.5
		    Medium		        2       4.5     11
		    Super Hard	 	  4       14      40

WEIGHT REDUCTION:  Removing unnecessary bits from a car and replacing heavier
  metal parts with lighter equivalents can reduce the weight of a car.  This means
  that moving your car will take less power, and thus the same engine can move
  your car faster.

AYC CONTROLLER: Active Yaw Control.  This controls the rotation of the car on the
  axis parallel to the driveline.  More rotation will shift the car's weight in
  the direction of the turn, improving cornering but reducing stability.  If
  the car becomes too unstable, the wheels may spin, causing tyre wear and reducing

VARIABLE CENTERDEF:  Allows you to control the center def on the settings menu.

$ 3.5 - Settings

  After selecting Settings in GT Mode, the following menu appears:

  Load Setting
  Save Settings

  Selecting Parts will show all parts you have available, divided into categories.
The categories are shown at the top, from left to right: Shocks, Brakes, Engine
Parts, Turbo, Gearbox, Tyres, Other.  To change a part, move to it and press
circle.  The icons will correspond with the icons used to buy the parts as
discussed below.
  The Setting menu is also divided into four categories, from left to right.
Each of these contains controls, listed from top to bottom.  Where the control is
split in two, the left hand side is "Front" and the right hand side is "Rear".

SUSPENSION: Spring Rate, Height, Damping, Damper Bound, Damper Rebound, Camber,
  Tow, Stabilizer.
BRAKE: Brake Balance
GEARS: Initial Torque, LSD Acceleration, LSD Deceleration, Gear Ratio.
OTHER: Downforce, AYC Controller, Active Stability Management, TCS Control,
  Variable Center Def control.

  If "...." is listed for a setting, your car does not support changing that
setting at present.  Trying to change such a setting will result in an error
beep.  The effect of the settings is as follows:

SPRING RATE: Affects the hardness of shocks on the appropriate part of the car.
  This affects how much force will be needed to make that section of the car
  move up or down.

HEIGHT:  Ride height of the car.  The lower your ride height, the quicker you'll
  be able to go, but you also risk that the bottom of the car will hit the track
  on corners and you won't be able to take the corners properly.

DAMPING:  Speed at which the suspension and shocks move.  The more you have,
  the slower the car balance changes.

DAMPER BOUND, DAMPER REBOUND:  These settings affect the rate at which the shock
  absorber dampers compress and decompress, respectively. A stiffer bound setting
  increases car handling because weight transfer is managed better. However, rough surfaces
  require a softer setting to keep the tires in contact with the ground properly, but too
  soft a setting will make the car nearly uncontrollable.  A stiff rear rebound setting
  will reduce understeer while a soft rear will reduce oversteer.

CAMBER:  Vertical angle of the wheels with the road.  Negative camber tilts
  the bottoms of the tyres inwards towards the car, positive tilts the other
  way.  This affects traction on cornering, as against traction on straights.

TOE:  Lateral angle of the wheels with each other.  With high toe-in, the
  fronts of the wheels will be closer than the backs of the wheels.  Toe-in will
  reduce your cornering ability, whereas toe-out will improve it.  However,
  toe-out will reduce your straightline power.  Any toe at all will also make
  your tyres wear faster, because they'll be at an angle to the way the car's
  going and will be scrubbing on the track.

STABILIZER:  Ties right and left side suspension.  Affects roll while
  cornering vs traction on uneven surfaces.

BRAKE BALANCE:  How much braking force is applied to the front and rear
  respectively.  This lets you control how your car will drift on corners.



GEAR RATIO:  The gear graph shows Speed along the X (horizontal) axis and
  revs along the Y (vertical) axis.  Each line on the graph represents a
  gear.  By adjusting the placement of the lines you can control how
  long the car will stay in each gear and how the power of the engine will
  be used.

DOWNFORCE:  How much force is applied downward on the front and back of the
  car.  More downforce means less speed and more turning power.

AYC CONTROL:  Unknown.

ACTIVE STABILITY MANAGEMENT: How strongly the anti-spin should take effect.
  Set to 0 to disable it entirely.

TCS CONTROL: How strongly the traction control should be applied.  Set to 0
  to disable it entirely.

VARIABLE CENTER DEF CONTROL:  Controls the torque on 4WD cars.

