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YS ETERNAL (Walkthrough)


The following extensive guide has been produced and maintaind by Kouryuu during the past 2 years. The dedicated author of this document may be reached at

Ys Eternal:  Ancient Ys Vanished Omen
(c) 1998 Nihon Falcom
For the PC Win9x platform 

WALKTHROUGH version 1.2a
By Kouryuu (
Started:  Saturday, December 4th, 1999.
Current Revision:  Thursday, May 10, 2001.
Revision History
1.2a  -- (Thursday, May 10, 2001)
        . Updated Website and e-mail addresses.

1.2  -- (Friday, July 7, 2000)
        . Again, more editing, spell-checking and the like.
        . Added bullets to revision notes in the Revision History section 
        . Modified walkthrough section headers making them easier to spot
        . Added info on how to get Feena's 4 sizes (YS ETERNAL TRICKS)
        . Added a cruel & pointless thing to try w/ Feena in the Shrine of 
        . Corrected translation of what bandits say if you bring Feena to 
          the Bandits' Stronghold
        . Changed Lawa's name to Rarba (^^;)
        . Added part in TROUBLESHOOTING in regards to getting into Dahm 
        . Added additional info about the final boss bug (TROUBLESHOOTING)
        . Added additional info about the Ys Eternal patch (YS ETERNAL WEB 
          SUPPORT PAGE)
        . Added YS ETERNAL PONDERINGS to APPENDIX section ^^
1.1  -- (Saturday, January 15, 2000)
        . More editing, spell-checking, etc.
        . Added info about how to substitute the Ys Eternal CD 
          soundtrack with music from another music CD
        . Fixed information in Combat section (MONSTERS AND LEVELLING UP) 
        . Added YS ETERNAL WEB SUPPORT PAGE section
        . Finished ITEMS LIST and added ARMOR & WEAPONS LIST
        . Added 2 additional acknowledgements
        . Fixed the damn lines that divide sections too

1.0a -- (Wednesday, January 5, 2000)
        . Fixed some minor grammatical and punctuation errors
        . Added one more site to credit in ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS section

1.0  -- (Saturday, December 4th, 1999)
        . Duh ...
This is a walkthrough+manual (^^) for Falcom's Ys Eternal, the
remake of Ys I for Windows 9x.  Please note that the following writeups 
on menus, dialogue, and such are based on the TAIWANESE VERSION of the 
game & because of this, there MAY BE some minor differences between what 
you read here and what is encountered in the Japanese or Korean versions.
And speaking about languages, if you don't have C, J, or KWin9x and 
you're wondering how to get the text working in game, please take a 
look at the TROUBLESHOOTING section of this document. ^_^

I am NOT an expert in reading and understanding Chinese and because of
this, some translations and narrations of dialogue and situations may be
a bit inaccurate.  But hey, the GIST of what's said is there. ^^;;;  Now,
having said all this, this walkthrough DOES indeed contain spoilers. >P
Oh, and feel free to distribute this document but please do not charge 
money for it. XP  And don't offer ME any money either -- not that I won't 
appreciate it but it's just that this walkthrough wasn't written for 
obtaining profit. =P

My Plug (=D):
< >
Remember to visit here~!  'Tis your source for newest walkthrough revisions 
and Ys Eternal as well as Ys II Eternal stuff. =B  Also, if you have any 
questions regarding where to purchase Ys Eternal and the like, this is also where 
you want to go. >P

     The Hotkeys
        1) Video Control
            i - vi.Frameskipping
               vii.Smoothness of Background Shadows
                ix.Frame Rate Window
        2) Gameplay Control
                 i.Adol can move without the left mouse button!
                ii.Movement Restrictions
                iv.Self direction change
                 v.Real-time menu access/Pause for menu access
        3) Music Control
            i - iv.CD-DA or MIDI
                 v.Background Music
                vi.Sound Effects
               vii.Volume Controls
        4) Gamma Correction            
        5) Other/Miscellaneous
                 i.Object Transparency
                ii.Screen Shot
                iv.Game Automatically Starts
     In-Game Menus
     Conversing with NPCs
        1) HEALING
        4) BOSSES

