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This detailed FAQ/walkthrough was written by Gene on 20th of June, 2001. It is presented in both Japanese and English - which explains the squiggly characters below ;)

Gene may be reached at

Blood: the Last Vampire FAQ v1.00 by Gene (6/20/01)
Blood: the Last Vampire <上巻> (PS2)
1 Player
1 Disc
Genre: Adventure (AVG)
Memory: 166 kb

Blood: the Last Vampire <下巻> (PS2)
1 Player
1 Disc
Genre: Adventure (AVG)
Memory: 166 kb

1)  Introduction
2)  Frequently Asked Questions
3)  How to Play
     3.1)  Game Menus
     3.2)  Controls
     3.3)  Screen Layout
4)  Game System
     4.1)  Blood Level
     4.1)  Blood Search System
5)  Characters 
     5.1)  Character List  
6)  Game Walkthrough
7)  The Blood Project
8)  Secrets / Presents
9)  Miscellaneous / Et Cetera

1)  Introduction
This is actually one game released as two separate chapters: the first chapter 
and the final chapter.  Both chapters were released on December 21, 2000.  They 
are basically one game that is sold separately as two discs for 5800yen each.  
I don't know why Sony decided to release the game in such a way, other than to 
basically force consumers to pay 11600yen for one game.  I've decided to combine 
both chapters into one FAQ, as it is basically one continuous story and you 
continue your game from the first to the final chapter.

2)  Frequently Asked Questions
Q) Can I play it without much knowledge of Japanese?
A) Oh yeah!  I will give you all the Japanese choices you need to make.  All you 
   have to do is match the responses.

Q) What is the game like?
A) It is basically like watching an anime with you as the character.  You 
   control the main character and his actions at various parts of the anime.  
   It is really quite interesting because there are four different paths for the 
   story to take.  If you liked the movie, buy this game!

Q) I've seen the movie.  Is the game any different?
A) Yes!  Completely different!  See the Blood Project section.

Q) Do I need to buy both versions?
A) No, you don't.  But, you will only see half of the story otherwise.  But, you 
   can play the second chapter without playing the first, and vice versa.  It is 
   like playing only one disc of a 2-disc RPG!

Q) I can only afford one.  Which chapter should I get?
A) Buy the first one, it is a bit longer than the second one and has more to it.  
   But, if think that you might like the music, you could buy the second one 
   because you can listen to the BGM in the Presents section.

3)  How to play
You control the main character at various times during the game.  At crucial 
times, you choose his actions to alter the story in different ways.  The game 
uses the playstation joystick to control the character's actions.

3.1) Game Menus
There are six options at the main menu:

New Game - starts the game from the start
Data Load - loads saved information from memory
Continue - continue a saved game from the first chapter (final chapter only)
Replay - lets you watch a full saved game from start to finish 
Option - changes options (vibration, screen display, and game manual)
Presents - view endings, design drawings, listen to BGM, etc.
Exit - returns to the opening movie

During the game, you can access the Pause menu:
Continue - returns to the game
Save - saves the game data to memory
Option - changes options
Game End - exit the game and return to the main menu

** A note about saving the game.  You can save the game as many times as you 
wish, but your location in the game determines your save.  So, if you save 
twice in the same location your new save will have no effect.  You can tell 
the location by the Japanese words and the picture that is placed in the save 
window.  Try and save every time you go to a new location.  If you load, you 
will always start at the start of that location.  Be careful about saving at 
the end because you can save an ending where you it's too late to save 
yourself and you will have to start a new game.

3.2) Controls
Start button pauses and brings up the Pause menu
Circle - used for selecting conversation choices and selecting menu options
X - skips ahead during the game and cancels menu options
Triange - initiate a Blood Search
Square - Looks at the Log of your actions
L1 - same as Circle
L2 - same as X
R1,R2 - move between conversation choices
You can soft reset by holding L1, L2, R1, R2, Select and Start

** You can only skip past parts that you have seen before.  The first time 
through a new area or conversation, you cannot skip.

