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Possibly unrelated to the first nameless Zork tactician, the following FAQ was nevertheless submitted by yet another anonymous contributor. It provides easily enough advice to get you out of any Zorkish pickle.

P U Z Z L E : The double door into the Temple.
S O L U T I O N : Examine the knocker on the left door and rotate
the crescent moon upward so that it covers the sun.
P U Z Z L E : The sliding panels on the south side of the Library.
S O L U T I O N : Click on the left side of the first panel, the right side
of the second and third, and the left side of the fourth.
P U Z Z L E : The stone wheel in the first room leading to the Fire
Vault, with six symbols and a naked guy on it.
S O L U T I O N : Rotate the wheel so the naked guy's head is
pointing at the triangle in the lower left.
P U Z Z L E : The pink sundial in the second room leading to the Fire
S O L U T I O N : Walk out to the garden and pluck the blade from
the pink sundial there. Bring it to this room and insert it into the
hole, then rotate the sundial until the shadow falls on the last
symbol on the left.

In the Fire Vault, click on the blue-flamed
candle in the lower-right of the mirror
P U Z Z L E : The Fire Vault, a room filled with candles.
S O L U T I O N : Grab the mirror next the door and hang it from
each of the hooks. The flame that reflects blue is the one to click
P U Z Z L E : The entry to the Air Vault, with a cluster of horns and
a starmap on the "floor."
S O L U T I O N : The horns make the sounds of various elemental
forces. Notice that the blue horn is the sound of wind. Wind is
moving air. A clever clue indeed. Click-off all the purple stars on
the map and click on all the blue stars to reveal stairs to the Air

To dim the lights, look at the base of the globe
and click the panel just right of center
that contains the roach
P U Z Z L E : The Air Vault, with a large gas globe in the middle of
the room.
S O L U T I O N : Before you can start messing around with the
globe's levers, you need to darken the room. Walk onto the right
side of the levers and examine the base of the globe. Press the
right-hand "bug" button to lower the curtains. Return to the levers
and tweak them like so: turn the second lever (starting from the
left) to the halfway mark; turn the third and fourth levers to full;
leave the fifth lever alone.
P U Z Z L E : The first door to the Earth Vault, with two skeletal
hands clutching a bar.
S O L U T I O N : Each finger covers a symbol. Click on the two
covering the Earth symbols (the first finger on the left hand, the
second finger on the right hand) to unlock the door.
P U Z Z L E : I can't climb up the stairs behind the skeletal hands.
S O L U T I O N : Move the lever to lower the stairs into an area with
a telescope and a mine cart.
P U Z Z L E : The mine cart in the Earth Vault.
S O L U T I O N : You have to choose a destination from the
four-button panel before getting into the cart. Click on the
upper-right symbol, then hop in the cart to take a ride to a big
staircase, at the top of which is the Earth element.
P U Z Z L E : The double doors to the Water Vault, which don't
seem to work correctly.
S O L U T I O N : Click on the panpipe to the left of the doors to
hear three musical notes. Now examine the water spouts to the
right of the doors. Click on the first spout from the left, then the
fourth spout, then the fifth spout.
P U Z Z L E : The Water Vault, with an hourglass in the middle of
the room and paintings on the walls.
S O L U T I O N : Click on the hourglass and it turns into a chair. Sit
in the chair and rotate slowly to the left until the "window" reveals
a workshop with a saw. Walk forward, take the saw, and sit back
down in the chair. Rotate to the left until the window shows an icy
mountain range. Walk forward and use the saw to cut the icicle
above the bowl. Return to the chair and rotate right until the
window shows the lava world. The icicle melts. Examine the bowl
and quickly click on the water before it turns to vapor.

