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WWF: Smackdown! 2 - Know Your Role

Hidden characters and matches:

Create a character called Wheavil and you will unlock all hidden characters and matches.

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Game Shark Codes:

1.Hit Select To Reset Timer

2.Hit L2 For Max Special P1

3.Hit L1 For Max Special P2

4.Hit R2 For Max Special P3

5.Hit R1 For Max Special P4

Mid-air Cheats:

To walk in mid-air, first you need to play a hardcore match or anywhere falls match. I suggest you try 1 on 1 first. Go to the stager area and stand on either side of the ramp. Run to the opposite side by triangle then just as your about to fall off the ramp press circle so you automatically trip. Hold the directional button in which you were running and then you will roll off and be walking in mid-air. You can run towards the titantron to get higher.

*NOTE* This does not work with Trish Stratus and possibly other female wrestlers.

Play as Jeff Hardy and you can do two different cool things(Hell in a Cell). First go up top and break the cage. Go back up keep trying to put him through the cage again and when you do a powerful move it will eventually break.

Jeff Hardy again - next, go back up again and get your opponent to the middle left square. Get your opponent on the ground and pick him up. Make sure he/she is groogy. Press left circle and he will be in mid air.

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