3.3) Screen Layout
The screen has three components:
The Game window - here you can view the events of the game
The Text window - here you can see the scrolling text
The Blood Search bar -  the colored bar below the Game window

4)  Game System
The game system is fairly simple.  You make choices in conversations that 
generally affect your actions and the reactions of the characters in the game.
You can also change the story by activating Blood Searches.  Your character 
possesses extraordinary abilities.  But, those abilities come with a price.  
If you use your abilites too often, you will lose control of your powers.  But, 
if you do not use your abilities enough, you will not possess enough power to 
overcome some situations.

4.1) Blood Level
Your Blood Level is the color of the Blood Search bar.  As your Blood Level 
rises, the color of the bar changes from green to orange, yellow and red.  Your
Blood Level increases from unsuccessful Blood Searches and also depends on the
choices that you make along your journey.  As your Blood Level increases, you 
become stronger.  It is necessary to have a certain Blood Level at times to 
avoid death.  But, being stronger means that you have less control of your 
actions.  If your Blood Level reaches full, it can lead to a bad ending and game 

4.2) Blood Search System
The Blood Search System is the system to greatly change your actions.  Using 
your empathic abilities, you can change your actions greatly.  For example, you 
can avoid being attacked by choosing the correct path, etc.  The game manual is 
fairly vague about the origin of your powers.  To activate a Blood Search, press 
the triangle button.  For a short period of time, your abilities will be 
activated so that in certain cases, you will change the events of the game.  
However, immediately after an unsuccessful Blood Search, you cannot search again 
until the bar fully recharges.

5)  Characters
You control the main character in the game.  He is an unknown 17 year old high 
school student.  He's heard a terrifying voice since he was in Junior high 
school.  He also has been plagued by terrible dreams.  You will find out more 
about him and his past during the game.

5.1) Character List
小夜 Saya
The only 'original' believed to exist.  She wears a school uniform as a disguise 
but she is a vicious hunter of the Teraptorids.  She is tracks her prey, waiting 
for the perfect opportunity to strike.  Her hunting is funded by large, 
mysterious corporations that provide her funds, weapons--whatever she needs to 

灯子 Toko
Toko is an eighteen year-old girl of asian descent.  But, her personal history 
remains shrouded in mystery.

瑠璃亜 Rulia
She is a sixteen year-old girl.  When she was young, both of her parents killed 
themselves.  She doesn't have a steady job and lives only for the moment.

正夫 Masaka
Masaka is the father of the main character.  He declined to have a regular job 
and instead works at home editing magaizines, documents and various other 

サチコ Sachiko
Sachiko is the mother of the main character.  She is a designer at an 
architectural firm.  She has won many awards for excellence in her work.

大岡 Ohka
Ohka is an unknown relation to the Blood Project.  He is a reporter that came 
across evidence of the Immortality project by chance.  He has a picture an old 
picture of Saya and has conducted interviews with Teraptorids.

翼手 The Teraptorids
The Teraptorids look like normal human beings, but they can change into vicious 
beasts when agitated.  In human form they have supernatural abilities like 
increased strength, unnatural speed, the ability to charm weaker animals; to 
name a few.  In beastial form, they are impervious to normal weapons and can 
only be killed by a single, powerful stroke of a exceptional blade or similar 
weapon.  These creatures feed off human blood, and require it for sustenance.  
They exist outside of time and are ageless.

6)  Game Walkthrough
There are four main scenarios that you can play in the game and probably 
hundreds of different paths that you could take during the game.  I will 
concentrate on the four main scenarios and leave the extra paths for you to 
explore.  The extra paths do not lead to any positive endings, but lead instead
to your death, usually in gruesome detail.  The scenarios do not follow any 
order and they are totally independent.  Feel free to play them in any order.  
I will give a short translation in the spoiler section for each scenario in case 
you are still confused after playing.  Just match the selections here with the 
ones in the game, but make sure that the text is set on so that you can see 
their conversations.  
The numbered sections are conversation choices.  BS is a Blood Search.  Some of 
the BS choices are a bit difficult.  Sometimes they occur during conversations, 
but others you have to look for visual clues.  I've tried to give you enough 
hints.  For the Blood Searches, press the triangle button when I've described 
here.  Finally, there are a couple of instances of (BL) Blood Level checks 
where you have to have a high Blood Level to survive the situation.  If your BL 
is at maximum when you take the disk in the underground area, it will lead to a 
bad ending.
One final note:  I had to give you the Japanese here to match with those on the 
screen.  Unlike Sakura Taisen and many other games, the order of the 
conversation responses changes randomly, so I can't think of any other way to 
provide you with the correct answers. 

