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The following is a list of Gems (weapon attachments that take one space but do multiple things) and what each does.

Garnet: +10 Animal, +10 Rock, +10 Fire, +5 Attack
Pearl: +10 Undead, +10 Thunder, +10 Endurance
Ruby: +10 Mimic, +10 Fire, +10 Speed
Sapphire: +10 Flying, +10 Wind, +10 Magic
Amethyst: +10 Mage, +10 Dino, +10 Ice
Opal: +10 Mage, +10 Steel, +10 Endurance
Peridot: +10 Plant, +10 Animal, +10 Holy, +5 Attack
Aquamarine: +10 Sea, +10 Flying, +10 Ice
Topaz: +10 Undead, +10 Flying, +10 Speed, +5 Attack
Turquoise: +10 Rock, +10 Mimic, +10 Ice
Emerald: +10 Dino, +10 Plant, +10 Magic
Diamond: + 5 vs. All Creatures, Extra +5 vs. Steel
Sun gem: +3 to all monters +10 elements and +10 to strength.


Whenever you get into a duel this can be done. To aquire a random gem (diamond ruby amethyst etc.) you must get an "Excellent" rating in the duel. To do this you must get all the moves into the brighter portion of the duel box. These gems are VERY good. And can be aquired quite easily. They sell for about 600 gold each.


Odd Gaffer is the merchant residing in Norune. In order to avoid him injuring his back during the construction of his store, you must first acquire Pike and build Pike's house. Then build Odd Gaffer's store. This will give Pike time to help Odd Gaffer with the erection of his sign, which will stop him from hurting his back. As a result, Odd Gaffer will have more (and better) supplies to offer, which is a valuable resource.


Go in the first levels of the first dungeon with Toan, use a strong weapon that you don't plan on using. Up that weapon to level 5 then status break it and put it on Xiao's weapon. Xiaos sling shot should be quite a bit stronger.


For easy backroom access go to Queens and their you can buy flopping fish at Ruty's Shop, which you can use to get into all the backrooms on the Shipwreck.


After building the shop in Matataki the owl will offer you the Wise Owl Sword for 2500 gilda, buy it. It changes to Toans ultimite weapon, the Chronicle, faster than any other weapon the Chronicles Max stats are At:260 Mg:150.


Get the Serpent Sword and build it up into the Evilcise, then build to the Drain Seeker, next to the Dark Cloud and then finally to the 7th Heaven.


If anyone's missed getting a 7th Heaven sword for some reason don't throw away any Bone Rapiers if you find one, because if you build up the Bone Rapier into an Evilsice you'll be able to build it up into a Dark Cloud and then a 7th Heaven.


If you want to get to a place in walking mode faster, enter Edit mode. Move the pointer to your destination and exit Edit mode.


After you get the serpent sword, take the sword and go into the divine beast cavern with lots of health, lots of water, and one tram oil. Level 9 is good. Go there and oil the tram and go into the backplane, there reap all the treasures. Every time you kill an enemy with the serpent sword, before he hits the ground, change weapons and select the one you want to beef up. It'll get the ABS and take no dammage!! You can then take the tram back and forth to repeat (without leaving the dungeon).


Go buy a bunch of bombs at any store where they are available, and kill as many enemies with them as you can. Almost every enemy you kill will drop an attachment. Since bombs cost 80$ and you can sell an attachment for 150$, you make 70$ for every kill you get!


Use the Build-Up command instead of Status Break to get the best weapons in the game. Status Breaking will only take away 40% of your weapon's power. Use the Status Break only when getting special abilities for your main weapon.


Fighting tough enemies with lower-level weapons can be a risky proposition. In order to reduce the risk, while still giving you the ability to add WHP and levels to weapons, simply pick your most powerful weapon, and quickly defeat the enemy. Now, before the slain enemy vanishes, switch to the weapon you want to upgrade. Since there is a small delay before the WHP for the defeated enemy is added, you can easily build up lesser weapons that aren't suited for the enemies you're fighting. This allows you to quickly raise low-level weapons to Level 5 so that you can Limit Break them in a sphere.


After completing the game and watching the credits roll (congratulations!), you will be told that a new land has opened, and promted to save. Save your game and when you restart it the Demon Shaft will have opened up. The Demon Shaft is a 100 level dungeon with extermely powerful monsters it takes 3-4 hits with a maxed out chronicle to kill them but if you endure the Demon Shaft and beat its boss you will be rewarded with the chronicle II the most powerful sword in the game with an attack of 350. Quite a rush.


After you put Suzy's store in queens back together she will want a name for it. Name it Fighting Watery and she will sell stamina potions.


After completing the Sunken Ship and getting all City Pieces, go to the Fish Shop. Buy the Flapping Fish and an Ice Cube. Use the map and go to Sunken Ship level 1. Run around until you find the entrance to the back floors. Use the Flapping Fish when you find the entrance. A big fish will appear. Get in the fish -- press X when next to him, and choose the option to get in. Once you get to the back floors, all or almost all treasures will be gems. You can either use them for attachments or sell them. This can repeated as many times as needed.


Once you get to or past the Sunken Ship, go to the Fish Shop. buy the Flapping Fish and an Ice Cube. Go to the Sunken Ship level 14 find the "?" mark on the map. Use the Flapping Fish to get to the back area of level 14. There are 8 monsters each that give 24 EXP -- A total of 192 EXP each time you enter the level. You do not have to leave the dungeon once you have defeated all the monsters. Just go back to level 14 and return to the level 14 back area and they will appear again. If you have a new weapon that you want to build up, switch to another character that is more powerful. Get the monster's HP low, then switch to that new weapon and kill with one hit. Your new weapon will get the EXP.