For interplanetary travel, use the lever with
the T-shaped base to move the sun into
the center of the orbiting globes
P U Z Z L E : I've found all four elements and have the glowing
globe. Might there be somethin' to do with it?
S O L U T I O N : You betcha. Walk to the planetarium down the
stairs at the north end of the Temple. Use the left lever and shift it
to the right. Insert the glowing globe and shift the left lever to put
the "sun" smack-dab in the middle of many pretty planets. Now
use the right lever to rotate the planets. When you hear a ringing
bell, you can let go of the lever to travel to that planet. There are
four planets to which you can zap yourself, one location on each:
the Asylum, Castle, Conservatory, and Monastery.

To revive this corpse you'll really need to use your head...
P U Z Z L E : What can I do in the Asylum basement?
S O L U T I O N : Some mighty sick stuff. Open the drawers in the
walls until you find an intact corpse. Pick it up and place it in the
large tray at the end of the room. Walk to the control panel in the
middle of the basement and click on the levers from left to right to
decapitate the corpse. Walk back to the tray and take your freshly
minted head out of the bowl. Place the head on the spike in the
first-floor exam room, and press the five red buttons for some
unusual conversation (and not just because a disembodied head is
talking to you).
P U Z Z L E : How do I open the safe in the exam room on the first
S O L U T I O N : The safe has a five-number combination. The first
three numbers are spilled by the disembodied head. Obtaining the
fourth and fifth digits takes a bit more work. First, snag the safe
out of the exam room's freezer. Place it in the X-ray machine, turn
the machine on, and examine the box to see the final two numbers.
Turn off X-ray machine and examine the top of the safe to see the
lock. Click on each of the numbers in order and the dial
automatically spins. The combination, just in case you've, uh,
misplaced it is (you big cheater): 36, 24, 36, 20, 18.
P U Z Z L E : What do I do with the jar inside the safe?
S O L U T I O N : Walk to the other side of the exam room and place
the jar in the robotic hand. It dumps the jar's contents into a bowl,
boiling away the mushy stuff and leaving behind a key. This key
works in the elevator to take you to the 20th floor.
P U Z Z L E : How do I get through the pulsing door on the 20th
S O L U T I O N : Go into the treatment room and touch things
(except for the chair) until "Dr. Sartorius" appears and offers to
treat you. Sit in the chair and let her shock you silly. Return to the
pulsing door and go through it. If the treatment wears off before
you get through the door, you need to get buzzed a second time.
P U Z Z L E : The electrified keypad on the 21st floor.
S O L U T I O N : You can't touch the panel without taking a fatal
jolt. Explore the chamber to find a box and look inside the box to
find a hammer. Return to the room with the control panel and
examine the various body parts. When you find the severed arm,
break the glass with the hammer. Take the arm and use it on the
P U Z Z L E : I've punched the keypad, but can't reach the ladder.
S O L U T I O N : Explore the chamber and press the button at the
base of the model of the Asylum.
P U Z Z L E : The batteries in the alchemist's lab on the 23rd floor.
S O L U T I O N : Fill the sink and then drain it to power up the

Use the correct combination of Helium and Oxygen
to make the element in the alchemist's lab
P U Z Z L E : How do I make the element in the alchemist's lab?
S O L U T I O N : Shift the oxygen lever to the left and the hydrogen
lever to the right. Trigger a spark to ignite a hot flame. Now set the
oxygen and hydrogen levers to the right and trigger another spark
for a cool flame. Trigger the helium to raise the lid, and behold
your newly made element.

P U Z Z L E : The armory door, with a swordless suit of armor
guarding it.
S O L U T I O N : Go to the ballroom and take the sword handle
across from the dog. Put the handle on the sword over the
fireplace. Take the completed sword to the suit of armor and slide
it into the scabbard. The door opens.
P U Z Z L E : The dungeon door, with a samurai suit of armor next
to it.
S O L U T I O N : The stained glass windows in the armory have
pictures of five suits of armor-the same five suits found in various
locations of the castle. You have to adjust the visors of the armor
to match the stained glass windows. The visors of the Spanish
knight (red pants) and the Roman knight (with shield) should be
up; the other three should be down.