$ 4 - Listings

$ 4.1 - Cars
       			   Power       Torque          MASS  W/P      Drive Aspi
                           Ps   Rpm    Kgm   Rpm       Kg    Kg/Ps
Acura CL 3.2 Type S        264  6100   32.1  3500-5500 1574  5.96     FF    NA
Acura Integra Type R       200  8000   19.0  6200      1197  5.99     FF    NA
Acura NSX '93              280  7300   30    5400      1370  4.89     MR    NA
Acura NSX '97              294  7100   31    5500      1392  4.73     MR    NA
AlfaRomeo 156 2.5 V6 24V   193  6300   22.6  5000      1320  6.84     FF    NA
Aston Martin DB7 Vantage   426  6000   55.3  5000      1775  4.17     FR
Aston Martin V8 Vantage    558  6500   76    4000      1990  3.57     FR    Super
Aston Martin Vanquish      456  6500   56.7  5000      1820  3.99     FR    NA
Audi S4                    265  5800   40.8  1850-3600 1510  5.7      4WD   Turbo
Audi TT 1.8T Quattro       225  5900   28.6  2200-5500 1395  6.2      4WD   Turbo
BMW 328ci                  193  5500   28.6  3500      1465  7.59     FR    NA
Chevrolet Camaro SS        330  5200   35.7  4000      1560  4.73     FR    NA
Chevrolet Camaro Z28       289  5200   44.9  2400      1561  5.4      FR    NA
Chevrolet Corvette Grand   335  5800   47    4500      1496  4.47     FR    NA
Chevrolet Corvette Z06     385  6000   49.5  4800      1409  3.66     FR    NA
Chrysler PT Cruiser        152  5200   23.1  4000      1270  8.36     FF    NA
Daihatsu Mira Tr-XX        64   7500   10.2  4000      700   10.94    FF    Turbo
 Avanzato R
Daihatsu Storia X4         120  7200   13    4800      840   7        4WD   Turbo
Dodge Viper GTS            456  5200   67.7  3700      1531  3.36     FR    NA
Fiat Coupe Turbo Plus      223  5750   31.6  2500      1330  5.96     FF    Turbo
Ford Escort Rally Car      304  5500   50    4000      1230  4.05     4WD   Turbo
Ford Focus Rally Car       304  6500   53    4000      1230  4.05     4WD   Turbo
Ford GT40 Race Car         500  6500   60    5000      998   2.00     MR    NA
Ford Mustang SVT Cobra R   390  6250   53.2  4250      1628  4.17     FR    NA
Honda Accord Euro-R        220  7200   22.5  6700      1330  6.05     FF    NA
Honda Castrol MUGEN NSX    480         40              1150  2.4      MR    NA
 GT Car
Honda Civic SiR-II(EG)     170  7800   16    7300      950   5.59     FF    NA
Honda Civic Type R(EK)     185  8200   16.3  7500      1050  5.68     FF    NA
Honda CR-X Del-Sol SiR     170  7800   16    7300      1100  6.47     FF    NA
Honda Integra TypeR 98spec 200  8000   19    6200      1080  5.4      FF    NA
Honda NSX Type R           280  7300   30    5400      1230  4.39     MR    NA
Honda NSX Type S Zero      280  7300   31    5300      1270  4.54     MR    NA
Honda S2000                250  8300   22.2  7500      1240  4.96     FR    NA
Honda S2000 Type V         250  8300   22.2  7500      1260  5.04     FR    NA
Jaguar XJ220 Road Car      524  7000   65.4  4500      1320  2.52     MR    Turbo
Jaguar XKR Coupe           375  6150   53.6  3600      1640  4.37     FR    NA
Lancia Delta HF Integrale  300  7000   43.5  4500      1120  3.73     4WD   Turbo
 Rally Car
Lister Storm V12 Race Car  602  6100   80.2  3450      1438  2.39     FR    NA
Lotus Elise 190            193  7000   19.3  4900      670   3.47     MR    NA
Lotus Esprit Sport 350     354  6500   40.8  4250      1300  3.67     MR    Turbo
Lotus Motor Sport Elise    203  8000   20              700   3.45     MR    NA
Mazda Demio GL-X           100  6000   13    4500      960   9.6      FF    NA
Mazda Eunos Roadster'89    120  6500   14    5500      980   8.17     FR    NA
Mazda Eunos Roadster'93    130  6500   16    4500      980   7.54     FR    NA
Mazda Eunos Roadster ?     132  6500   15.8  4500      980   7.424    FR    NA
Mazda Roadster 1.8 RS      145  6500   16.6  5000      1030  7.1      FR    NA
Mazda Roadster RS          160  7000   17.3  5500      1070  6.69     FR    NA
Mazda RX-7 Type RS         280  6500   32    5000      1280  4.57     FR    Turbo
Mazda RX-7 Type RZ         280  6500   32    5000      1270  4.54     FR    Turbo
Mazda RX-8                 250  8500   21.1  7500      1200  4.8      FR    NA
Mazda Savanna RX-7         215  6500   28    4000      1200  5.58     FR    Turbo
Mercedes Benz CL600        367  5500   54.1  4000      1955  5.33     FR    NA
Mercedes Benz CLK55        352  5500   52    3000-4300 1570  4.46     FR    NA
Mercedes Benz SLK 230      196  5300   28.6  2500-4800 1325  6.76     FR    Super
Mine's Lancer Evolution VI 400         40.5            1210  3.03     4WD   Turbo
Mine's Skyline GT-R N1V    600  7400   60    5400      1340  2.23     4WD   Turbo
Mini Cooper 1.3i           62   5700   9.6   3900      720   11.61    FF    NA
Mitsubishi FTO GP Version  200  7500   20.4  6000      1150  5.75     FF    NA
Mitsubishi GTO'95 Twin     280  6000   43.5  2500      1710  6.11     4WD   Turbo
Mitsubishi GTO'99 Twin     280  6000   43.5  2500      1680  6        4WD   Turbo
Mitsubishi Lancer          280  6500   36    3000      1350  4.82     4WD   Turbo
 Evolution IV GSR
Mitsubishi Lancer          280  6500   38    3000      1360  4.86     4WD   Turbo
 Evolution V GSR
Mitsubishi Lancer          280  6500   38    3000      1360  4.86     4WD   Turbo
 Evolution VI GSR
Mitsubishi Lancer          280  6500   38    2750      1360  4.86     4WD   Turbo
 Evolution VI GSR Tommy
 Makinen Edition
Mitsubishi Lancer          280  6500   39    2750      1400  5        4WD   Turbo
 Evolution VII GSR
Nissan 180SX Type X        205  6000   28    4000      1220  5.95     FR    Turbo
Nissan Fairlady Z Version  280  6400   39.6  3600      1520  5.43     FR    Turbo
 S Twin Turbo 2 seater
Nissan R390 GT1 LM RaceCar 550  6800   65    4400      1180  2.15     MR    Turbo
Nissan Silvia Varietta     165  6400   19.6  4800      1330  8.06     FR    NA
Nissan Silvia'88 K's S13   175  6400   23    4000      1120  6.4      FR    Turbo
Nissan Silvia'91 K's S13   205  6000   28    4000      1170  5.71     FR    Turbo
Nissan Silvia K's Aero(S14)220  6000   28    4800      1250  5.68     FR    Turbo
Nissan Silvia Spec R Aero  250  6400   28    4800      1240  4.96     FR    Turbo
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 280  6800   40    4400      1560  5.57     4WD   Turbo
  II R34
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 280  6800   40    4400      1560  5.57     4WD   Turbo
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 280  6800   36    4400      1500  5.36     4WD   Turbo
  II R32
Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec 280  6800   37.5  4400      1540  5.5      4WD   Turbo
Nissan Skyline GTS-t Type  215  6400   27    3200      1260  5.86     FR    Turbo
Nissan Z Detroit Motor     193  6300   27.9  6000      1320  4.73     RR    NA
 Show Model
Opel Caribra Touring Car   456  11500  30.6  9000      1060  2.32     4WD   NA
Opel Speedster             147  5800   20.7            850   5.78     MR    NA
Pagan Zonda C12            394  5200   58.2  3800      1250  3.17     MR    NA
Pagan Zonda C12S           551  5550   76.5  4100      1250  2.27     MR    NA
Peugeot 206 Rally Car      304  5250   54.6  3500      1230  4.05     4WD   Turbo
Peugeot 206 S16            140  5800   18.7  4000      1080  7.71     FF    NA
Renault Clio Sport Racecar 300                         1150  3.83     MR    NA
Renault Clio Sport V6 24V  230  7000   30.6  6000      1335  5.89     MR    NA
RUF 3400S                  310  6800   36.7  4750      1300  4.19     MR    NA
RUF CTR2                   520  5800   69.9  4800      1380  2.65     4WD   Turbo
RUF RGT                    385  7700   38.3  5200      1330  3.45     RR    NA
Shelby Cobra '67           492  6500   66.4  3500      1068  2.17     FR    NA
Spoon Civic Type-R         218  12000  16.1  8600      820   3.76     FF    NA
Spoon S2000                275  9000                   1050  4.00     FR    NA
Subaru Impreza Premium     280  6000   37    3200      1270  4.54     4WD   Turbo
 Sport Coupe 22B-Sti
Subaru Impreza Rally Car   304  5500   48    4000      1230  4.05     4WD   Turbo
Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX   280  6400   38    4000      1430  5.11     4WD   Turbo
Subaru Impreza Sedan WRX   280  6500   36    4000      1270  4.54     4WD   Turbo
 STi Version VI
Subaru Impreza Wagon WRX   280  6400   38    4000      1430  5.11     4WD   Turbo
Subaru Impreza Wagon WRX   280  6500   36    4000      1310  4.68     4WD   Turbo
 STi Version VI
Subaru Legacy Touring      280  6500   34.5  5000      1430  5.11     4WD   Turbo
 Wagon GT-B
Subaru Legacy B4 Blitzen   280  6500   34.5  5000      1470  5.25     4WD   Turbo
Subaru Legacy B4 RSK       280  6500   34.5  5000      1410  5.04     4WD   Turbo
Suzuki Alto Works Sports   64   6000   10    4000      710   11.1     4WD   Turbo
Suzuki Escudo Pikes Peak   995  8100   95    6500      800   0.8      4WD   Turbo
Tickford Falcon XR8 Race   608         63.6            1350  2.22     FR    NA
Tommykaira ZZII            550                         1000  1.82     4WD   Turbo
Tommykaira ZZ-S            195  7300   20.03 6400      670   3.34     MR    NA
Tom's X540 Chaser          280  6200   38.5  2400      1470  5.25     FR    Turbo
Toyota Altezza AS200       160  6200   20.4  4400      1310  8.19     FR    NA
Toyota Altezza RS200       210  7600   22    6400      1340  6.38     FR    NA
Toyota Castrol Tom's Supra 470  6000   65    4500      1100  2.34     FR    Turbo
 GT Car
Toyota Celica GTFOUR ST205 255  6000   31    4000      1380  5.41     4WD   Turbo
Toyota Celica SS-II        190  7600   18.4  6800      1140  6        FF    NA
Toyota Corolla Rally Car   303  5700   52    4000      1230  4.06     4WD   Turbo
Toyota GTONE RaceCar TS020 608         66.3            900   1.48     MR    Turbo
Toyota MR2 G-Limited       200  7000   21    6000      1220  6.1      MR    NA
Toyota MR2 GT-S            245  6000   31    4000      1270  5.18     MR    Turbo
Toyota MR-S S Edition      140  6400   17.4  4400      970   6.93     MR    NA
Toyota Sprinter Trueno     130  6600   15.2  5200      925   7.12     FR    NA
 GT-APEX (AE86 Type 1)
Toyota Supra RZ            280  5600   46    3600      1510  5.39     FR    Turbo
Toyota Supra SZ-R          225  6000   29    4800      1450  6.44     FR    NA
Toyota Vitz RS 1.5         110  6000   14.6  4200      940   8.55     FF    NA
TRD Celica Sports M        200  7600   19.2  6800      1140  5.7      FF    NA
TVR Griffith 500           345  5500   48.4  4000      1060  3.07     FR    NA
TVR Speed 12               811  7250   89.9  5750      1020  1.26     FR    NA
TVR Tuscan Speed 6         365  7000   42.9  5250      1100  3.01     FR    NA
Volkswagen New Beetle 2.0  117  5200   16.8  2600      1256  10.74    FF    NA
Volkswagen New Beetle RSi  228  6200   32.3  3200      1156  5.07     4WD   Turbo