        1) PORT BARBADO
        2) PLAINS
        3) MINEA, PLACID ROW:  The Beginning
        4) PLAINS:  Treasure Hunting 
        5) MINEA, PLACID ROW:  Meeting with Sarah
        7) MOUNTAIN
        8) SHRINE OF SALMON:  Feena
        9) SHRINE OF SALMON:  Book of Ys, Volume Hadal
       10) MINEA, PLACID ROW:  Book of Ys, Volume Tovah
       11) ZEPTIK VILLAGE:  The Readings of the Books of Ys
       12) ABANDONED MINE, RASTIN:  Silver Ring, Harmonica, and Seed of Roda
       13) PLAINS:  The Roda Trees
       14) ABANDONED MINE, RASTIN:  Book of Ys, Volume Dabby
       15) BANDITS' STRONGHOLD:  Toward Pandemonium
       16) DAHM TOWER
       17) DAHM TOWER:  Damsel in Distress
       18) TOWER OF LADO
       19) DAHM TOWER:  Final Leg
       21) END GAME

        1) Forcing Pim to reduce/increase prices
        2) Getting Feena's 4 sizes
        3) Getting the Talwarl for free!
        4) Getting rid of the piece of paper
        5) Grey-Coloured Adol
        6) Alen Smithy's Graveyard
        7) Changing the window design

This section deals with troubles that aren't addressed in the manual and
other game related questions. ^^

        1) Why are there such long load times!?
        2) How do I get the in-game text to show up in English Windows?
           (Chinese Version -_-;)
        3) I'm still seeing blocks as text even AFTER installing the 
           corresponding Language Support! (Chinese Version -_-;)
        4) Help!  The game won't allow me to select MIDI/GS or MIDI/SC-88!
        5) Help!  There aren't voices for the characters! T_T
        6) Help!  I can't get into Dahm Tower! >_<
        7) Help!  I can't continue after dying in the final boss battle!

This part gives a brief summary of what you can find on Falcom's on-line help 
page for Ys Eternal players.  (Maybe this should be under TROUBLESHOOTING 
instead? ^^)


If you've played any Ys games before, much of this will probably be a
review for you except the whole thing about the Option menu and the 
experience system (thus the parentheses around Eternal). XP  This 
part is really for the benefit of those who either don't or can't 
read the game manual. ^^;;

Okei, for those who have never played ANY Ys games before, the character 
you control is Adol Christin (like in every Ys game).  This is a solo 
adventure but there will be one instance where someone will be 
following Adol around. ^^;

Please, if this really is your first time playing an Ys games, be sure
to review the Combat section as Ys doesn't exactly feature the most typical
RPG fighting engine. ^^;;;

*** The Hotkeys ***
-- Ye Olde Mouse  --
This first part deals with the mouse so this doesn't really fall under the 
"hotkeys" category.  But hey, I need some place to talk about mouse 
manipulation. XP

If you choose to travel Esterior with your mouse, note that an arrow will
be on the screen.  It's there to let you move Adol where you want him to 
move. =P  Now what about the mouse buttons?

| Left-mouse button |
For walking - hold onto the button.
For running - double-click and HOLD onto the button
Select      - click once on the item, option, etc.
Menu        - move the cursor down to the bottom of the screen.  For 
              information on the menu, see In-Game Menus below.

| Right-mouse button |
Use item    - if you have selected a usable item in your inventory, hit the
              right mouse button to use it.
Cancel      - while in a subscreen, hitting this button will return you to 
              the game.

-- Ye Olde Keyboard  --
Note that once the computer detects that you're using the keyboard to move 
Adol, the movement arrow will disappear.

For walking - the directional keys or the numberpad.  Just hold the button 
              and Adol will walk. ^-^
For running - quickly hit the directional or numberpad key twice and hold.
Use item    - Enter/Return key.  Enter/Return is also your typical key for 
              selecting answers, options, arming Adol, etc. ^_^
Cancel      - when in a subscreen, hit ESC or 0 on the numberpad to get out 
              of it.
Read Book   - If you even ONE Book of Ys, hit R and you can ... attempt to 
              read it. =P (See the walkthrough for details on how you can 
              get Adol-kun to read the text in the Book(s).)
Load        - F1
Save        - F2
Equipment   - F3, E, or * on the numberpad
Inventory   - F4, I, or + on the numberpad
Status      - F5 or S
Option      - F6 or O
Frame Rate  - Alt+F8  (Indeed, you can have the joy of knowing what frame
              rate you are travelling at. =P)
Quit Game   - Alt+F4  (Ech, standard Windows shortcut)

You can also do Alt+Tab which allows you to go back to the Windows desktop 
and other Win apps that you might be running.  Another standard Windows 

*** Option ***
This menu is accessed by:
a) selecting the 3rd/last option you see on the title screen
b) selecting the 4th option you see on the screen after you hit ESC while 
c) selecting Option while the mouse cursor is on the bottom of the screen
d) hitting O or F6 while in-game

Erm, on every screen, there will be this one option that is identical -- 
it's the Back option which returns you to the previous screen. =P  In all 
the Option sub-menus, it's the LAST option.