Scenario 1: 灯子編
At home:
1) 答えない	(Don't answer)

2) 僕は気に入ってる  (power up?)

On the street:
3) 寒い (It's cold)

4)  りがとう  (Thanks)

5) 挨拶する (Greet them)

6) ロングの子が好み (I like the tall girl)

7)  りがとう  (Thanks)

8) うん  (Yes)

BS *  なた。。。人を殺した夢、見たこと る? 
     (Have you ever killed anyone in your dreams?)

BS * 行きましょう (Let's go)

9) いや、そんなことないけど  (It's not that, but...)

10) どうしてって言われても。。。 (You even said why)

At BLOOD Restaurant:
BS * どうかしたの? (what happened?)  

11) 女の子と二人きりに (It is only the two of us)

12) お が空いているように見えたのかな (You should eat..)

13) 甘い (It tastes bitter)

14) そうかな (I guess so)

15) なんでそれを (What?)

16)  の日? (That day?)

During your dream:
17) 怖いと思った (I was scared)

18) 僕がやったの? (I did it?)

19) 強くなんてなりたくない  (I don't want to become strong)

At BLOOD Restaurant:
20) 僕の口には合わなかった (Don't put it to your lips)

21) 話す (Talk about it)

Subroute 1 
22A) 嫌な気分だった (Feeling of dread)

BS * 眠かったの? (Are you tired?)

In the park:
22B) え? (What?)

22C) 悪いけど。。。 (That's bad, but..)

BS *  なた。。。おいしそう (You look delicious!)

22D) 君が。。。怖いんだ (You're scaring me)

22E) 変わるって。。。 (What do you mean, changed?)
end subroute go to 23)

Subroute 2 
22A) 。。。

BS * 眠かったの? (Are you tired?)

BS * Search after pulling away the dead Teraptorid

22B) 灯子さんは。。。 (Toko..)

22C) 。。。
end subroute go to 23

At home:
23) そっと入る (Enter)

BS * そろそろお も空いた (You must be hungry)

24) 。。。

25) そんな事どうだっていいよ (It wasn't that!)

26) 居間に戻る (Return to the living room)

In the church:
BS * 体の自由が効かない。。 (No control of your body.. it's useless to resist)

BS *  なたの血お分け与えて (Give me your blood)
end 上巻

At Sakuragaoka:
BS * 欲しいの? (Do you want it?)

BS * 私にとって、すべてはこの土地から始まったんだ (For me, it all starts here)

In the streets:
BS * 考えてみれば。。 (If I think about it..)

27) 父さん、ここは? (Father, is it here?)

BS * Search at the end of ここは第二次大戦末期 
     (The second apocolypse is coming, and you will be part of it)

BS * Search before the big doors, when your Father says "un"

28) まっすぐだ (Go straight)

29) 部屋を出る (Leave the room)

30) 左だ (Go left)

BS * 邪魔する者を消してしまえばいいわ (Time to destroy this annoying girl)

31) 僕の意思? (My motive?)

32) 小夜。。。! (Saya!)

BS * 目を覚ますんだ (Remember the eyes)

BL ** Blood Level Check - need BL > 80

33) 横に飛ぶ (Jump away)

BS * Search when you stand up with Saya's sword, after leaping away

Scenario 2: 闇の王編
At home:
1) 答える (Answer your father)

On the street:
BS * ちょっとしたこと僕は (it's a trifle thing)

2) 神田に行こう (I am going to Kanda)

On the train:
3) でも今は人混みの方が落ち着く (I need to calm down)

BS * Search after leaving train, and seeing vision of Ohka 

In the streets:
4) 。。寒い。。 (It's cold)

5) え? (What?)