$ 4.2 - Races

You can enter races in any order, as long as you have the required license.  Many races
also have additional restrictions on the type of car you can enter.

In a "single" type event, you can enter any of the races in the event in any order you
wish.  After the race, you are paid the prize money listed on the information screen for
the event based on your finishing position.  The prize money shown on the information
screen applies to every race individually - there's no combination of results between the
races.  To get the prize car, you need to finish first in all the races.  Once you have
done this, you can never get another car from that event.  Your opponents' cars are

In a "champ" type event, you can also enter any of the races in the event individually.
As before you will get the prize money appropriate to the event, and as before the prize
money shown applies to every race individually.  However, you can also choose "series race"
to run all the races in the event in sequence.  You still get prize money for each race
individually, but in addition a running score is kept, and if you have the highest score
at the end of the championship, you get the Championship Bonus as listed in the table
below and you get the Prize Car.  Some Championship Races have a choice of four Prize
Cars, in which case one is selected randomly for you.  You can re-enter the Championship
as often as you like, and you will collect the Championship Bonus and a prize car
every time you win.  Note that in championships in which a prize car is randomly chosen,
winning the same championship again does not guarantee you a different car.  (But you
do still get the car if one you already have is chosen - you just get another one!)
Races run individually have no effect on your scoring in the series of races, and previous
runs through the series of races have no effect on later ones.

A "rally" type event is similar to a "single" event, except that you will run against a
single car.  Also unlike "single" events, all of the races in the event will be
on the same track.  The other car will be the same model in all the races in the event,
and it is not randomized so it will also be the same model every time you do the event.
However on later races in the event, the other car will get better spec'd and the driver
will get better.  Prizes for rallies follow the rules for "single" events: prize money
after each race, plus the prize car for winning all the races.