Being a Windows game, Ys Eternal offers you a slew of options that you will 
probably never use. =P  Please bear with me as I cannot give you the EXACT 
title of sub-menu names. -_-;;;  At least, they're in order as you see them 
on the screen - from top to bottom. ^^;;;;;

1) Video Control

     There are a total of 6 options here.

     The first 2 options in this screen lets the computer choose the amount 
     of frames the environment runs at and allocates accordingly depending 
     on the amount of animation going on in the area.

     60 fps, 30 fps, 20 fps, 15 fps
     These next 4 options are for you to control the amount of frames per 
     second you want the game to run at.  60 fps allows smooth movement 
     since many frames are being used.  20 fps, on the other hand, has you 
     moving faster but the "refresh" is much more jerky considering you 
     just skipped out on a bunch of frames. =P
     If your system is optimized to play Ys Eternal, you won't need to 
     fiddle with setting a specific frame rate for the game to run at.  
     Leave the frameskipping at default which is the top option on this 
     Video Control sub-menu. ^^;

 vii.Smoothness of Background Shadows 
     Having this ON will smoothen the edges of shadows while having it OFF 
     will leave everything pixelly and blocky.  This is NOT noticeable until
     you enter dark areas like dungeons and such.  Why do they have this 
     option?  Methinks it's for game speed considerations. =/  Some people 
     might find the game may go slower if the option is ON as it requires a
     pinch more resources to smoothen edges.

     This option allows you to choose whether you want the video RAM to be 
     handled by the system (actual computer RAM, I think.  I'm not very 
     computer literate when it comes to the technical stuff. >_<;) or the 
     video card's own RAM.  Having the game use VRAM from the video card can
     be much better since it's less taxing on the system and the vid card's 
     RAM is *designed* for this stuff anyway. =P  The default is VIDEO too.  
     However, if you have lots of system RAM to play around with, you can 
     use it switch it to System.  Methinks, though, that anything under 32MB 
     of RAM will make the game go REALLY sluggish if you choose the system 
     to handle VRAM.

  ix.Frame Rate Window
     Um ... all this does is tell you what frame rate you're currently at.
     The default is OFF.

2) Gameplay Control

   i.Adol can move without the left mouse button!
     This first one allows you to freely move Adol about (via mouse) 
     without the need to click and hold on to the left mouse button.  Moving
     the arrow cursor a few inches farther away from Adol (well, farther
     than you would when getting him to walk) will have him running.  This 
     option reminds me of the running/walking controls in Ultima VIII ...

  ii.Movement Restrictions
     Free         - Adol can move in full 360 degrees
     8 directions - Adol can only move up, down, left, right, left-up, 
                    right-up, left-down, right-down.  (Or north, south, 
                    west, east, etc. =P)
     4 directions - Adol can only move up, down, left, and right.

     If you're not using one or the computer doesn't detect one, you can't 
     do anything with this option. =P

  iv.Self direction change
     If you have this ON while slamming into walls and such, Adol will 
     automatically change to another direction (either up or down, left or 
     right of the wall, etc.) to get himself unstuck.  Otherwise, he'll 
     keep trying to run through the thing that's obstructing his movement. 

   v.Real-time menu access/Pause for menu access
     This option is useful for players using the mouse to play the game.
     I can't remember what the default is but you can test it out by moving
     your cursor to the bottom of the screen, causing the in-game menu to
     pop up.  If animation is still going in the play area (like smoke is 
     coming out of chimneys of houses, people are moving around, etc.), then
     the option is set to OFF. ^^  To change this, just go to this option 
     and change it to ON. ^^  Now animation on the screen will halt every
     time you bring up the in-game menu via mouse.  'Tis SUPERBLY useful in 
     dungeons, I tell ye. =B

3) Music Control

i-iv.CD-DA or MIDI
     Uh, this is pretty straight forward, yes?  CD-DA for CD audio/redbook 
     music MIDI/GM/GS/SC-88 for MIDI music. ^^;  If you can't get the GS 
     or SC-88 MIDI to work, please check the TROUBLESHOOTING section to see
     why. =B

