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Diablo Walkthough for PS1 / PSX

King Leoric's Curse (Skeleton King's Lair)

Group: 1

Level: 3

Reward: Undead Crown

I. Talk to the tavern owner, Ogden. He'll talk about the history of King
Leoric (who you can also read about in the history section in the start-up

II. Move down to level 3, and search all of it, and you will find a dark tunnel
with "To King Leoric's Tomb" written above it.

III. . Make sure that you have as much mana and health potions as
possible before you go into the darkness, as there are a ton of skeletons
waiting for you.

IV. . Use strong weapons such as the mace or staff to kill the skeletons'
bones. If you are a wizard you?ll find that having the holy bolt spell
selected will help.

V. King Leoric has the power to bring alive fallen skeletons that he
touches, so kill him first so that you kill the rest of the Skeletons quickly.

VI. Once you have killed Leoric , finish off his followers and collect the
crown from his corpse.

Poison Water

Group: 1

Level :2

Reward: The Ring Of Truth

I. Go to the well in the centre of town. If the water is yellow, the poisoned
water quest is available for you to do.

II. Go to Pepin, the town healer and talk to him. He will tell you about the
poisoned well. Then, enter the catacombs and battle your way down to
level 2. Once the level has been cleared, find some torches surrounding a
crack in the wall.
III. Enter the hole and kill the demons hiding there. Once all the demons
have been killed you will hear a trumpet that indicates that the quest has
been completed. Return to the town and talk to Pepin, who will give you
the ring of truth.

The Butcher

Group: 2

Level: 2

Reward: The Butcher's Cleaver

I. At the entrance to the tunnel you will find a dying villager. Talk to him
before he dies and he will tell you of the massacre in the catacombs. When
you have heard enough, leave him to die and go into the monastery below.
Rid levels 1, 2 and 3 of monsters and search all of them for items and gold.
You may want to use a town portal to go and spend some gold on

II. Now open the door to the room on level 2 that is full of mangled
corpses. The butcher will attack with his cleaver - he's hard to kill at the
start of the game, so peg it if he starts to slaughter you. There are a couple
of tactics you can use on the butcher: the first is to cast a fire wall spell
as soon as you open the door to the room, then close the door so the
butcher can?t escape . The other is to get the butcher to follow you into a
room with bars instead of walls, lock yourself inside so that he can't
attack you, and then shoot at him through the bars to kill him.

Ogden's Sign

Group: 2

Level: 4

Reward: The Harlequin Crest And A Random Magical Item

I. Talk with Ogden, another tavern owner and he will tell you that someone
has stolen his sign. Go down to the catacombs and get to level 4. You'll
meet up with a horde of creatures and their leader Snotspill who stole the
sign. After talking to Snotspill he will inform you that some bigger demons
came and took the sign and that they are currently hiding it in the next two

II. Enter the two rooms and kill the two demons inside. Look in the big
chest in the room and you will find the sign. Collect it, then return to the
village using a town portal.

III. On receiving his sign Ogden will give you the harlequin quest as way of
thanks. Return through the portal and talk to Snotspill. He will attack you,
so be ready .

IV. When he and his followers are dead, search them to find a magic item.

Gharbad The Weak

Group: 2

Level: 4

Reward: Two Magical Items

I. Go to level 4 and talk to Gharbad the goatboy . Leave the area he's in
and then return and talk to him again: this time he'll give you a magic item.
Leave the area, then return again, Gharbad will then tell you he has almost
finished making something cool for you. Leave, then return one final time
and Gharbad will try to kill you. retaliate with weapons of your own. From
his corpse you can get his weapon,a magical club.

The Magic Rock

Group: 3

Level: 5

Reward: The Empyrean Band

I. Go to Griswold the blacksmith, and he will tell you about the legend of
the black rock. Go down the stairway in the catacombs and make your way
to level 5. You should find a rock on a table there.

II. Collect the rock and give it to Griswold, who will make it an excellent
magic ring for you.

Armour Of Valour

Group: 3

Level: 5

Reward: Arkaine's Valour

I. When you reach level 5 you will find a large room in the centre. Go
through the two doors in the side of this chamber and kill the creatures
inside. Read the book of blood there and enter the next room to find the
altar of blood. You will discover a bloodstone near the altar which you
place on the pedestal. A secret door will open, leading to a room. There is
another bloodstone in here which you should collect and place on the

II. Yet another secret room will appear and you will be able to find the final
bloodstone within.

III. Place this with the other bloodstones and you will be trapped in a room,
full of monsters. Kill all of them and search the room to find the magical

Halls Of The Blind

Group: 3

Level: 7

Reward: The Optic Amulet

I. On level 7 you will find the book of the blind. Once read, some doors will
open up into what appear to be a deserted area. But it isn?t and it is in fact
filled with translucent demons that will surround you. If you shoot an arrow
or cast a spell into the room, you'll hear shouts. Keep firing arrows and
start killing them as they attack. Ensure that your back is to the wall so
that they can't get behind you.