An "endurance" type event is also similar to a "single" event, except that there is only
one race in each event and that one race will be extremely long.   When you finally complete
the race, you get your prize money, and your car if you win.  Like "champ" races, a random
choice of four cars is made, and also like "champ" races, you can replay the event to get
another random car, assuming you don't mind spending that much time again :)

Note that prize cars' stats may differ from the standard models in the Car List, and they
may also come in colours that aren't available from the Car Dealer.

In the table below, the following abbreviations are used for restrictions on race cars (other
than license restrictions which always appear).  If several letters appear in the restriction
column, they represent a single restriction denoted by a double-letter abbreviation, not two

1 - F1 cars only
8 - 80's sports cars: Savanna RX7 Infini III, Eunos Roadster, Nismo Skyline GT-R S-Tune(R32),
      Skyline GTS-t Type M(R32), Skyline GT-R V-spec II(R32), Silvia K's (S13 2000cc), Silvia
      K's (S13 1800cc), Fairlady Z Version S Twinturbo 2-seater, Fairlady Z Version R
      Twinturbo 2 by 2, Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex (A86 Type I), Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex S.S. Version
a - Aspiration must match the name of the race (Turbo/NA)
b - Beetle: New Beetle 2.0, New Beetle RSI, New Beetle Cup Car only
c - Clio: Clio Sports V6 24 Valve, Clio Sports Racecar
d - Car's drive must match the name of the race (FR/FF/MR/4WD)
e - Mitsubishi Evolution series only
f - Elise: Elise 190, Motor Sports Elise only
h - Honda Type-R: Accord Euro-R, NSX Type R, Honda Integra Type R 98 spec, Civic Type R(EK),
      Acura Integra Type R, Spoon Civic Type-R
i - Italian: Diablo, Zonda C12, Zonda C12S, Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 24V, Fiat Coupe Turbo Plus, Delta
      HF Integrale Rally car
l - Altezza only: Altezza RS200, Altezza AS200, Altezza LM Racecar
m - Mercedes only: Mercedes CLK Touring Car, CLK55, CL600, SLK 230 Kompressor
r - Red Emblem: Nismo 400R, Nismo Skyline GT-R S-Tune(R32), Nismo Skyline GT-R R-Tune(R34),
      Skyline GT-R V-spec II(R32), Skyline GT-R V-spec(R33), Skyline GT-R V-spec(R34), Skyline GT-R
      V-spec II(R34), Pennzoil Nismo GT-R, Loctite-Zexel GT-R, Calsonic Skyline, Nismo GT-R LM Road
      Car (R33), Mines Skyline GT-R N1 V-spec(R34), Skyline GTS-t Type M(R32)
s - Spider and Roadster: S2000 Type V, S2000, CR-X Del Sol SiR, Elise 190, Eunos Roadster, Roadster
      1.8 RS, Roadster RS, SLK 230 Kompressor, Mugen S2000, Silvia Varietta, Speedster, RUF
      3400S, Shelby Cobra, Spoon S2000, MR-S S Edition, Griffith 500
t - Audi TT 1.8T Quattro only
u - US made cars only: Acura CL 3.2 Type S, Acura NSX, Acura Integra Type R, Corvette Grand Sport,
      Camaro Z28, Corvette Z06, Camaro SS, Camaro Racecar, Corvette C5R, PT Cruiser, Viper
      GTSR Concept, Viper GTS-R Team Oreca, Viper GTS, Focus Rally car, Escort Rally car,
      Mustang SVT Cobra R, GT40 Racecar, GT40, Shelby Cobra, Esperanto GTR-1
v - Vitz: Toyota Vitz RS 1.5, Vitz Euro Edition
x - Boxer Spirit: RUF 3400S, RUF RGT, RUF CTR2, Impreza models (WRX STi, Sportswagon STi, Rally car,
      22B-STi Version, Sedan WRX STi Version VI, Wagon WRX STi Version VI, Rally car prototype), Legacy
      models (B4 RSK, B4 Blitzen, Touring Wagon GT-B), Impreza LM Racecar
z - Lightweight cars only: Daihatsu Mira Tr-XX, Suzuki Altoworks Sports Limited, Mini Cooper 1.3i
tu - Tuscan: Tuscan Speed 6 only
ut - Untuned cars only
dt - Dirt Tyres required
urs - Untuned Eunos Roadster, Roadster 1.8 RS, Roadster RS only

********************************************************************************  BEGINNER LEAGUE

Event				           Races  Type	   Lic Lim     Bonus	Place Prizes (1st to 6th)
Sunday Cup   		               3  Single   -  	   n/a	60k,50k,40k,30k,20k,10k
Clubman Cup                            3  Single   -  	   n/a	100k,50k,40k,30k,20k,10k
FF Challenge                           3  Single   -   d	   n/a	120k,60k,50k,40k,30k,20k
FR Challenge                           3  Single   -	 d       n/a	150k,70k,40k,30k,20k,10k
MR Challenge                           3  Single   -	 d       n/a	150k,70k,40k,30k,20k,10k
4WD Challenge                          3  Single   -	 d       n/a	150k,70k,40k,30k,20k,10k
Lightweight K-Cup                      3  Single   -	 z       n/a	200k,100k,50k,40k,30k,20k
Stars and Stripes Grand Championship   4  Single   -	 u       n/a	300k,100k,50k,40k,30k,20k
Spider and Roadster                    3  Single   -	 s       n/a	200k,50k,40k,30k,20k,10k
80's Sports Car Cup                    8  Single   B	 8       n/a	200k,50k,40k,30k,20k,10k
Race of NA Sports                      3  Single   B	 a       n/a	500k,50k,40k,30k,20k,10k
Turbo Race of Turbo Sports             3  Single   B	 a       n/a	500k,50k,40k,30k,20k,10k
Tourist Trophy                         5  Champ    B   t       1m	      500k,100k,50k,0,0,0
Legend of Silver Arrow                 3  Single   B	 m       n/a	1m,100k,50k,0,0,0
New Generation Sports Altezza Race     5  Champ    B	 l       1m	      100k,50k,20k,0,0,0
Vitz Race                              5  Champ    -   v       500k	200k,50k,0,0,0,0
Honda Type-R Meeting                   5  Champ    -   h       1m	      500k,200k,100k,0,0,0
Mitsubishi Evolution Meeting           3  Single   -   e       n/a	500k,200k,150k,100k,80k,50k
Beetle Cup                             5  Champ    B   b       1m	      500k,200k,150k,100k,80k,50k
Gran Turismo World Championship        10 Champ    A           5m	      1m,200k,100k,30k,20k,10k

