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GameShark / Pro Action Replay Cheat Codes:

The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may work on compatible systems:

Master Code (Must Be On)ECB6C71C1456E60A
Infinite Cash1CAE405C14BE598C
Max Pattimo4CF6F3CA1456E7A1
No Random Battles4CAA20C61456E7A5
1 Member in Party4CF600441456E7A6
2 Members in Party4CF600441456E7A7
3 Members in Party4CF600441456E7A8
2nd Character is Ano4CF600641456E7A7
2nd Character is Bagoth4CF600641456E7A4
2nd Character is Beak4CF600641456E7A0
2nd Character is Claire4CF600641456E7A1
2nd Character is Fang4CF600641456E799
2nd Character is Gallhint4CF600641456E7A8
2nd Character is Grantus4CF600641456E79A
2nd Character is Kyte4CF600641456E79D
2nd Character is Lloyd4CF600641456E79F
2nd Character is Lloyd-L4CF600641456E79B
2nd Character is Plosi4CF600641456E79E
2nd Character is RindRinna4CF600641456E7A3
2nd Character is Rinna4CF600641456E7A2
2nd Character is Rummy4CF600641456E7A6
3rd Character is Ano4CF600681456E7A7
3rd Character is Bagoth4CF600681456E7A4
3rd Character is Beak4CF600681456E7A0
3rd Character is Claire4CF600681456E7A1
3rd Character is Fang4CF600681456E799
3rd Character is Gallhint4CF600681456E7A8
3rd Character is Grantus4CF600681456E79A
3rd Character is Kyte4CF600681456E79D
3rd Character is Lloyd4CF600681456E79F
3rd Character is Lloyd-L4CF600681456E79B
3rd Character is Plosi4CF600681456E79E
3rd Character is RindRinna4CF600681456E7A3
3rd Character is Rinna4CF600681456E7A2
3rd Character is Rummy4CF600681456E7A6
Enable Death Hyk 14CF605B81456E7B8
Enable Death Hyk 24CF605C81456E7B8
Enable Death Hyk 34CF605D81456E7B8
Enable Death Hyk 44CF605E81456E7B8
Enable Death Hyk 54CF605F81456E7B8
Enable Death Hyk 64CF605081456E7B8
Enable Death Hyk 74CF605181456E7B8
Enable Death Hyk 84CF604281456E7B8
Enable Death Hyk 94CF604381456E7B8
Enable Death Hyk 104CF604481456E7B8
Max Attack - Mouse4CF6F3AA1456E404
Max Attack - Ano4CF6F30E1456089C
Max Attack - Bagoth4CF6F20C1456089C
Max Attack - Beak4CF6F5D41456089C
Max Attack - Claire4CF6F2721456089C
Max Attack - Fang4CF6F5021456089C
Max Attack - Gallhint4CF6F2441456089C
Max Attack - Grantus4CF6F4381456089C
Max Attack - Kyte4CF6F53A1456089C
Max Attack - Lloyd4CF6F59E1456089C
Max Attack - Lloyd-L4CF6F4661456089C
Max Attack - Plosi4CF6F5701456089C
Max Attack - RindRinna4CF6F2D61456089C
Max Attack - Rinna4CF6F2A81456089C
Max Attack - Rummy4CF6F3E01456089C
Max Defense - Mouse4CF6F3B01456089C
Max Defense - Ano4CF6F3141456089C
Max Defense - Bagoth4CF6F20A1456089C
Max Defense - Beak4CF6F5D21456089C
Max Defense - Claire4CF6F2781456089C
Max Defense - Fang4CF6F5081456089C
Max Defense - Gallhint4CF6F2421456089C
Max Defense - Grantus4CF6F4361456089C
Max Defense - Kyte4CF6F5401456089C
Max Defense - Lloyd4CF6F5A41456089C
Max Defense - Lloyd-L4CF6F46C1456089C
Max Defense - Plosi4CF6F56E1456089C
Max Defense - RindRinna4CF6F2DC1456089C
Max Defense - Rinna4CF6F2A61456089C
Max Defense - Rummy4CF6F3DE1456089C
Max Dexterity - Mouse4CF6F3AC1456E404
