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ZORK II (Walkthrough)


The mysterious anonymous Zork tipster is back with another instalment into the Zork walkthrough archives. Enjoy!

	                 ZORK II Part One

 So, back for more, eh?  Zork I wasn't enough...or did you get
hooked?  No matter, it's almost time to get started.  However,
first a few words of advice. The Wizard of Frobozz is a lot more
troublesome than the thief ever was.  This is due to his
spell-casting abilities. Therefore, frequent saving of the game
is recommended! Otherwise, you will be wasting a lot of time
waiting for some spells to wear off. Okay, let's go!  Get the
sword and lamp, and move along South, South, South, SW to the
Shallow Ford.  At this point, turn on your lamp, then continue
South, SE to the North End of Garden. Enter the Gazebo, and get
all items on the table.  Then "Exit Gazebo," and go N, NE to the
Shallow Ford and fill the teapot with water. Now, head South, SW,
SW, and you will be in the Carousel Room. This is a wonderful
place that spins you around, so you can't be sure that you're
going in the direction you specify.  Fun, huh?  The thing to do
here is keep moving around until you get to the Riddle Room. 
That room is actually SE of the Carousel Room, but you aren't
likely to get there by typing SE, at least not for a while.  So,
every time you move, and find yourself somewhere else besides the
Riddle Room, you will have to return to the Carousel Room and try
again.  Also, before you start moving around, drop everything but
the teapot and the lamp;  you'll pick up the things again as you
need them. These are the directions from the various other rooms
to the Carousel Room: Marble Hall - South Path Near Stream -
Southwest Topiary - West Menhir Room - North Cobwebby Corridor -
Northeast Cool Room - Southeast All right, you've finally made it
to the Riddle Room.  Now, all you have to do is answer the
riddle!  Actually, it's a fairly simple riddle;  just enter:  Say
"A Well," and you will be able to move on to the East, which is
the Pearl Room.  Leave the necklace for now, and continue East
into the Circular Room. There is a large bucket here, just big
enough for you to enter, so do that.  Then pour water into the
bucket, and it will rise to the top of the well. Get out of the
bucket, then go East into the Tea Room, and get all cakes except
the orange one. Eat the green cake, and you will shrink down. 
Now, go East into the Pool Room, and throw the red cake into the
pool of tears. The water will be soaked up, and you can get the
package of candies.  Forget about the flask;  there is no use for
it. Return West to the Posts Room, and eat the blue cake. 
Presto! You are returned to normal size. Stretch a little, then
head NW into the Low Room.  Aha, there's a robot here.  Tell the
robot to "Go E," then go that way yourself, and you will both be
in the Machine Room.  I wouldn't be surprised if the controls to
the Carousel room were here! Tell the robot to "Push Triangular." 
There will be a thud in the distance (something fell), and the
Carousel Room is now off. Tell the robot to go South, and do
likewise.  You are now in a Dingy Closet, and a red sphere sits
invitingly just beyond your grasp.  Try getting it, and a steel
cage will come down over you (uh oh!).  Not to worry, however! 
Once the cage is down, just tell the robot (even though you can't
see him) to "Lift Cage."  Once that's done, you will be able to
get the sphere.

                  ZORK II Part Two

 Now, getting back to the bucket may be a problem of sorts;
pushing the button has caused strange things to happen in the Low
Room.  So, after going North and West from the closet into the
Low Room, you may have a problem when trying to go SE back to the
Tea Room.  Keep trying however, and you'll get there sooner or
later.  Then, go West from the Tea Room, enter the bucket, get
the water, and the bucket will descend again. Get out, drop the
Teapot, head West, pick up the necklace, then West again and NW
to the Carousel Room.  There is a box here (the thud you heard
before).  Open it, and inside is a violin.  You don't need to
take it now, so just leave it here for the time being. Drop the
sphere, necklace and candy, then get the sword, place mat and
letter opener.  Move North to the Marble Hall, picking up the
brick, then continue North until you come to the Ledge in Ravine. 
Go up to the Tiny Room, which has a locked door.  Slide the mat
under the door, then move the lid and insert the opener in the
keyhole.  Remove the opener, then pull the mat and get the key. 
Now, unlock and open the door and go North into the Dreary Room. 
Drop the key and opener, and get the blue sphere. Now, it's South
and Down to the ledge, then West and North into the Dragon Room
(what would an adventure game be without a dragon?).  He's not
one of your nicer dragons, so be careful here.  Hit him with the
sword, then move South.  He will follow you.  Hit him a second
time, and move South again.  He's still following you, and you're
almost where you want to be.  Whack the scaly nuisance one more
time, and head West into the Ice Room. Okay, the dragon follows
you in, gets silly over his reflection in the glacier, and
proceeds to get himself drowned.  You can drop the sword now,
since you won't be needing it anymore.  As his body washes away,
go East and SE to the Carousel Room, then SW to the Cobwebby
Room. Get the string, then go back NE and pick up the newspaper
and the matches.  Now move along NW, West, and West again into
the Lava Room.  Leave the ruby for now, and continue on Southward
to the Volcano Bottom. Aha, look what's here....a hot air
balloon!  All you need is a way to get it inflated, and you just
happen to have the means to do that.  Get into the basket, then
open the receptacle and put the newspaper inside.  Light a match,
then light the newspaper with the match.  Make sure you keep the
receptacle open!  Now, just wait until the balloon rises to the
Narrow Ledge, then "Land."  Tie the wire to the hook and get out
of the basket. On the ledge is a gold coin. Pick that up and head
South into the Library.  Get the purple book, open it, get the
stamp, then drop the book.  You can ignore the other books;  they
are all worthless.  Now, back North and into the basket again.
Untie the wire, and wait until the balloon rises to the Wide
Ledge. Again, "Land" and tie the wire to the hook.  Get out and
go South.  Now, it's time for a few thrills.  Put the string in
the brick, then put the brick in the hole in the box.  Now light
a match, then light the string. Now, head North *IMMEDIATELY*.
There will be an explosion, then you can safely go back and get
the crown.  But don't dawdle; once you have it, get back to the
basket pronto!  The explosion weakened the ledge, and it won't
hold much longer. So, get in, untie the wire, close the
receptacle, and wait until the balloon lands at the Volcano
Bottom. Well, you seem to be doing almost as much travelling
around as in Zork I, and you aren't finished yet, not by a long
shot!  Go North, get the ruby, then East twice and SE to (yet
again!) the Carousel Room.  Drop off everything but the lamp,
then go NW, North, North, West, and West again, and you should
now be at the entrance to the bank.