Event                                  Prize Car / Prize Car Selection
Sunday Cup                             Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX AE86 (Type 1)
Clubman Cup                            Mazda Eunos Roadster
FF Challenge                           Toyota Vitz RS 1.5
FR Challenge                           Nissan Silvia K's 1800cc
MR Challenge                           Toyota MR Spider
4WD Challenge                          Suzuki Altoworks Sports Limited
Lightweight K-Cup                      Mini Cooper 1.3i
Stars and Stripes Grand Championship   Chevrolet Camaro SS
Spider and Roadster                    Mazda Roadster RS
80's Sports Car Cup                    Mazda Savanna RX7 Infini III
Race of NA Sports                      Honda CR-X Del Sol SiR
Turbo Race of Turbo Sports             Daihatsu Mira Tr-XX Avanzato R
Tourist Trophy                         Audi TT Quattro (Red 224hp), ?..
Legend of Silver Arrow                 Mercedes SLK 230 Kompressor
New Generation Sports Altezza Race     Celica SS-II, Celica SS-II(ST202), ?..
Vitz Race                              Vitz RS 1.5
Honda Type-R Meeting                   Honda Civic Type R(EK), Civic SiR-II(EG), ?..
Mitsubishi Evolution Meeting           Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV GSR
Beetle cup                             VW Beetle RSI, ?..
Gran Turismo World Championship        Mazda Eunos Roadster, Nissan Skyline R-32 GT-R V-Spec II,
                                          Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer VI GSR, Celica GT-Four

***********************************************************************************  AMATEUR LEAGUE

Event				           Races  Type	   Lic Lim     Bonus	Place Prizes (1st to 6th)
Nihon Senshuken (Japan Championship)   5  Champ    A           1.5m	500k,300k,200k,100k,50k,20k
American Championship                  5  Champ    A           1.5m	500k,300k,200k,100k,50k,20k
Europian(sic) Championship             5  Champ    A           1.5m	500k,300k,200k,100k,50k,20k
Gran Turismo World Championship        10 Champ    iB          10m	1m,500k,250k,100k,50k,0
Deutsche Tourenwagon Challenge         5  Champ    iB          3m	      1m,500k,30k,15k,0,0
FF Challenge                           3  Single   A   d       n/a	500k,300k,200k,100k,50k,30k
FR Challenge                           3  Single   A   d       n/a	500k,300k,200k,100k,50k,30k
MR Challenge                           3  Single   A	 d       n/a	500k,300k,200k,100k,50k,30k
4WD Challenge                          3  Single   A	 d       n/a	500k,300k,200k,100k,50k,30k
Stars and Stripes Grand championship   4  Single   A	         n/a	750k,200k,50k,0,0,0
Boxer Spirit                           3  Single   A	 x       n/a	1m,100k,50k,40k,30k,20k
80's Sports Car Cup                    3  Single   A	 8	   n/a	800k,400k,100k,50k,30k,20k
Race of NA Sports                      3  Single   A	 a	   n/a	1.5m,300k,200k,100k,50k,0
Turbo Race of Turbo Sports             3  Single   A	 a	   n/a	1.5m,300k,200k,100k,50k,0
Gran Turismo All Stars                 10 Champ    iB      	   20m	2.5m,800k,400k,0,0,0
All Japan GT Championship              10 Champ    iB          15m	1.5m,500k,250k,0,0,0
Tourist Trophy                         5  Champ    A   t       4m	      1m,600k,450k,350k,150k,50k
GT Race of Red Emblem                  3  Single   iB	 r	   n/a	3m,100k,50k,40k,30k,20k
Legend of Silver Arrow                 3  Single   A	 m	   n/a	2m,750k,300k,100k,50k,20k
New Generation Sports Altezza Race     5  Champ    A   l   	   3m	      1m,500k,100k,0,0,0
Type-R Meeting                         5  Champ    B   h       15m	1m,500k,400k,200k,100k,50k
Mitsubishi Evolution Meeting           3  Single   B	 e       n/a	1m,500k,400k,200k,100k,50k
Dream Car Championship                 7  Champ    iA          15m	2.5m,1.5m,750k,0,0,0

Event                                  Prize Car / Prize Car Selection
Nihon Senshuken (Japan Championship)   Impreza Wagon WRX STi Version VI, Lancer Evolution IV GSR,
                                         FTO GP Version R, Mazda RX-7 Type RZ
American Championship                  Impreza Sedan WRX Sti Version VI, Audi TT 1.8T Quattro, Mazda RX-7
                                         Type RS, Chevrolet Camaro Race Car
Europian(sic) Championship             Gillette Vertigo Race Car 424, Lotus Elise Sport 190, Nissan Skyline
                                         GTR-V  Spec II(R32), Mini Cooper 1.3i
Gran Turismo World Championship        Nissan Z Concept, Mazda Rx-8, C-West Retson Silvia, Toyota GT-One Road
Deutsche Tourenwagon Challenge         VW New Beetle Cup Car, VW Lupo Cup Car, RUF3400S, Opel Astra Touring Car
FF Challenge                           TRD Celica Sports M
FR Challenge                           Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex Shigeno Version
MR Challenge                           Honda NSX Type S Zero
4WD Challenge                          Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII GSR
Stars and Stripes Grand championship   Spoon S2000 Race Car
Boxer Spirit                           Subaru Legacy Blitzen B4 Pale (Yellow 280ps)
80's Sports Car Cup                    Nismo Skyline GTR S-Tune (R32)
Race of NA Sports                      Mazda RX-8
Turbo Race of Turbo Sports             Mine's Lancer Evolution VI
Gran Turismo All Stars                 Nismo Skyline GTR R-Tune (R34), Raybrig NSX JGTC, Mine's Skyline, Ford
                                         GT40 Racecar
All Japan GT Championship              Honda NSX ARTA Autobacs, Denso Sard Supra GT, Loctite Zexel GT-R Skyline,
                                         Calsonic Skyline
Tourist Trophy                         Audi S4, ...
GT Race of Red Emblem                  Nismo 400R
Legend of Silver Arrow                 Mercedes CLK Touring Car
New Generation Sports Altezza Race     Altezza LM Racecar, Tom's X540 Chaser, Vitz RS 1.5 (Salmon), UNKNOWN
Type-R Meeting                         NSX Type R, Spoon Sports S2000, Mugen S2000, S2000
Mitsubishi Evolution Meeting           Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI Rally Car
Dream Car Championship                 Impreza LM Racecar, Honda S2000 LM Race Car, Mazda RX-7 LM Race
                                         Car, Mitsubishi FTO LM Race Car