Max Dexterity - Ano4CF6F3101456089C
Max Dexterity - Bagoth4CF6F2061456089C
Max Dexterity - Beak4CF6F5CE1456089C
Max Dexterity - Claire4CF6F2741456089C
Max Dexterity - Fang4CF6F5041456089C
Max Dexterity - Gallhint4CF6F23E1456089C
Max Dexterity - Grantus4CF6F4321456089C
Max Dexterity - Kyte4CF6F53C1456089C
Max Dexterity - Lloyd4CF6F5A01456089C
Max Dexterity - Lloyd-L4CF6F4681456089C
Max Dexterity - Plosi4CF6F56A1456089C
Max Dexterity - RindRinna4CF6F2D81456089C
Max Dexterity - Rinna4CF6F2A21456089C
Max Dexterity - Rummy4CF6F3DA1456089C
Max Magic Defense - Mouse4CF6F3B41456089C
Max Magic Defense - Ano4CF6F3181456089C
Max Magic Defense - Bagoth4CF6F20E1456089C
Max Magic Defense - Beak4CF6F5D61456089C
Max Magic Defense - Claire4CF6F27C1456089C
Max Magic Defense - Fang4CF6F50C1456089C
Max Magic Defense - Gallhint4CF6F2461456089C
Max Magic Defense - Grantus4CF6F43A1456089C
Max Magic Defense - Kyte4CF6F5441456089C
Max Magic Defense - Lloyd4CF6F5A81456089C
Max Magic Defense - Lloyd-L4CF6F4701456089C
Max Magic Defense - Plosi4CF6F5721456089C
Max Magic Defense - RindRinna4CF6F2E01456089C
Max Magic Defense - Rinna4CF6F2AA1456089C
Max Magic Defense - Rummy4CF6F3E21456089C
Max Magic - Mouse4CF6F3AE1456E404
Max Magic - Ano4CF6F3121456089C
Max Magic - Bagoth4CF6F2101456089C
Max Magic - Beak4CF6F5D81456089C
Max Magic - Claire4CF6F2761456089C
Max Magic - Fang4CF6F5061456089C
Max Magic - Gallhint4CF6F2481456089C
Max Magic - Grantus4CF6F43C1456089C
Max Magic - Kyte4CF6F53E1456089C
Max Magic - Lloyd4CF6F5A21456089C
Max Magic - Lloyd-L4CF6F46A1456089C
Max Magic - Plosi4CF6F5741456089C
Max Magic - RindRinna4CF6F2DA1456089C
Max Magic - Rinna4CF6F2AC1456089C
Max Magic - Rummy4CF6F3E41456089C
Max Spells - Mouse4CF6F3A61456E404
Max Spells - Ano4CF6F30A1456089C
Max Spells - Bagoth4CF6F2081456089C
Max Spells - Beak4CF6F5D01456089C
Max Spells - Claire4CF6F26E1456089C
Max Spells - Fang4CF6F5FE1456089C
Max Spells - Gallhint4CF6F2401456089C
Max Spells - Grantus4CF6F4341456089C
Max Spells - Kyte4CF6F5361456089C
Max Spells - Lloyd4CF6F59A1456089C
Max Spells - Lloyd-L4CF6F4621456089C
Max Spells - Plosi4CF6F56C1456089C
Max Spells - RindRinna4CF6F2D21456089C
Max Spells - Rinna4CF6F2A41456089C
Max Spells - Rummy4CF6F3DC1456089C
Max Strength - Mouse4CF6F3A81456089C
Max Strength - Ano4CF6F30C1456089C
Max Strength - Bagoth4CF6F2021456089C
Max Strength - Beak4CF6F5CA1456089C
Max Strength - Claire4CF6F2701456089C
Max Strength - Fang4CF6F5001456089C
Max Strength - Gallhint4CF6F23A1456089C
Max Strength - Grantus4CF6F42E1456089C
Max Strength - Kyte4CF6F5381456089C
Max Strength - Lloyd4CF6F59C1456089C
Max Strength - Lloyd-L4CF6F4641456089C
Max Strength - Plosi4CF6F5661456089C
Max Strength - RindRinna4CF6F2D41456089C
Max Strength - Rinna4CF6F29E1456089C
Max Strength - Rummy4CF6F3D61456089C
Quick Level Up - 2nd Character4CF430781456B00C
Quick Level Up - 3rd Character4CF430D81456B00C
Quick Level Up - Mouse4CF431181456B00C
Quick Level Up - Whole Party4CF6004C1456B00C

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