II. When these monsters have been killed, search the area to find the

Zhar The Mad

Group: 4

Level: 8

Reward: Spell Book And A Magic Item.

I. Inside the level 8 catacombs you'll find a wizard studying. Talk to him
he?ll give you a spell.

II. If you continue to annoy him or rifle through his bookcase, the wizard
will attack with his fireballs. He also teleports, making him hard to try and

III. When you have killed him you'll find a magic item on him.

The Black Mushroom

Group: 4

Level: 9

Reward: Spectral Elixir

I. When you find the fungal tome on level 9, cast a portal and return to the
town. Give the tome to Adria the witch, and she will tell you to return to
level 9 to find a mushroom patch. When you reach the level, you will find a
big black mushroom. Take this to Adria and she'll tell you to go to Pepin,
who tells you to get him a demon's brain. Go back into the caves and cut
open the demons there to get the brain. Return the brain to Pepin and he'll
give you an elixir to give to Adria. When you do so, she'll tell you to keep it
for yourself!

The Anvil Of Fury

Group: 4

Level: 10

Reward: Griswold's Edge

I. Go and have a conversation with Griswold and he will tell you about the
anvil hidden in the catacombs. Make your way, by sword or sorcery, to
level 10 and retrieve the anvil.

II. This is difficult as it is well protected, so make sure you have enough
healing concoctions ready to help. When you give Griswold the anvil, he
rewards you by giving you a weapon.

Warlord Of Blood

Group: 5

Level: 13

Reward: Various Weapons And Armour

I. The warlord is hard to kill, so make sure you have plenty of healing and
mana potions in your backpack. When you reach level 13 start searching
the level and kill all the monsters. If you find a book , don't look at it -
instead kill everything on the level to fill your experience points up to the

II. Now go back to the book and look at it. The warlord will appear, along
with some of his allies.Slash through the blood knights to get to the
warlord himself, then kill him. It will take some time but the warlord will
eventually die: if using spells against him, try the golem or stone curse.
When this mighty VI. warrior has been dealt with, the armouries of hell
will be yours.


Group: 5

Level: 14

Reward: Veil Of Steel And A Magical Item

I. Lachdanan's history is detailed at the beginning of the game. When you
meet him on level 14 he will give you more information on his plight. He'll
also reveal that he has been cursed. You can release Lachdanan from his
curse by finding the golden elixir hidden on level 15. When you give him the
elixir he'll reward you with the veil of steel.

The Chamber Of Bone

Group: N/A

Level: 6

Reward: Guardian Spell And Various Magical Items

I. If you find the tome on level 6, have a look at it and a staircase will open
up in the wall. Wander up the stairs and you'll find a bone chamber. Kill
the monsters in the surrounding rooms and flick the switches there. Now
your able to enter the central chamber and get the treasure.

II. As you are taking the gold, you'll notice the doorway opposite opening:
this leads to the land of the dead, which is why there are skeletons coming
through it. Kill the skeletons to reach the door and block it with your body:
this will stop them surrounding you. You'll need a lot of healing potions to
deal with this, but when you have killed enough of them they'll flee back
through the door.

Archbishop Lazarus

Group: N/A

Level: 15

Reward: Assorted Magical Artefacts

I. On level 15 you'll find a vile stand. On it is the staff of Lazarus. Take the
staff and go back to the village. Talk to Cain the elder, who'll tell you all
about the history of the staff and Lazarus. Return through the portal and
you?ll discover that a red portal has appeared next to a pentagram on the
floor. Step into it to be taken to Lazarus's lair.

II. All about this level are teleport circles that will transport you around it,
so watch your step. Witches are also on this level, so make certain you
have a long-range weapon to deal with them from a distance. When you
tread on the last teleport circle on this level, you'll be confronted by
Lazarus in demonic foreplay with his witches! Lazarus will attempt to
engage you in conversation as you approach. He is trying to lead you into a
trap so begin to walk backwards. When he stops talking, a force of
witches will appear. Lure the witches into the doorway and kill them, then
take on Lazarus himself. When this satanic priest has breathed his last,
you can take the items he possesses.


Group: N/A

Level: 16

Reward: Game Completed

I. After returning from your battle with Lazarus, you'll notice that the
pentagram is now glowing with unholy vigour. Cast a town portal if you
have one and buy a lot of mana and health, so that you have as much as
possible, and then return to the catacombs.

II. Step into the pentagram to get to the final confrontation with Diablo
himself. Start killing the monsters and don't touch any of the levers around
until the monsters are all dead. Every time you pull a lever, more will flood
in, so be sure to deal with every one before you pull another lever.

III. When you have emptied out all four sections of the level and pulled the
last lever, you will face Diablo himself. Kill him anyhow, just make sure
you do. Have fire resistances on standby as these are essential for your
survival. When Diablo has been finally sent back to hell, watch the end
sequence, satisfied in your victory.


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