Use the vial of nitro to blow the lock on this
trunk, then check out the maps inside.
P U Z Z L E : How do I open the chest in Kaine's room?
S O L U T I O N : Open the desk drawer and take the vial of nitro.
Use it on the trunk lock to blow it open. Inside are two battle plan
maps which you can compare with the erasable canvas in Lucien's
room to learn a code. Enter the code into the war room radio and
you can leave the castle and board the tank. (The code is 10, 1, 9,
6, 12.)
P U Z Z L E : How do I open the door in the ballroom?
S O L U T I O N : Get the bag of gunpowder from underneath the
dresser in Lucien's room. Put the gunpowder into the rear of the
dog. Click on the dog's ear to load in the bones. Pull on the dog's
tail to fire the cannon and blow up the door into the war room.

Once in the driver's seat of the tank, enter the code
you gathered from the castle's billiards table,
after successfully completing the trick-shot.
P U Z Z L E : How do I drive the tank?
S O L U T I O N : You have to enter a combination of numbers
obtained from the pool table in the castle. At the pool table, click
the third button, then the fifth button, to make the trick shot. Look
at the ball return and note the series of numbers. This code takes
the tank to the alchemy lab. (The code is 7, 4, 1, 9, 5, 3.)
P U Z Z L E : The tank still ain't movin'.
S O L U T I O N : You need a fuel source. Go to the armory and
open the thaddium container. You're now exposed to a
radioactive substance, so be quick. Put the thaddium in the
container next to it and take the container to the tank. Drop the
container into the purple holder in the back of the tank. Now
you're ready to rumble.
P U Z Z L E : What do I do in the alchemy lab?
S O L U T I O N : Use the mold machine to make the Murz symbol
you saw on the dungeon wall. (It's the symbol for "male.") Take
the mold and go down the elevator. Turn right and press the reset
button on the panel, then press the six buttons on the left-hand
side. Walk forward to the machine and insert the mold. Press the
ARM button, then press the FAN button when it takes out the
symbol. Walk forward and touch the symbol.

P U Z Z L E : The piano in the office.
S O L U T I O N : Open the small box on the table and take the
tuning fork. Go to the piano and use the fork in the holder (a small
box with a hole). Ring the fork to hear a middle A note. Play a
middle A on the keyboard and you hear a strange noise. Go to the
back of the piano, look inside, and take the key. Use the key in
the desk lamp and pull the string to reveal a blueprint.
P U Z Z L E : The record player in the corner of the practice room.
S O L U T I O N : There are two records in the office that you can
play. Place a record on the player, then crank the handle five times
and click the lever on the right to play it. (Click the lever on the left
to miss the clues and play it backwards.) The first record gives
you the names and sounds of instruments, which helps you solve
the practice room puzzle. The second record gives you a very
obscure clue about the orchestra pit puzzle.

Musical Chairs: Arrange the instruments in the proper
order to hear a clue about the Harmony of the Spheres.
P U Z Z L E : The practice room, with eight instruments and chairs.
S O L U T I O N : Place the instruments in this order in the back row,
from left to right: Wertmizer, Gederaglini, Frobophone,
Popperkeg. In the front row, from left to right: Violin, Nambino,
Miano, Fleezle. When every instrument is in the right place, you
hear a clue about the Harmony of the Spheres.
P U Z Z L E : I can't get into the auditorium. The usher keeps
rejecting me.
S O L U T I O N : Go upstairs to the dormitory and look for a poster
book on one of the beds. Take the last poster out of the book and
go down to the hall. Replace the torn poster with the pristine one.
Walk to the ticket booth and snatch your ticket. (There's a clue on
the ticket about where to go in the auditorium.)
P U Z Z L E : The lights are out in the auditorium.
S O L U T I O N : After you visit Box C and view the full-motion
video sequence (look in the glasses), come back downstairs and
walk into the auditorium until you reach the podium. Take the
baton and click on the various chair sections to make the different
instruments play in this order: Popperkeg (back row, far right),
Nambino (front row, just in front and right of the podium),
Popperkeg, Wertmizer (back row, far left), and Violin (front row,
far left).
P U Z Z L E : What's there to do in the backdrop area?
S O L U T I O N : There's a hidden doorway that leads to the prop
room, but you need to set up the backdrops in a certain way to
reveal the door. The clipboard of pictures is a clue, but here's the
S O L U T I O N : press buttons 2, 3, 4, and 6 on the control panel.
P U Z Z L E : The prop room frightens and confuses me.
S O L U T I O N : Pull the rope for a clue, and keep reading for the
answer. Go to the swan and crank it into the air, then look down
at the drum and jump through it into the boiler room.
P U Z Z L E : What's in the boiler room?
S O L U T I O N : Look at the pool of water in the middle of the
room and try to take the locket. It slips down into the pool. Jump
into the pool after it, look down, and take it from the floor. Now
walk through the door and up the stairs to the alchemy lab.