****************************************************************************************  PRO LEAGUE

Event				           Races  Type	   Lic Lim     Bonus	Place Prizes (1st to 6th)
British GT Car Cup                     3  Single   iA	 	   n/a	2m,750k,600k,500k,200k,50k
Gran Turismo World Championship        10 Champ    iA          25m	3.5m,1m,750k,600k,300k,0
FF Challenge                           3  Single   iA	 d	   n/a	1m,600k,400k,300k,100k,50k
FR Challenge                           3  Single   iA	 d	   n/a	1.5m,750k,500k,300k,100k,50k
MR Challenge                           3  Single   iA  d	   n/a	2m,750k,500k,300k,100k,50k
4WD Challenge                          3  Single   iA	 d	   n/a	3m,1m,500k,300k,100k,50k
Spider and Roadster                    3  Single   iB	 s	   n/a	1m,600k,450k,350k,150k,50k
Boxer Spirit                           3  Single   iB	 x	   n/a	1.5m,700k,400k,300k,100k,50k
Race of NA Sports                      3  Single   iB	 a	   n/a	2m,500k,250k,100k,50k,0
Turbo Race of Turbo Sports             3  Single   iB	 a	   n/a	3m,750k,500k,250k,100k,0
Gran Turismo All Stars                 10 Champ    iA          40m	5m,2m,750k,500k,300k,0
All Japan GT Championship              10 Champ    iA          25m	3m,1m,700k,500k,100k,0
Italian Avant Garde                    2  Single   iB	 i	   n/a	3m,850k,700k,500k,100k,0
GT Race of Red Emblem                  3  Single   iA	 r	   n/a      1.5m,800k,700k,550k,250k,100k
Vitz Race                              5  Champ    iB	 v	   3m	      750k,500k,250k,100k,50k,30k
Elise Trophy                           5  Champ    iB	 f	   6m	      1.5m,700k,300k,0,0,0
Clio Trophy                            5  Champ    iB	 c	   6m	      1.5m,700k,300k,0,0,0
Tuscan Challenge                       5  Champ    iB  tu      4.5m	5m,1m,500k,0,0,0
Dream Car Championship                 7  Champ    S	 	   25m	4m,950k,800k,650k,350k,100k
Polyphony Digital Cup                  10 Champ    S	 ut 	   40m	5m,0,0,0,0,0
Like the Wind                          1  Single   S 	 	   n/a	1m,600k,450k,350k,150k,80k
Formula GT (F1 Race) [*]	         10 Champ	   S	 1 	   25m	3m,850k,700k,550k,250k,100k

Event                                  Prize Car / Prize Car Selection
British GT Car Cup                     Vanquish V12
Gran Turismo World Championship        Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car
FF Challenge
FR Challenge                           Nismo GT-R LM Road Car
MR Challenge                           Tommykaira ZZII
4WD Challenge                          Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype
Spider and Roadster    			   Shelby Cobra
Boxer Spirit
Race of NA Sports                      Pagini Zonda C12 S
Turbo Race of Turbo Sports             RUF CTR2
Gran Turismo All Stars                 Subura Impreza Sedan WRX STI
All Japan GT Championship              Nissan Pennzoil Nismo GT-R (Yellow Black), Toyota Super Autobacs
                                         Apex MR-S, Lamborghini Diablo GT, Honda Castrol Mugen NSX
Italian Avant Garde
GT Race of Red Emblem
Vitz Race
Elise Trophy
Clio Trophy
Tuscan Challenge                       TVR Griffith 500 Blue Metallic, ...
Dream Car Championship                 Toyota GT-One Race Car, Panoz Esperante GTR 1, FTO LM Racecar, F090/S
Polyphony Digital Cup
Like The Wind                          787B Mazda Le Mans, F094/S, ..
Formula GT (F1 Race)                   F686/S F687/S F688/S F090/S

[*] F1 Race will appear as "?" until the S License is completed.  (You do not need golds in the S license -
    only to have completed it.)

*********************************************************************************************  RALLY

Event				           Races  Type	   Lic Lim     Bonus	Place Prizes (1st to 6th)
Tahiti Challenge of Rally              3  Rally    R	 dt      n/a	500k, 1m, 2m
Tahiti Maze                            3  Rally    R	 dt      n/a	500k, 1m, 2m
Smokey Mountain Rally                  3  Rally    R	 dt      n/a	500k, 1m, 2m
Swiss Alps                             3  Rally    R	 dt      n/a	500k, 1m, 2m
Tahiti Challenge of Rally 2            3  Rally    R	 dt      n/a	500k, 1m, 2m
Tahiti Maze 2                          3  Rally    R	 dt      n/a	500k, 1m, 2m
Smokey Mountain Rally 2                3  Rally    R	 dt      n/a	500k, 1m, 2m
Swiss Alps 2                           3  Rally    R	 dt      n/a	500k, 1m, 2m
Super Special Route 5 Wet              3  Rally    R	         n/a	500k, 1m, 2m
Super Special Route 5 Wet 2            3  Rally    R	         n/a	500k, 1m, 2m