     BTW, like some PC games (such as WarCraft II), you CAN indeed substitue 
     the game soundtrack for your music CD of choice into the CD ROM drive 
     once you've loaded up Ys Eternal.  This is possible because the ENTIRE 
     game is run off the hard drive. ^_^  The only time Ys Eternal checks the 
     CD ROM drive is when you initially load up the game and if CD-DA is 

     To access your the music on your music CD, just pop in the CD after Ys
     Eternal is loaded and then choose CD-DA in the Music Control menu as the 
     background music. =D

   v.Background Music
     Do you want it ON or OFF?

  vi.Sound Effects
     Do you want them ON or OFF?

 vii.Volume Controls
     I will beat you to death if you don't know what this stuff is.  The 
     titles are in ENGLISH for one thing and they're viewable on English 
     Win9x!!! >P  The little L and R that pops up is for the keyboard 
     buttons to select volume.  (Left direction key to lower the volume,
     right direction key to raise volume ...)  The up and down arrow is to 
     switch between the music and sound volume bars.

4) Gamma Correction

     The vertical bar allows you to make the screen lighter (by moving it 
     up) darker (by moving it down).  Choosing the option above Back will 
     set things to default which is the equilibrium value of 1.00. ^^

5) Other/Miscellaneous

   i.Object Transparency
     I believe the default of this option is the "No cover" one which means 
     that if Adol is right against a wall, a barrel, or under a roof 
     outside a house, etc., you can see him through the object as if it 
     were translucent.  If you choose the other option, Adol is invisible 
     to the naked eye under roofs, against walls, etc. just like in real 
     life. =B

  ii.Screen Shot
     Take snapshots of your favourite Ys Eternal moments. XD  
     Having this option ON allows you to use the handy Print Screen button 
     on your keyboard for screen captures! ^_^  They'll be in bitmap (BMP) 
     format and stored in the Ys Eternal directory on your drive.
     Wanna keep track of what time it is?  Selecting ON will have this mini 
     digital clock pop up at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
     Note that the clock DOES NOT signify hours played or in-game time.  
     It's a clock that denotes actual real life hours and minutes ... well,
     according to Windows time, that is. =P  If it says 0:00 in the game, 
     you better believe it's really midnight ... unless it just so happens 
     that your Windows clock is messed up. >P

  iv.Game Automatically Starts
     If you choose ON, your most current saved game will automatically 
     begin after Ys Eternal loads up.  So if, for some silly reason, you 
     saved at a time RIGHT before you get swamped by monsters ... 
     If you choose OFF, you'll just be sitting at the main opening screen 
     until you load a game.

Bwah, as you notice, there are a total of 7 options in the Option menu and 
I covered 5 since the 6th one is to return to the previous screen, while 
the 7th one is the option to quit the game. =P

||| The Option menu after hitting ESC while in-game |||
The options here are:
1) Restart Game - where you are literally thrown back to the title/opening
2) Save         - ....
3) Load         - .........
4) Option       - Do I REALLY have to go through this again? =P
5) Quit         - ...................

*** In-Game Menus ***
These are just ones that you can access while playing the game.  How dost
ye access them?  Look at The Hotkeys section above. =P  Note that trying
to access this with a mouse during a boss fight is impossible.  The only 
options available to you then can be reached ONLY by keyboard keys and only 
Load, Status, and Option are free for use.

LOAD:   Choose from saved games to play.  Just move the golden rectangle
        up and down to the game you want to load up.

SAVE:   You can save up to a total of 6 games.

EQUIP:  Move up or down to cycle through Sword, Shield, Armor and Ring.  
        Move the square left or right to the item you want to equip.  
        Hit Enter or your left mouse button to Equip.
        There are a total of 5 sets of armor and weapons that Adol can get
        through the course of the game.

INVENT: Adol's inventory.  Again, move the square up, down, left, or right
	  and hit Enter or the left mouse button to Equip.  BTW, you can only
        have one of each item at any given time.

STATUS: If you choose this, small text will appear in the play window where
        you can find out and keep track of details like Adol's current 
        level, his hitpoints, strength, and defense.  The lower right 
        corner of the window will state the name of the place you are at.
        If you use the blue potion (the Bestiary Potion), an animated 
        replica of the monster you attack will pop up on the top right hand 
        corner too where you can learn of its name and stats. More on this 
        in the walkthrough. =B

OPTION: Look at previous section, dang it.