This map is your key to knowing
which musical note each crystal plays.
P U Z Z L E : I can't figure out this alchemy lab. What should I do?
S O L U T I O N : Go to the boiler room and place the locket on the
second lever from the left. This opens the gas blow and turns on
the boiling pool in the lab. Return to the lab and take a green
crystal from the stalactites on the wall. Throw the green crystal into
the pool and it becomes a black crystal. Go to the green fish and
yank the stone tablet out of it. Throw this into the pool and the
black crystal becomes a clear crystal. (Can't you just feel the
healing energy flowing out of it?) Now here's the tricky part: walk
around the room and click on the crystals in the order that Sophia
mentioned to play the Harmony of the Spheres. Refer to the map
on the lab wall to know which crystals play which notes. The
order of notes is C, D, E, B, G. (G is the clear crystal.)

P U Z Z L E : The Monastery door is locked.
S O L U T I O N : Face the door, turn right, and look down at the
hole. Crawl through it and into the building.
P U Z Z L E : The homage box at the entry of the Monastery.
S O L U T I O N : There's a gold coin outside the Monastery, down
the stairs and near a sign that says "Heat and Light Transform the
World." Take the coin and insert it into the homage box to get six
slips of paper. You can take the coin out of the box and put it in
again for six more slips. Look carefully at the symbols on the slips.

Pay close attention to how each head speaks,
rather than the words they say.
P U Z Z L E : The talking heads in the hall of the Monastery.
S O L U T I O N : First, read the slips from the homage box. Second,
click on each head and listen not to what it says (which is
gibberish), but the way it speaks. Third, look into the four pots
below the heads. There are two symbols in each pot. Match the
attitude symbols to the heads and they speak in the correct order,
giving you a handy clue about another puzzle. (The heads on the
left side of the hall are fear, anger, and boredom; the heads on the
right side are happiness, TK, suspicion.)
P U Z Z L E : The control panel in the bell tower.
S O L U T I O N : You have to ring the bells by pressing the symbols
that match the talking heads in the hall, and you have to ring them
in the order that the heads spoke. Click on the symbols in this
order (counting from the left): 2, 14, 16, 12, 9, 4.
P U Z Z L E : The bell rope.
S O L U T I O N : Click on the bell rope, then click on the window as
you swing upward. You end up on the balcony outside Malveux's
P U Z Z L E : The strange page in the book on Malveux's bedroom.
S O L U T I O N : Take the golden mirror from Malveux's office and
use it on the page. This gives you a clue about the door to the
alchemy lab.