Event                                  Prize Car / Prize Car Selection
Tahiti Challenge of Rally              Toyota Celica
Tahiti Maze                            Ford Escort Rally Car
Smokey Mountain Rally                  Ford Focus Rally Car
Swiss Alps                             Peugeot 206 Rally
Tahiti Challenge of Rally 2            Toyota Corolla Rally Car
Tahiti Maze 2                          Subaru Impreza Rally Car
Smokey Mountain Rally 2                Mitsubishi Evolution VI Tommy Makinen Edition
Swiss Alps 2                           Mitsubishi Evolution VII Rally Car Prototype
Super Special Route 5 Wet              Citroen Xsara Rally Car, 299ps
Super Special Route 5 Wet 2            Impreza Rally Car Prototype

*****************************************************************************************  ENDURANCE

Event				           Races  Type	   Lic Lim     Bonus	Place Prizes (1st to 6th)
Grand Valley 300km                     1  Endur    iA	         n/a	40m,10m,8.5m,6.5m,4m,1.1m
Seattle 100 miles                      1  Endur    iA	         n/a	15m,7m,5.5m,4.5m,2m,900k
Laguna Seca 200 miles                  1  Endur    iA	         n/a	30m,8.5m,7m,5.5m,3m,1m
Passage to Colosseo 2 hours            1  Endur    iA	         n/a	30m,8.5m,7m,5.5m,3m,1m
Trial Mountain 2 Hours                 1  Endur    iA	 ut      n/a	15m,7m,5.5m,4.5m,2m,900k
Special Stage Route 11                 1  Endur    iA	         n/a	50m,12m,10m,8m,5m,1.2m
Roadster Apricot Hill                  1  Endur    iA	 urs     n/a	10m,6m,4.5m,3.5m,1.5m,800k
Tokyo R246 100 laps                    1  Endur    iA	         n/a	40m,10m,8.5m,6.5m,4m,1.1m
Mistral (Cote D'Azure) 78 laps         1  Endur    iA	         n/a	50m,12m,10m,8m,5m,1.2m
Super Speedway 150 miles               1  Endur    iA	         n/a	20m,8m,6.5m,5m,2.5m,950k

Event                                  Prize Car / Prize Car Selection
Grand Valley 300km                     Corvette C5R, Nissan 390 GT1 Road Car, F090/S, ...
Seattle 100 miles                      F687/S, Tommy Kaira ZZ2, Nismo GT-R LM Road Car, Panoz
                                        Esperante GTR-1
Laguna Seca 200 miles                  F686/M, Calsonic Skyline, Altezza LM Racecar, ...
Passage to Colosseo 2 hours            Zonda Race Car, F688/S, Gillet Vertigo Race Car, ...
Trial Mountain 2 Hours                 Mine's Skyline GT-R/N1 V-Spec (R34), F094/H, Lister Storm
                                        V12 Racecar, S2000 LM Race Car
Special Stare Route 11                 Super Autobacs APEX MR-S, Honda Arta NSX, F687/S, Camaro
Roadster Apricot Hill                  F688/S, Eunos Roadaster, Eunos Roadster 1.8 RS, ...
Tokyo R246 100 laps                    Toyota GT-One Road Car, F094/H, RX-7 LM Race Car, C-West
                                        Retson Silvia
Mistral (Cote D'Azure) 78 laps         F686/S, Diablo GT, Jaguar XJ220 Road Car, FTO LM Race Car
Super Speedway 150 miles               F090/S MR NA 700, Corvette C5R, Clio Sport Racecar, Tickford
                                         Falcon XR8 Race Car (random)

***********************************************************************************  SPECIAL PRIZES

Challenge                              Prize
Gold on all Beginner races             Lancer Evolution V GSR + Credits FMV
Gold on all Amateur races              Chrysler Viper GTS-R Team ORECA + Extended credits FMV
Gold on all Rally Races                Suzuki Escudo Pike's Peak Version
Gold on all Endurance Races            F094/H
Game completion 50%+                   Corvette C5R

$ 4.3 - Licenses

In order to complete a license challenge you must drive a given section of track
within the time limit.  You will fail if the time runs out and you will also
automatically fail if you collide with any obstacles or go off the track.  You
can attempt license challenges in any order, except for the very last test of
each license which can't be attempted until all the others have been.  To get a
license, you need a bronze (at least) in every challenge.  To get a bonus car
from a license, you need a gold in every challenge.

For license challenges, the examiners provide you with a car of *their* choice.

If a license challenge stops with a long message, you ran out of time.  If it stops
with a four-character message, you went too far off the track.  Note that if you
want to quickly try the test again without needing to go back to the race preview
screen, you can hit the start button as soon as the screen begins to darken and
select "Try again" from the pause menu.

You must complete licenses in the order B, A, iB, iA, S.  The last license is the
Rally license and can be taken at any time.

  1 - Travel over 1000m as fast as possible and stop in the marked area at the
      end.  Your car is a New Beetle 2.0.
      Gold: 0'35.100  Silver: 0'35.400  Bronze: 0'35.800
  2 - Same as 1, but in a Viper GTS.  Since this is a more powerful car you will
      need to brake earlier.
      Gold: 0'25.600  Silver: 0'25.800  Bronze: 0'26.300
  3 - Drive a corner within the time limit.  Car: Fiat Coupe Turbo Plus.
      Gold: 0'31.100  Silver: 0'31.400  Bronze: 0'32.500
  4 - Same as 3, but in a Honda S2000.  Since this is an FR car instead of an FF,
      you will need to allow for the different weight distribution.
      Gold: 0'29.100  Silver: 0'29.400  Bronze: 0'31.000
  5 - Drive a zig-zagged section of track.  Car: Honda Civic Type R.
      Gold: 0'34.400  Silver: 0'34.800  Bronze: 0'36.200
  6 - Same as 5, but in a Roadster RS.  Again, this is an FR and the previous car
      was an FF.
      Gold: 0'33.000  Silver: 0'33.300  Bronze: 0'34.700
  7 - A longer cornering challenge with slightly softer corners than the previous
      one.  Car: Toyota MR-S S Edition.
      Gold: 0'33.300  Silver: 0'33.800  Bronze: 0'35.400
  8 - The final "test" - a straight, soft corners, and a hard corner.  Car:
      Skyline GT-R V Spec II(R32).
      Gold: 0'43.000  Silver: 0'43.400  Bronze: 0'46.000

