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Cheat Chaser - Cheat Codes for Classic Gaming Platforms


Enable Characters in Multiplayer

Enter the codes below as the password to enable many of the most exciting characters in multiplayer mode. You'll be able to tell whether or not you've netred a code correctly, as the Enigma machine will flash green.

  • BEACHBALL - Enable Noah.
  • WOOFWOOF - Enable Bismark the Dog.
  • BIGFATMAN - Enable Manon's arch-nemesis, the Evil Col. Muller.
  • GUNTHER - Enable Gunther.
  • NUTCRACKER - Enable Nutcracker.
  • HERRZOMBIE - Enable Otto.
  • SSPIELBERG - Enable velociraptor dinosaur.
  • ROCKETMAN - Enable Werner von Braun.
  • PAYBACK - Enable William Shakespeare.
  • FINESTHOUR - Enable Winston Churchill.
  • HOODUP - Enable Wolfgang.


English Speech

Enter the code "SPRECHEN" to activate American Movie Mode, in which the characters speak in English.

History and Making Of...

Enter the codes below to unlock background information concerning all of the levels that appears under the "Gallery" option. If you've entered the code correctly, the Enigma machine will flash green.

  • Level 1: Invasion
  • Level 2: biggreta
  • Level 3: dasboot
  • Level 4: stuka
  • Level 5: Komet
  • Level 6 & 7: twosixtwo
  • Level 8: Victory Day

    Level Skipping

    When you've had enough of a particular level, enter the respective code below to complete the desired mission.

  • 1: RETTUNG
  • 4: SENFGAS

    Infinite Ammo

    When replaying a mission that you've legitimately completed previously, you can enter the code "BADCOP-SHOW" to gain infinite ammo. Go wild!


    Enter the code "MOSTMEDALS" as a password to unlock Audie Murphy mode. This code only has an effect after you complete a mission and replay it.


    Goodbye cruel world. Hit [R1],[R2],[L2],[R1],[R1],[R1],[R2],[L2],[L1],[L1], then press [SQUARE] quickly. Your player will self-combust and say "What did you do that for?"


    While on the password screen, enter "ICOSIDODEC" to increase your firing rate four fold.

    Reflecting Shots

    Enter "GOBLUE" as a password to allow your fired rounds to bounce off of particular surfaces.

    Wire-frame Mode

    To view the game's graphical structures as basic wireframes, type "TRACERON".

    Pictures of Designers

    This is for those interested in putting faces to the names of the inspired souls behind this game's creation. Enter "AJRULES" as a passsword to view to game's technical designer as a child. Enter "COOLCHICK" to view the game's lead designer as a child. Alternatively, you can enter "DWIGALLERY" as a password to view the Secret Staff Photo Gallery, or "DWIMOHTEAM" to view the Secret Team Gallery.

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