6) 怪しむ (I doubt it) 

7) なんだか馴れ馴れしい (get used to what?)

8) 。。。

9) うん (Yes)

In the convenience store:
BS * でも行き先はまだ教えてくれない (but, this way he didnt show us)

10) 僕、用事 るんだけど (I have a plan, but)

At Rulia's apartment:
11) そ、そうだね (I see)

12) 。。。

13)  の制服の子 (That girl in the school uniform)

During your dream:
14) 怖いと思った (I was scared)

15) 瑠璃亜が知るわけないか (Rulia doesn't know about it)

16) 僕じゃない! (It wasn't me!)

At Rulia's apartment:
17)  の声が支えになった (That voice paralyzed me)

BS * 遊びに行こう (Let's go have fun!)

In Shibuya:
18) 静かなところがいいな (A quiet place would be best)

At home:
19) そっと入る (Enter)

BS * そろそろお も空いた (You must be hungry)

20) 。。。

21) そんな事、どうだっていいよ (What happened was okay)

22) 居間に戻る (Return to the living room)

In the church:
BS * 体の自由が効かない。。 (No control of your body.. it's useless to resist)

BS *  なたの血お分け与えて (Give me your blood)

BS * 覚えてるでしょう? (Do you remember?)

23) 血を飲む (Drink the blood)

24) できない (I can't!)
end 上巻

During the attack:
BS *  。。 れは。。 (That...)

With Saya:
25) う。。うん (Yes)

26) 僕は の声に怯えた (That voice is scaring me)

In the streets:
27) 僕は何をしてるんだ (What am I doing?)

28) 僕は。。戻りたい (I want to return)

BS * 僕はまだ人間でいたいんだ (I want to become a normal person again)

29) そうだね。。 (Yes)

30) そうかもしれない (Maybe)

31) 違う。。。! (No way!)

32)  の声だけが唯一の救いかもしれない (That voice is salvation)

BS * Search tunnel after flashbacks

33) 瑠璃亜。。 (Rulia..)

34) カが。。。ほしい (I need more power)

35) 泣く (Cry)

At Sakuragaoka:
36) 僕はここを知っている。。! (I know this place!)

37) 何を言えばいいのだろう (what

38) 左側の下を見る (look down the left side)

BS * 私にとって、すべてはこの土地から始まったんだ (For me, it all starts here)

39) 。。。。

In the streets:
BS * 考えてみれば。。 (If I think about it..)

40) 父さん、ここは? (Father, is this it?)

BS * Search at the end of ここは第二次大戦末期 
     (The second apocolypse is coming, and you will be part of it)

BS * Search before the big doors, when your Father says "un"

41) 左だ (It's left)

42) デイスクを取る (Take the disk)

43) まっすぐだ (It's straight)

BS * Search when before you see your father's jacket

BS * Search when searching his jacket

44) 父さん。。。 (Father...)

45) 駆け寄る (Run up to him)

BS * 邪魔する者を消してしまえばいいわ (Time to destroy this annoying girl)

46) 僕の意思? (My motive?)

BL Blood Level Check - need BL 100

47) 闘って道を開くんだ (Fight back)

Scenario 3: 究明編

At home:
1) 答える (Answer your father)

BS * Search during the last half of 子離れしていない父親って 
  (Seperated from his children)

2) 神田まで行くよ (I am going to Kanda)

BS * お守りみたいなものだしね (It's just a lucky charm)

On the street:
BS * ちょっとしたこと僕は (It's a trifling thing)

3) そういえば財布を忘れたような (I forgot my wallet!)

BS * いけない、忘れたみたい (I can't go..)

BS * 近所に んな子。。 (She's not from here..)