  PRIZE CAR: Mazda Roadster RS

  1 - Advanced cornering 1 - a harsh U bend.  Car: NSX Type S Zero.
      Gold: 0'32.900  Silver: 0'33.400  Bronze: 0'34.700
  2 - Advanced cornering 2 - another sharp hairpin at the end of a straight.
      Car: Skyline GT-R V Spec II(R34).
      Gold: 0'26.000  Silver: 0'26.300  Bronze: 0'27.600
  3 - Advanced cornering 3 - a longer U.  Car: S2000.
      Gold: 0'29.900  Silver: 0'30.200  Bronze: 0'31.600
  4 - Drive a 60m radius circular track for one complete circuit.  Car: RX-7 Type
      Gold: 0'43.900  Silver: 0'44.300  Bronze: 0'46.200
  5 - Same as 4, but the radius is 100m.  The car's the same.
      Gold: 0'55.800  Silver: 0'56.300  Bronze: 0'59.000
  6 - Long Corner.  Two long bends in a row.  Car: XKR Coupe.
      Gold: 0'27.000  Silver: 0'27.500  Bronze: 0'29.500
  7 - Blind Corner.  A 90 degree turn.  Car: Camaro Z28.
      Gold: 0'14.200  Silver: 0'14.700  Bronze: 0'15.400
  8 - A license test.  A long section with a sharp turn and bends.  Car: Lancer
      Evolution IV GSR.
      Gold: 0'15.530  Silver: 0'16.000  Bronze: 0'17.800

  PRIZE CAR: Mazda RX-8

  1 - Same as A-4, but the track is wet and you're in a Corvette Z06.  The wet
      track makes it about 5x easier to spin out than it was before.
      Gold: 0'49.600  Silver: 0'50.200  Bronze: 0'52.800
  2 - Same as iB-1 except the track is 100m wide.
      Gold: 1'01.600  Silver: 1'02.400  Bronze: 1'05.500
  3 - Heavy brake cornering.  Lots of square turns, in an S2000 Type V.
      Gold: 0'22.450  Silver: 0'23.000  Bronze: 0'24.500
  4 - More heavy brake cornering, in a Corvette Z06.
      Gold: 0'19.700  Silver: 0'20.000  Bronze: 0'21.200
  5 - S-Bend with a U immediately afterwards.  Car: RUF 3400S.
      Gold: 0'28.800  Silver: 0'29.300  Bronze: 0'30.500
  6 - Long slalom section from Complex String (!) with Assist on in a RUF RGT.
      Gold: 0'23.900  Silver: 0'24.200  Bronze: 0'26.200
  7 - Same as the previous, but iwth assist OFF.
      Gold: 0'24.000  Silver: 0'24.300  Bronze: 0'26.300
  8 - iB license test.  A further long section.  Car: NSX Type S Zero.
      Gold: 0'31.700  Silver: 0'32.000  Bronze: 0'33.700

  PRIZE CAR: Nissan Z Concept Car


  PRIZE CAR: Aston Martin Vanquish


  PRIZE CAR: Dodge Viper GTSR Concept Car

  1 - Dirt driving introduction.  Round a quick turn onto dirt.  Car: 206
      Rally Car.
      Gold: 0'15.600  Silver: 0'16.000  Bronze: 0'17.300
  2 - Dirt Driving Intro 2.  A longer dirt section with light turns.  Car:
      Corolla Rally Car.
      Gold: 0'29.200  Silver: 0'29.600  Bronze: 0'31.800
  3 - Dirt Driving Intro 3.  Sharper turns.  Car: Escort Rally Car.
      Gold: 0'22.300  Silver: 0'22.700  Bronze: 0'24.000
  4 - Sharp cornering on dirt.  Car: Celica Rally Car.
      Gold: 0'22.400  Silver: 0'22.800  Bronze: 0'24.300
  5 - Sharp corners on dirt 2.  Car: Lancer Evolution VI Rally.
      Gold: 0'26.850  Silver: 0'27.300  Bronze: 0'29.600
  6 - Dirt drifting 1.  Car: Delta HF Integrale Rally.
      Gold: 0'29.400  Silver: 0'30.000  Bronze: 0'31.800
  7 - Dirt drifting 2.  Car: Impreza Rally Car Prototype.
      Gold: 0'22.400  Silver: 0'22.800  Bronze: 0'24.600
  8 - Rally exam.  The entire Tahiti Maze track!  Car: Lancer Evolution
      VII Rally Car Prototype.
      Gold: 1'58.700  Silver: 2'00.000  Bronze: 2'08.000

  PRIZE CAR: Subaru Impreza Prototype

In all B tests (except the first), there will be a guide line painted on the road
for you to follow.  The colour of the line tells you what to do: blue means
accelerate (the darker the blue, the heavier the acceleration), red means brake,
and white means do nothing.


The man on the beanbag:       [F34r]wOOgie
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The man not always here:      [F34r]BigRich
The man at the keys:          Dokt0r[F34r]
           Xombe  (* SUPER CONTRIBUTOR! *)     -  Translation of "Japanese Something" race,
                                                  correction to Katakana section.  Corrected
                                                  description of Rally mode.  Added 50%
							        complete prize car and many others,
                                                  including all those for endurance (kudos!).
                                                  Corrected translation of Buy Car screen.
                                                  Additions to parts description.  Translations
                                                  of race regulations.  Tyre wear lap counts.
           ytjandra [GameFAQS Message Boards]  -  Prize cars for license tests.
           Richard Y                           -  Correction to license prize cars.
           Ho Joon Lee                         -  Prize cars for races.
           Mike Ele-Mental                     -  Prize cars for races.
           Mo                                  -  Prize cars and the identity of the "?"
           Jon Mills                           -  Prize cars for races.
           Diego Martinez                      -  Correction to Katakana section.
           Mr P [GameFAQS Message Boards]      -  Tuning information, information on
                                                  the options menu and Arcade Mode
           Nezza                               -  Report on GT3's behaviour on chipped
                                                  Japanese machines.
           Shadow [GameFAQS Message Boards]    -  Pro difficulty in Arcade Mode.
           bcamp [GameFAQS Message Boards]     -  Prize cars for licenses.
           Note Chongprasith                   -  Prize cars for races.
           Aaron L. Tang                       -  Correction to license prize cars.

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