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Game Shark Codes:

Unlock All Cities
D01C1308 F809
801C130C 0000

Able to Jack Police Cars

Stop Traffic
D0053D88 5A1F
80053D8A 2400

Infinite Damage
D001CDA8 0008
8001CDAA 1043

Enter/Exit Car Anytime

Dune Buggy:

To get the the dune buggy go to Rio. In free ride mode get the first red car you see not with a black roof. Hop in, hop out, then hop in again, pause hold l1, then press x, x, x, square, triangle, up, down, left, up, square, triangle, x, triangle, circle, x, triangle, circle. Hopefully you will hear a car noise un puase and the red car will have turned into a dune buggy.

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During gameplay pause the game and press o, x, x, square, triangle, o. That will unlock a u.f.o (if you press r1 you can shoot a laser at cars and blow them up).

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Moving around safely:

You know when you have to go to a certain place in the town and it is so far away that you can't get there without crashing your car and then you have to go back to start? Well check this. If your not being chased by the police and you just died before the game over screen comes up, press and hold the triangle button and keep pressing up as fast as you can. After a little while, you will get out of your car and save a great deal of hard working time to get to where you need to. Good luck!

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