*** Conversing with NPCs ***
To interact with people, just walk up to them (or sometimes, they'll just
bump into you and start talking ^^). ^-^  This applies to shop clerks too.
Adol is MUTE for the entire duration of Ys Eternal as he is, I believe, in 
all other versions of Ys I.  However, there will be some parts where a 
narration box will pop up explaining what Adol is saying to someone, etc.
These instances will have blue text. ^-^

Note that in some situations, you will have the option to choose who you 
want to talk to.  Examples of this are right at the beginning of the game 
when you approach the doctor and the nurse at Barbado or the 3 men at the 
bar in Minea.

When shopping and being asked questions, the affirmative answer (Yes/Buy, 
etc.) is always the one on top, No/Don't Buy is the one on the bottom.

*** Combat ***
Heh, if this part seems familiar (as in you read my Ys IV: Mask of the Sun
walkthrough before), you're not imagining things since I'm just saving 
myself some time and copying and pasting. =P  However, I DID alter or add 
info as necessary so don't worry, this IS catered to Ys Eternal. =P

Adol can automatically regenerate his HP without the use of any items, 
given that a) he stands still and doesn't get hit in the meantime (duh) 
and b) he is anywhere BUT a dungeon.  In dungeons, you can only rely 
on finding potions or by wearing the spiffy Heal Ring to heal yourself.  
There are some areas in dungeons, though, where healing is possible.  
These particular places will be pointed out in the walkthrough.

Like some of the other Ys games, Ys Eternal features an EXP system where you 
get a fixed amount of EXP depending on what type of monster you are fighting.  
For example, an Oacrot will always give ye 2 EXP no matter what level you're 
at.  So if you've played Ys games like Ys IV: Mask of the Sun, or Ys II (for 
the MSX system), you will note that the amount of EXP gained by fighting 
monsters gets chopped in half with each level up.

And although this is blatantly obvious, I should state it anyway:  As you 
level up, it will become easier for you to defeat monsters.  Eventually, the 
playing chicken strategy (see next part) will even be quite safe to use 
since you'll kill them in one shot! ^^;  However, keep in mind that, in Ys 
Eternal, you WILL get hurt if you get hit by even the wimpiest of monsters 
when you're maxed out in every stat. =/  (You'll only take 1 HP of damage 
but that's STILL damage, ne? ^^)

Oh yes, experience can also be gained from completing certain errands and
such. ^_^

(Note that the following DOES NOT work for bosses.  Boss battle strategies
will be covered in the walkthrough.)

The basic strategy here is NOT to play chicken with your enemies (as in, 
DO NOT head straight into the monster that's coming right at you) .  
For one thing, they can beat the crap out of Adol really fast if you do 
that.  What I do is try to flank them.  I won't be on the same line as 
the monster; I'd be 1 step below, above, left, or right of it.  Here's a 
cheesy illustration of what I mean:

Bad idea:  Playing chicken:
Monster --> M  A <-- Adol
(Note that they're on the exact same path.)

Good idea:  Flanking/parallel to monster:
Monster --> M  
             A <-- Adol

Er ... Adol is supposed to be closer to the monster but I can't get the 
text to do that. ^^;  You'll know if you're doing it right if you're making 
contact (duh) and killing the monster without getting hurt in the process.

Once you get this down, you'll have no worries of losing oodles of HP while
you fight! ^-^

Also, for the most part, don't have that "self direction change" option on 
for fights -- especially for boss battles.  There's about only ONE battle 
throughout the entire game where that comes in handy though. XP

I just wanted to make a section here to note several things about boss 
battles.  This is just to make you aware that there are some restrictions
on what you can or cannot do in these fights.

1)  As mentioned earlier, you CANNOT access INVENT or EQUIP while in such
    a battle.
2)  You CANNOT heal.
3)  You CANNOT USE items.
4)  You CANNOT leave the room until you finish the fight. >P
5)  You CANNOT save.
6)  And no, you CANNOT *READ* Books of Ys here. XP
7)  Everything else not mentioned can be done.

