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While on the Main Screen, highlight the Options menu, but don't actually select it. Now press TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, LEFT, L1, R2, SQUARE, CIRCLE and LEFT again. If you have managed to enter this sequence correctly (congratulations if you did), you will hear a beep. After hearing that sound, press and hold L1, SELECT and TRIANGLE to make the cheat menu appear.

This menu contains options that allow you to jump to your level of choice, hear any sound effect, watch any movie clip and enter invincibility mode - which is always handy. Once you have selected a new level, you must exit the cheat menu and start a new game before it will come into effect. To hear the sound fx or view the full motion video sequences, highlight the one of your choice and hit the X button.

Once you've enabled the cheat menu that first time, you simply have to press and hold L1, SELECT and TRIANGLE to re-enter, rather than having to test your dexterity with the whole enable sequence.

Have fun!

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