If you do not build Old Gaffer's Buggy, you may still get free items from the mayor and build your weapons up very high to get ready for the second village, Matataki Village. Note: This will take some time, but is worth the effort.


Steve the Talking Slingshot, can usually be found in about any dungeon, at any level. However, he can be found most often in Wise Owl Forest, in the earlier territories. Try running through all of Wise Owl Forest repeatedly, opening every weapons (large) chest found. This may take a while, but it is worth it. Steve talks whenever you are locked on to an enemy, and may tell you its weaknesses, how cool he is, or just make funny comments about the enemy. This also works with Bosses.


This is a way to beat Dran in the dungeon. Shot Xiao sling shot and when dran is down on the ground run up there with Toan and hit him. This may take a while depending on how strong your weapon is but it's the most effective.


After beating the game, you will be asked to save. After saving, reload your game, and a new location will be available on the world map. It is the Demon Shaft, an extremely hard dungeon, with 100 floors.


When fighting the Black Pendragon at the end of the Demon Shaft, only attack with one hit then retreat. If you attempt a combo he will counter and cause your sword, no matter how powerful, to instantly break. Save immediately before you attempt to fight him, to avoid losing any precious weapons such as a Chronicle Sword


Note: It is recommended that you max out your Ultimate Weapons' stats before confronting this Boss. The Dark Genie's first form has a variety of attacks. One of them is an energy beam that can instantly kill a character. To dodge this attack, you need to constantly be on the move. Its other attacks are fairly easy to dodge. Start out with Toan and try to dodge the hand. Look and see what color of the eye on the hand is. For example, if the color is yellow, you would use Thunder as the element for your weapon. Go to your weapons menu and make the needed adjustments. You will need to do so several times. After enough damage has been done, the Dark Genie will change its attack pattern. It will no longer use the hand attack. Instead, it will stand up and blast energy beams. Switch to Xiao and use her sling shot. Lock on to Genie's head and fire. Be sure to keep on moving around the platform to dodge its attack. The Dark Genie's second form is much bigger but its attacks are almost the same. The target now is the bright orb that sticks of his mouth. Use Toan and apporach it and attack. Back away as he attacks, then repeat. Watch out for the two monsters that Genie calls out, however it is not required to kill them.


Before confronting the Ice Queen boss within the Shipwreck Dungeon, buy about fifteen Fire Gems from Joker's Store in Queens. If you need money, sell fishing bait. When the battle starts, use a Drans Feather to get very close to her while trying to avoid her shots. When you are close enough to her, get a lock and just keep tossing the gems at her. It is best if you can keep her trapped in a corner. This tip allows you to defeat her with just a single character.


Use Goro for the entire time. Select Goro's Battle Ax, keep attacking the big ape, and trap him against the edge of the battlefield. He will eventually die.


Use either Toan or Osmond. As the Minotaur runs around the arena, barrels will start to fall. The Minotaur will pick up a barrel and start drinking. Run towards him and attack, then retreat. Repeat this process and avoid his charge attacks for an easy victory. Note: The barrels count as Stamina Drinks to the Minotaur, so do not let him finish drinking, or one attack will probably kill you.


First, use Ungaga to clear the dark wind around him, then switch to Toan and hit with a charge attack. Repeat for about fifteen to twenty times. This Boss is extremely easy.


Master Code (Must Be On)EC8393F8 1445ACCC
Infinite Gilda - Money4D5C5BB6 1456B00C
Infinite Dagger WHP4D5C5D8E 14562509
Infinite HP (Toan)4D5C1682 1456089C
Infinite Speed (Toan)4D4BC7EE 145625DD
Infinite Water (Toan)4D5C5B76 145625DD
Max HP (Toan)4D5C1676 1456089C
Max Dagger Level4D5C5D7E 1456300C
Max Dagger WHP4D5C5D8C 1456E78C
Max Dagger Stats1D5C5D84 1473E788
1D5C5D88 1473E788
Infinite Water (everyone)7D5C5B78 1458E7A6
7A5F8328 1456E7A5
Infinite HP (everyone)4D5C1682 1456E7DD
1D5C1688 140EE7DD
1D5C168C 140EE7DD
4D5C1690 1456E7DD
Max HP (everyone)4D5C1676 1456E7DD
1D5C167C 140EE7DD
1D5C1680 140EE7DD
4D5C1684 1456E7DD
Max Water (everyone)7D5C5B60 1458E7A6
7A5F8328 1456E7A5
Max Fish Points4D5CC444 1456089C
Max Water Level (Osmond)4D5C5B72 145625DD
Max Water Level (Ungaga)4D5C5B6E 145625DD
Max Water Level (Goro)4D5C5B66 145625DD
Max Water Level (Ruby)4D5C5B6A 145625DD
Max Elements - Weapon 13D5C5D93 1456E788
1D5C5D98 F5734488
3D5C663B 1456E788
1D5C6640 F5734488
3D5C70E3 1456E788
1D5C70E8 F5734488
3D5C7D8B 1456E788
1D5C7D90 F5734488
3D598633 1456E788
1D598638 F5734488
3D5990DB 1456E788
1D5990E0 F5734488

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