Places/People of interest currently are: Um ... the place you start 
off at? =P, everyone in the town, and Vigilantes' Office

-| Buldo's Clinic |-
The story begins with Adol waking up in Buldo's Clinic with Doctor Buldo 
watching over him. ^^  As Adol sits up, the Doctor tells his patient to take 
it easy.  His body still needs to recuperate as he was critically injured.  
Buldo's son, Slaghf, soon enters, surprised that the patient is already 
awake.  It is then that the Doctor introduces himself and his son to Adol.  
Buldo explains that it was Slaghf that brought him here after he and his 
group discovered him lying unconscious on the beach where wild animals were 
trying to make lunch out of him. =P

Adol thanks Slaghf and introduces himself.  Slaghf comments that Adol is a 
fine name (well, he does! ^^;) & then goes on to say that he has never seen 
Adol before and asks where he came from.  Here, Adol recounts his tale of 
leaving the Promarock harbour and travelling the treacherous waters of 
the sea in a small boat to reach Esterior.  Buldo is surprised to learn 
that Adol is a foreigner while his son comments on how incredible it
is for someone to cross the Barrier(? - NO IDEA how to translate this) 
of the Tempest and live to tell about it. =P  Finally, the nurse 
comes over and chides them on their "extended" visit with the patient (I 
think). ^^ 

Slaghf wishes Adol to get well soon and says that he will look in on him
again later.  He withdraws, ending this 'cinema' sequence.

A few days later ...

Adol is up on his feet and all dressed for his impending quest. ^o^  Mosey 
on over to Buldo and the nurse (erm, she has no name. ^^  In the game, she's 
referred to as "Nurse".) and talk to them.  Here, Buldo sends you off to see 
Slaghf, but not before the nurse warns you about the dangers that are found 
in the wild and telling you to be extra careful when travelling about the 
land. ^^

@@@ Tidbit:  Buldo can treat your injuries free of charge.  This is    @@@
@@@ useful if you don't want to stand still waiting for the HP bar to  @@@ 
@@@ go back up.  To be treated for lost HP, choose the 3rd  conversa-  @@@
@@@ tion topic. ^.^                                                    @@@

-| Vigilantes' Office |-
Once outside, head southwest till you hit the big building near the beach 
with 4 doors facing south.  You'll know if you're at the right place if 
you see the lookout standing on the roof of the place. ^^ Anyway, enter 
this place and go talk to Slaghf.

Slaghf is happy to see that Adol is up and about since every time he went 
to visit the red-headed adventurer, he was asleep. ^^  The little 
conversation that occurs here results from Slaghf's interest in hearing 
Adol's story of why he travelled to Esterior.  In return, Slaghf gives 
Adol the opportunity to learn about the land and such. =B  I've
decided to translate (quite poorly, I caution ye ^^) as much as I can 
of what Slaghf says so you get the gist of ... well, it's here to 
enhance the story experience. >P  The stuff in brackets are just things 
I can't translate/not sure of. -_-;;;;;;;;

  This is Barbado, Esterior's only port town.  
  Several years ago, this place was but a small fishing village.
  Yet after the discovery of silver ore, Barbado grew to be a 
  prosperous trading port town.
  However, ever since the appearance of the Barrier of the Tempest,
  no ships have dared to come or leave this place.  As a result,
  there was no way for silver ore to be exported.
  Because of this, this place has been forced to return to being 
  a fishing village ...
  But [-do not understand/cannot translate the rest of this XP-]

  Esterior is a tiny island country.
  Populated areas consist of Barbado, Placid Row, Minea, and
  Zeptik Village.
  However, not long ago, there also existed a Rastin Village.
  But because of the closure of the silver mine mountain and the 
  appearance of hostile creatures, people chose to abandon the place.
  [-Stuff about White Horn Sea and Minea skipped ^^  Too hard to
  understand ^^-]
  And ... oh yes, in Esterior, there's also a place known as  
  "Dahm Tower".
  On clear days, it's visible even from a place as far away as 
  Ah, too many interesting places ... 
  But ever since the appearance of the Barrier of the Tempest,
  monsters have been roaming about the land freely.
  Under such circumstances, it's not safe to travel anywhere anymore.

The Barrier of the Tempest
  This ... If I remember correctly, happened about half a year ago.
  One night, just as a trade ship loaded with silver left Barbado 
  harbour, a storm occurred.
  The storm utterly tore the ship apart, [causing it to sink by White 
  Horn's sandy beach]
  Thank Goodness, there were no casualities that time.
  But ever since that day, every ship has experienced the same fate.
  And because of the Barrier of the Tempest, no one from Esterior has been 
  able to leave the island since.
  Nowadays, almost everyone has given up hope of the storm ever subsiding.
  As for me, I am patient.