Leave no grate unturned. Under this one,
you'll find a clue to solving the puzzle
on the pillar, in the center of the room.
P U Z Z L E : What can I do in the chapel with the mad monk?
S O L U T I O N : Explore the corner of the room to find a grate.
Shift the grate and read the piece of paper underneath it for a clue
about the puzzle in the middle of the relic room.
P U Z Z L E : The puzzle on the pillar in the middle of the relic room.
S O L U T I O N : Find the piece of paper in the chapel for a clue
about the solution. Click on the symbols (which are laid out like a
clock face) in this order: 2:00, 10:00, 3:00, 12:00.
P U Z Z L E : What do I do in the relic room?
S O L U T I O N : Take the ruby and torch from the displays. Walk
to the stone oyster (hey, that's what it looks like to me) and click
on the four buttons. Look down at the trapdoor in the floor, open
it, and go downstairs. Walk to the right and continue forward to
the torch. Use your torch on the lit torch to light it up. Continue
down the hall and put the torch into the holder in the wall. Fail to
do this and you'll be eaten by a Grue.
P U Z Z L E : How do I find Yoruk's shield?
S O L U T I O N : Find the tomb in the basement of the relic room.
Get inside the tomb, close the lid, and use the ruby to "activate"
the shield. Take the shield and walk across the hall to the fire
passage. Quickly walk through the passage with the shield as your
cursor object.
P U Z Z L E : The door to the alchemy lab, with five skulls as the
S O L U T I O N : You can find the combo to this lock by reading the
book in Malveux's bedroom with the golden mirror from his study.
Rotate the skulls so that their jaws are facing certain directions.
From left to right: down, left, down/right, down/left, right.
P U Z Z L E : The alchemy lab.
S O L U T I O N : Take the key and lump of metal from the table. Put
the metal into the spinning egg and put the key in the key slot (on
the panel in the wall). Crack the key and spin the spinner. Open
the spinner and take the metal ball. Walk across the lab and put
the ball in the chemical bath. Lower the basket and take out your
shiny new ball. Return to the other side of the lab again and turn on
the lava pipe to start the flow. Now go to the flame machine and
set the flames to the colors you saw on the banner above
Malveux's bed. (In case you forgot, from top to bottom: blue,
yellow, red, orange, white.) Put the ball in the lion's mouth, then
look down and pump the bellows to cool the metal. Touch the
element to finish the Monastery.

P U Z Z L E : The Elixir of Life that the Four Alchemists tell you to
drink is worse for your health than eating an entire Triple-Decker
S O L U T I O N : Don't drink the Elixir, you ol' Gump; wait for it to
disappear instead.
P U Z Z L E : You have the golden ring given to you by the Nemesis,
but can't find Alexandria's body.
S O L U T I O N : Go to the waterfalls in the courtyard. Click on the
horn on the right side of each waterfall to turn it off. Examine the
doors behind the falls; one of them has a skeletal hand. Plop the
ring into the hand to open a passage to the secret chamber with
Alexandria's mummified body.
P U Z Z L E : You're in Alexandria's burial chamber. What do you
do with the golden ring?
S O L U T I O N : Examine Alexandria's body and use the ring on it.
A second ring appears on her chest. Take the ring and it
automatically combines with the first ring. Looks a little like one of
them mind-boggling infinity symbols, eh?
P U Z Z L E : You've found the ring on Alexandria's body. What can
you do with the combined rings?
S O L U T I O N : You need to process the two rings by using them
with the four statues on the periphery of the chamber. Start by
placing the rings in the bowl of the dragon statue and clicking on
the triangular symbol to the dragon's right; he melts the rings into a
bowl. Take the bowl and use it with the elephant statue to create a
metallic blob, Use the blob with the snake to create an infinity
symbol. Use the symbol with the globe-holding statue.

For some serious action, use the
mace on this frightening statue.
P U Z Z L E : You've placed the infinity symbol into the
globe-holding statue, but nothing's happening.
S O L U T I O N : Walk to each statue, face Alexandria, and look up
at the roof; it shifts slightly every time you look up, and a mace
appears after one such shift. Take the mace and use it on the
globe-holding statue for a gratuitous display of violence. Put your
grubby paw-er, pointer on the symbol to leave the chamber via
Bitchin' Magic Airlines.
P U Z Z L E : You have the infinity symbol. Now what?
S O L U T I O N : You're standing on a catwalk above the altar of the
Alchemists. Turn left, look down, and use the symbol on the altar.

After beating the game, load in one of your saved games and type
CHLOE (hit ENTER after the E) or HELLO SAILOR (type the
space between the words and hit ENTER after the R).

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