On the train:
4) でも今は人混みの方が落ち着く (I need to calm down)

BS * Search when you see close up of Ohka

5) 左を見る (Look left)

BS * Search immediately after choosing last choice.

On the street:
6) 寒い (It's cold)

BS * Search when you are shaking after flashing signal

7) 右を見る (Look right)

BS * 。。。鈴が鳴った (Bell rings)

8) 右に曲がってみょう (Follow right)

In the side street:
BS * なんだったんだ (What just happened?)

During your dream:
9) 怖いと思った (I was scared)

10) 僕じゃない! (It wasn't me!)

In the streets:
11) 夜が好きだ (I like the nighttime)

BS * Search at the end of いつの からか夜の方が住み心地よく。。 
     (From what time 。。)

12) 気持ち悪い (I've got a bad feeling)

At home:
13) そっと入る (Enter)

BS * Search when you see the water draining from the sink

14) 。。。

In the church:
BS * さ 。。。母さんと一緒になりましょう (Become one with your mother)

BS *  なたの血を分け与えて (Give me your power)

BS * Search about 1 second after you jump out the window 

15) 物置に隠れよう	(Try to hide in the tool shed)

BS * Search when she steps towards you after pulling you out of the shed
end 上巻

During the attack:
BS *  。。。 れは。。 (That..) 

With Saya:
16) う。。。うん (Yes)

17) 僕は の声に怯える (That voice scares me)

In the streets:
18) 僕は何をしてるんだ (What am I doing?)

19) 僕は。。。戻りたい (I want to return)

BS * 僕はまだ人間でいたいんだ (I want to become a normal person again)

20) そうだね。。。 (Yes)

21) そうかもしれない (

22) 違う。。。! (No way!)

23)  の声だけが唯一の救いかもしれない (That voice is your salvation)

At Ohka's place:
24) 引き出しを開けてみる (Open the drawer)

25) 写真を見てみる (Look at the picture)

26) 黒いテープだ (Black tape)

BL ** Blood Level Check - need BL > 80

27) 飛び降れる (Jump out the window)

At Sakuragaoka:
BS * 私にとって、すべてはこの土地から (For me, it all starts here)

In the streets:
BS * Search during the 3rd picture of the streets, right after train

28) 。。。

BS * Search before the big doors, when your Father says "un"

29) 左だ (It's left)

30) デイスクを取る (Take the disk)

31) 左だ (It's left)

32) 部屋を出る (Leave the room)

33) 左だ (It's left)

BS * 邪魔する者を消してしまえばいいわ (Time to destroy this annoying girl)

34) 僕の意思? (My motive?)

35) カッツ! (Katz!)

BL ** Blood Level Check - need  BL > 80

36) 横に飛ぶ (Jump away)

BS * Search when standing up with Saya's sword after leaping away

On the train tracks:
BS *  なたは私の中で。。。 (You are in me..)

Scenario 4: 瑠璃亜編
There is an extra feature specific to this scenario.  There are points where you 
can earn Rulia Points (RP).  They are obtained by choosing the correct 
conversation choice at various points.  There is a maximum of 8 RPs available 
in this scenario.  You need to have more than 6 in the park with her.  If you do
not have sufficient points, it will lead to a bad ending and game over.

At home:
1) 答える (Answer your father)

BS * During the last half of 子離れしていない父親って 
  (Separated from his children)

2) 神田まで行くよ (I am going to Kanda)

On the street:
BS * ちょっとしたこと僕は (It's a trifling thing)

3) そういえば財布を忘れたような (I forgot my wallet)

BS * いけない、忘れたみたい (I can't go)

BS * 近所に んな子。。 (She's not from around here..)

On the train:
4) でも今は人混みの方が落ち着く (I need to calm down)

BS * When you see a close up of Ohka

5) 左を見る (Look left)

On the street:
BS *  。。。行かないよ (I can't go)

6) 参考書買いたいんだ (I want to go to a bookstore)

In the bookstore:
BS * もう たしには関係ない (There's a difference between us)   >>RP+1<<

BS * 吸血鬼の本? (A vampire book?)