  At about the same time as the occurrence of the Barrier of the 
  Tempest, monsters began appearing on Esterior.
  That red furred dog that attacked you was one type of monster.
  We call it Rheboll.
  When monsters first surfaced, they could only be found on the 
  mountain road.
  Not very long after, they started to invade areas where people 
  Because of this, [Barbado is at great risk of being attacked.]
  Compared to here, Minea is in less danger since it is protected by 
  town walls, allowing its citizens to put their minds at ease and 
  maintain their livelihood.
  Zeptik Village has the protection of its fence yet monsters never 
  approach it.
  It's rumoured that a strange bell protects the village.
  [----- There is no use for all this.
  It's people that should be protecting their own towns.
  Isn't that right?]

The last option is "Nothing to ask about" which quits the question and 
answer session entirely.  Note that your amount of Gold is listed on the 
bottom frame of the conversation window.  This comes in handy when you're 
buying stuff, ne? ^_^

After you're done here, make Adol talk to EVERYONE in the town (well,
excluding those he may have already conversed with on the way to the
Vigilantes' Office) and when you're finished conversing with the
townsfolk, return to Slaghf.  He will talk to you a bit and then try to 
recruit Adol into the Vigilante group (stating that Adol seems like the
right type of person to take up such a job.  I believe Adol declines the
offer ^^).  Afterwards, Slaghf will give Adol a trusty Short Sword.

Oh yes, if you talk to Slaghf AGAIN after you get the sword, he'll ask 
you to stop by and see him the next time you visit Barbado.  Do keep his
request in mind. =P

(Alternatively, you can wander around the town to speak to all the 
citizens BEFORE speaking to Slaghf.  Either way, just be sure that
Adol has actually interacted with every single person in Barbado. =P)

@@@ Tidbit:  I think this whole part about obtaining the Short Sword   @@@
@@@ is actually considered a secret since most players would probably  @@@
@@@ just talk to Slaghf, then talk to some people or everyone in       @@@
@@@ Barbado, and then leave for Minea. ^^;;;;;;  Well, I decided to be @@@
@@@ nice and tell you this so you won't have to freak out from         @@@
@@@ encountering monsters you'll most likely run away from on your way @@@
@@@ north. XP                                                          @@@

@@@ Silly, pointless tidbit:  Notice that there's only 3 Picards       @@@
@@@ those little gerbil-like things) in the pen next to Buldo's Clinic.@@@
@@@ you come back later on though ... hehehehehehe ...                 @@@

A-yup, it's time to kick some butt or you can choose to suppress any 
craving of bloodlust that you may have.  I mean, Adol is still without 
armor. =P  However, if you do decide to pick some fights, I recommend that 
you chase down the Oacrots (wooden monsters).  Curloyds (blue monsters) are
stronger and can kill the hero with about 3 hits. =P  IIRC though, both 
types of monsters give 2 EXP but there might be a difference in terms of 
monetary reward. =P  Remember~!  If you DO get hit, run away to a safe area 
and stand there for your HP to replenish.

Head north until you hit a city wall.  You'll know when you see a sign 
post. ^^  The sign post reads (I'm omitting the distances since you don't
REALLY have to know that, ne? ^^):

West   Minea City Entrance
South  Port Barbado

Now, from the city wall, go around its perimeter by travelling left 
(there's another sign post here), then up the Minea Bypath, and 
then right.  Turn down/south when you see a bridge.

@@@ Tidbit:  If you decide to not go into Minea once you reach the     @@@
@@@ city entrance (re: try and head north over the bridge), a man will @@@
@@@ appear and ask Adol to wait a moment.  He'll scold Adol on how     @@@
@@@ little boys shouldn't head out to the plains alone and will then   @@@
@@@ ask if his father & mother told him this before. ^O^  After a      @@@
@@@ brief moment, the man will apologize and state that judging by     @@@ 
@@@ Adol's age, he doesn't seem like a little boy. ^^  The man will go @@@
@@@ on and note that he's never seen Adol around before and question   @@@
@@@ if he's from Barbado.  He'll leave you alone after he tells you    @@@
@@@ that the plains beyond the city are very dangerous. ^^             @@@

[3| MINEA, PLACID ROW:  The Beginning]
Places/People of interest currently are:  Ohman (the bar), Dios' Armory, 
Pim the Barter, and Fortuneteller Sarah.
Optional: Reah

You can do the above in any order, really, but here's the way I did things. 
^^;  Um, I didn't speak to Reah a bit later.  If you go to her now, the
only difference here is that you will get to speak to the two ladies and 
the old man standing around Reah. ^^;

-| Fortuneteller Sarah |-
She is in the most southwestern house of the city.  You'll be at the right 
building if you see a strange symbol above the door.

