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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Master Code (Must Be On)EC8790381456E60A
Blue Fruit for Max Stats3C8AF61D1456E7A5
Infinite Antidote - Darius4C8AB7401456EBE6
Infinite Azure Sphere - Darius4C8AB7E01456EBE6
Infinite Billiana Extract - Darius4C8AB7601456EBE6
Infinite Billiana Fruit - Darius4C8AB7B01456EBE6
Infinite Billiana Leaf - Darius4C8AB7481456EBE6
Infinite Blue Fruit - Darius4C8AB7701456EBE6
Infinite Blue Sphere - Darius4C8AB7A01456EBE6
Infinite Caped Statue Body - Darius4C8AB7F01456EBE6
Infinite Caped Statue Head - Darius4C8AB7F81456EBE6
Infinite Dark Guide Post - Darius4C8AB7E81456EBE6
Infinite Left Winged Key - Darius4C8AB7C01456EBE6
Infinite Life Extract - Darius4C8AB7381456EBE6
Infinite Master Key 2F - Darius4C8AB7A81456EBE6
Infinite Orb of Atonement - Darius4C8AB7581456EBE6
Infinite Palmira Ore - Darius4C8AB7801456EBE6
Infinite Red Fruit - Darius4C8AB7681456EBE6
Infinite Red Sphere - Darius4C8AB7981456EBE6
Infinite Release Emblem - Darius4C8AB7501456EBE6
Infinite Right Winged Key - Darius4C8AB7B81456EBE6
Infinite Royal Medal - Darius4C8AB7901456EBE6
Infinite Scarlet Sphere - Darius4C8AB7D81456EBE6
Infinite Sealed Key - Darius4C8AB7201456EBE6
Infinite Small Flower - Darius4C8AB7101456EBE6
Infinite Soul Of Goddess - Darius4C8AB7081456EBE6
Infinite Sword Star - Darius4C8AB7881456EBE6
Infinite Tranpot Palmira - Darius4C8AB7181456EBE6
Infinite Treasure Key - Darius4C8AB7001456EBE6
Infinite A Palmira Power - Darius4C8AB41A1456E404
Infinite L Palmira Power - Darius4C8AB4CA1456E404
Infinite Paldio Breastplate Palmira Power - Darius4C8AB5A21456E404
Infinite Solta Sword Palmira Power - Darius4C8AB1A21456E404
Infinite Paldio Helmet Palmira - Darius4C8AB2321456E404
Unlimited Health/Power4C8A01881456089C
Max ATK Flame - Darius4C8AF2601456E404
Max ATK Hit - Darius4C8AF2581456E404
Max ATK Ice - Darius4C8AF25E1456E404
Max ATK Lightning - Darius4C8AF25C1456E404
Max ATK Lunge - Darius4C8AF2561456E404
Max ATK Slash - Darius4C8AF2521456E404
Max ATK Tree - Darius4C8AF25A1456E404
Max Cash - Darius4C8AF2941456B00C
Max Cash - Sharline4C8AF2981456B00C
Max DEF Flame - Darius4C8AF26E1456E404
Max DEF Hit - Darius4C8AF2661456E404
Max DEF Ice - Darius4C8AF2741456E404
Max DEF Lightning - Darius4C8AF26A1456E404
Max DEF Lunge - Darius4C8AF26C1456E404
Max DEF Slash - Darius4C8AF2681456E404
Max DEF Tree - Darius4C8AB7401456EBE6
Max INT - Darius4C8AF23C1456E404
Max LUK - Darius4C8AF2401456E404
Max RES - Darius4C8AF23A1456E404
Max STA - Darius4C8AF2361456E404
Max STR - Darius4C8AF2381456E404

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