7) 興味 るんだ (I am interested)

BS * どうして? (What?)

8) 会いたくはないな (I don't want to meet)

9) かまわないけど (I don't mind, but..)

10) 恐ろしいものだ (That's a terrible thing)

At the Amusement park:
BS * おいでよ (Hurry up!)   >>RP+1<<

11) 。。そうじゃなけど (It's not that, but..)

BS * え。。。?  (What?)

12) 恥ずかしい (This is embarrassing)

BS * おいしい。。 (Delicious!)

BS * Search after the closeup of the bell

13) うん (Yes)   >>RP+1<<

14) 聞きたい事が ってさ (I wanted to listen)   >>RP+1<<

At Rulia's apartment:
15) そ、そうだね (Yes)

16) 。。。。

17) 一人で寂しくない? (Are you lonely here?)   >>RP+1<<

During your dream:
18) 怖いと思った (I was scared)

19) 瑠璃亜が知るわけないか (Rulia doesn't know)

20) 僕じゃない! (It wasn't me!)

At Rulia's apartment:
21)  の声が支えになった (That voice paralyzed me)

22) 怖いよね (That's scary)

23) いいよ (It's okay)

BS * 遊びに行こう (Let's go have fun)

In Shibuya:
BS * なんでこんなにたくさんの人がいるんだろうね? 
   (Why is this train so packed?)   >>RP+1<<

24) へんなところは嫌いだよ (I don't like strange places)

25) やめてください、お姉さん! (Please stop..)

26) は、はい (Yes)

27) う。。うん (Yes)

28) うん (Yes)

29) なにしてるの? (What are you doing?)   >>RP+1<<

In the park:
30) いいよ、そんなおしつ礼なんて (It's okay, it was nothing)

31) 傷の原因 (Is that why she's in pain?)

BS * 本当に分かり合えそうな人に (I think you are a nice person)   >>RP+1<<

32) 話してみた (Try to speak)

33) 怖くて震えるてくるんだ (I shook with fear)

At home:
34) ただいま (I'm home!)

BS * そろそろお も空いた (You must be hungry)

35) 。。。

36) そんな事、どうだっていいよ (It's nothing)

37) 居間に戻る (Return to the living room)

In the church:
BS *  んたの生命が。。。 (Your soul is...)
end 上巻

On the street:
BS * Search after looking at Rulia, after your dream

At Sakuragaoka:
38) そうだね (Yes)

39) どうして翼手になったの? (Why did you become a Teraptorid)

BS * 自分が弱かったから。。 (Because I was weak)

BS *  んたがいてくれるから.. (Now, you're involved..)

BS * 。。うん (Yes)

40) 瑠璃亜を抱く (Hug Rulia)

41) 瑠璃亜と一緒にいられるのから (I'm here to stay with you)

In the tunnel:
42) 我慢して! (Get a hold of yourself, pull through it!)

BS * Search when you see your face with blood, trying to get up

At Sakuragaoka:
43) 逃げ出す (Leave)

At Rulia's apartment:
44) マッチを見る (Look at the matchbook)

BS * 瑠璃亜。。。もしかしたら。。 (Maybe she's already changed)

At Sakuragaoka:
BS * どけ!! (Get out of the way!)

BS * いっ。。いや。。!! (No!  No!)

BS * 楽してやる (Try to relax)

7)  The Blood Project
Blood: the Last Vampire was released in selected theatres in Japan and around 
the world as an anime.  The same version was also later released on video, and 
regular and special edition DVD formats.  However, the anime takes place before 
the game, in Yokota Air Force Base during the Vietnam war.  So, although the 
titles are the same, they entirely different stories following Saya at different 
times.  When I bought the PS2 game, I thought that it might be a bit different 
from the anime, giving a bit more background to the characters, etc.  But, I was 
shocked to find out that it takes place in modern day Tokyo instead and 
introduces many new characters.  There are also novels and comics released in 
Japan concerning the Blood Project.