                  ZORK II Part Three

 The bank is tricky, so follow directions carefully here.  Go NE,
then East into the Safety Depository, then South into the office
and pick up the portrait, and back North again.  Now, "Enter
Light," and you will be in a small room.  At this point "Enter
South Wall," and you will be in the Depository again. "Enter
Light" a second time, and you will find yourself in the vault,
with a pile of bills in front of you.  Get the bills, then "Enter
North Wall," and once more you are in the Depository. Now, drop
the bills and portrait, and go East to the East Tellers Room.  Go
East again to the Depository, pick up the goodies, and "Enter
Light." This time, you are in the East Viewing Room.  From there,
go South and you will be at the bank entrance.  You have robbed
the bank, and kept the alarms silent. Okay, head along East until
you reach the Dragon Room, then North to the Dragon's Lair. Leave
the chest for now; instead, say "Hello Princess," and wait until
she leaves. Follow her, and continue to follow her until you are
both in the Gazebo, then wait.  The unicorn will appear, and the
princess will give you the key from around its neck, and also a
rose.  You can drop the rose; it has no use in the game. Well,
you're getting closer to the end-game, but there are still a few
things left to do. Exit the Gazebo, then move South, West, SW. 
Drop off some of the treasures, then go back NW, North, North,
North to the Lair again.  Open the chest and get the statuette,
then return to the Carousel Room.  From there, due South to the
stairway.  This is a good place to save the game, as you are
about to enter one of the nastier mazes around. Go down the
stairs, and you will be in the Oddly-Angled Room. Things are not
always as they seem here, and the exact direction to go at this
point is not constant.  Try East first, and if you can't go that
way, then try West.  Either way, you should find a club.  Get the
club, and from that point, go SE, NE, NW, SW.  Watch the room
descriptions carefully as you do this;  the little diamonds on
the floor should get brighter with each move you make (you are
actually "running the bases" here).  If they are not doing this,
restore the game and try again. When you have done it
successfully, there will be a noise in the distance.  Now, you
should try to go either North or South (that varies also).  If
one way doesn't work, try the other, and if neither works, try
East or West.  There will be a staircase going down, but you
don't want to do that yet, so go Up instead, and head North until
you are back in the Carousel Room. Get the blue and red spheres
and the candy.  Drop a few things if you have to, but hang on to
the club!  Now, SW twice, and you are in the Guarded Room, with a
lizard head in the doorway. Give the candy to the lizard, then
unlock the door with the gold key.  Open the door and go South,
then West twice into the Aquarium.  Throw the club at the
aquarium, then get the clear sphere.  Go East into the Wizard's
Workroom. Put each sphere on the stand of the same color, then
get the black sphere that appears, and go South into the
Pentagram Room.  Put the sphere on the circle, and the Demon will
appear.  You must give him *ALL* the treasures you have
collected, as well as the gold key.  This will mean at least one
more trip to and from the Carousel Room to get all the stuff. 
When you have given everything to the demon, tell the demon,
"Give Me The Wand," and he will take the wand from the Wizard and
give it to you. Now, you're almost finished!  Go North, East,
North, North, NE, South, and you are in the Menhir Room.  You
need to get the Menhir out of the way for a little while, so do
this:  Wave the wand at the Menhir and say, "Float."  The Menhir
will rise up, allowing you to go SW into the kennel and get the
collar. After that, go NE, then South, then Down, and Down again
into the Cerberus Room. Cerberus is no problem;  just put the
collar on him.  Now, go East, then South, and you are in the
Crypt.  Turn off the lamp, and you will notice a secret door in
the south wall.  Open the door and go South, and you will be on
the Landing.  The game is over!! Or is it?  After all, there's
still Zork III up ahead!

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