Here is the history of the Blood Project:

1806  Napolean conquers Europe.  From the confusion, powerful organizations rise.
      The name Saya appears for the first time in the records of these 
      organizations.  The existence of a young, black-haired defender is 
      confirmed.  The Blood Project begins.  It is recorded in the records of the 
      secret organizations.

1892  In France, Saya's portrait appears.  Saya's blood sample is secretly taken.

1900 Evidence is found that Saya's blood was transfused into young babies.

1914  A photograph of Saya appears in the records of the secret organizations.

1923  The Great Kanto Earthquake.  The teraptorids begin to invade Japan.

1944  World War Two.  The Japanese people begin to be agitated by the 

1946  After the war, the murder rate begins to rise.  Strange murders become 
      more frequent.  The teraptorids begin to increase their activities.

1964  During the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, Saya is spotted among 
      the spectators on film.

1965  The beginning of the Vietnam War.

1966  Saya is reported to have battled Teraptorids at Yokota base.  The army 
      denies the co-operation and existence of Saya and anyone related to her.  
      Reportedly, Saya fought three Teraptorids at the base, but no evidence was 
      ever found besides eyewitness reports. (movie: Blood the Last Vampire)

1969  Near Tokyo, a student protest arises over the strange instances.  The 
      Immortality project is investigated further. (novel: Night of the Beast)
1973  The Vietnam war ends.

1989  Flood of X city in Tokyo, the young boy (you) becomes lost.  He is 
      seriously injured and a temporary measure is administered to keep him 

1995  After the crash of Japan's bubble economy, Sakuragaoka becomes a slum.
      Ohka begins contact with the remaining Teraptorids. 

2000  In Tokyo, Saya and the Teraptorids are spotted in several areas. 
      (comic: Blood the Last Vampire 2000, novel: Seduction of Blood)

8)  Secrets / Presents
There are presents for each chapter that you can view after unlocking them:

上巻 (First Chapter)
 1- Ending List
 2- Design drawings of the main character
 3- Design drawings of the main character
 4- Design drawings of Rulia
 5- Design drawings of the supporting cast
 6- Design drawings of Saya
 7- Design drawings of the supporting cast
 8- Design drawings of Rulia
 9- Design drawings of mother and father
10- Design drawings of Toko
11- Design drawings of Toko
12- Design drawings of Saya
13- Design drawings of the main character
14- Design drawings of the supporting cast
15- Design drawings of Rulia
16- Design drawings of the entire cast
17- Color design drawings of the main character, Saya and the teroptorids
18- Color design drawings of Toko and the main character
19- Color design drawings of Rulia, mother and the supporting cast
20- Color design drawings of Ohka, Lenz and father

下巻 (Final Chapter)
 1- Ending List
 2- BGM #1,2
 3- BGM #3,4
 4- BGM #5,6
 5- BGM #7,8
 6- BGM #9,10
 7- BGM #11,12
 8- BGM #13,14
 9- BGM #15,16
10- BGM #17,18
11- BGM #19,20
12- BGM #21,22
13- BGM #23,24
14- BGM #25,26
15- BGM #27,28
16- BGM #29,30
17- BGM #31,32
18- BGM #33,34
19- BGM #35,36
20- BGM #37,38
21- BGM #39,40
22- BGM #41,42
23- BGM #43-46
24- BGM Main Theme, #47-50
25- BGM #51-55
26- BGM #56-60
27- BGM #61-65
28- BGM Medley, #66-69

9)  Miscellaneous / Et Cetera
Production I.G websites: 
Blood the Last Vampire movie reviews:

Thanks to Sony for making this awesome game.  
Thanks to Production I.G for making a great anime and an awesome game.
This FAQ is not associated with Production I.G, Sony, or any of their products 
either software, hardware or video.  The respective companies retain all 
copyrights of their products mentioned in this FAQ.

Sorry, but I had to use Japanese in this FAQ!  It is best viewed with Japanese 
Wordpad, but any Japanese-capable viewer should work too.  

Feel free to email any advice or suggestions!  Due to time constraints, do 
not expect a reply on email.

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