Upon your initial visit, Sarah Tovah will automatically recognize that you 
are not from Esterior.  Her prophecies have told her that someone would 
travel across the sea to this land.  She wonders if Adol is the very 
stranger she is seeking as she has been waiting so long for the day when 
the one in her divinations would come.

Sarah ends her audience with you by requesting that you fully equip 
yourself first and then return to speak to her as she has things she must 
tell you. =P  As per her instructions, go to ...

-| Dios' Armory |-
Located at the southeast corner of Minea.
Here, you have two separate purchasing options -- one for armor and one for 
shield.  The first option has nothing to do with purchasing.  So choose 
the 2nd option which is "Buy Armor".  The Chain Mail (the first choice) 
you purchase will leave you with 600 Gold.  If you have fought monsters on 
your way here, you MIGHT have enough to buy the Small Shield which costs 700 
G.  Well, if you don't, fear not!  There's a rather quick way in obtaining 
moola and it doesn't require too much fighting. =D

For those people that CAN buy the Small Shield, do so.  You can go back to
Sarah now but I won't cover what she says until a bit later on. =P

-| Pim the Barter |-
His store is located on the northwest side of town.  Look for the sign with 
a gold bag on it.

Gods, doesn't this guy look evil? >P  In the conversation topics window, 
select the first option to chitchat with him.  He'll comment that seeing 
someone with red-hair is a rare sight and then asks Adol whether or not 
he's native to the country.  If I'm understanding the dialogue right, Pim 
reveals that he too isn't from Esterior.  The Barrier of the Tempest has 
forced him to settle down here in this country.  Pim then says that 
since they're both outsiders of the land, he can be a bit more candid 
(re: honest, truthful ... maybe give you some better deals ^_~) with Adol.

Selecting the first option again will have Pim tell you of items he's 
looking to buy such as the Golden Pedestal and Silver Armor.

The final 3 options in the conversation topics window are (BTW, these 
are not exact translations -_-;;):

Buy Item
Sell Item

Right now, you want to choose to leave. =P

-| Ohman |-
Located just south of the entrance to the city.  It's the building with 
the sign with the stein/beer mug above its doorway as well as hanging
out at the side, swaying in the wind.

Once in the bar, approach the bartender, Ohman.  Here, you can talk to 3 
individuals.  Choose the top option which will have you chatting with the 
bartender.  Ohman will say that he's never seen Adol around here before 
and when Adol says that he came here from Barbado (well, not that Adol 
talks but from the way the bartender speaks, it's understood that Adol said 
something ^^), the bartender figures out that Adol is the red-headed kid 
that managed to cross through the Barrier of the Tempest.  Apparently, 
the news of his arrival has spread like wildfire. ^^;  The conversation 
with Ohman ends when he warns Adol about the bandits around the area 
(I think).

Now talk to the muscular guy (the 2nd option), Garrick, and choose the 
top option when you're prompted to.  You'll join him in a drink where 
he'll tell you about the seed of the Roda Tree.  Maybe I'm reading his 
dialogue wrong but it seems to me that he's expressing his hopes of 
being able to eat/taste a Roda seed some time in his lifetime as it 
is said to be the best fruit a man can ... um ... experience. o_O;;;;;;;;

Finally, speak to the man with the eyepatch, Donis.  He'll ask if you 
could listen to his problem.  Choose the first option which is "Please 
speak" (the other one is "Don't listen" ^o^;).  This one-eyed man will 
tell you of his story of losing a sapphire ring.

Once you've finished talking to the 3 men, you have the option of 
conversing with the city folk where you'll learn about Bagyu Ba dead, 
the bandits' den, and other interesting info, or you can madly dash out 
to the northern fields to get some money and gain some much needed EXP! =P  
This is providing you ARE armed and ready at this time, that is. ^^

[4| PLAINS:  Treasure Hunting]
Places of interest currently are:  The small lake northeast of Minea/south 
of Zeptik, and a treasure chest. ^^

Ack, BEWARE of the Rheboll (those dog-looking creatures).  They take a 
while to kill and they can kill Adol VERY quickly.  They best way to fight 
them is to charge at them toward the side of their body.  In other words, 
Adol should be perpendicular to the way the Rheboll is travelling.  Or, 
alternatively, hit them from behind! >D  Anyway, just make sure you DON'T
run head-on into them unless you want to die an insanely quick death.

From where you exited from Minea, head north until you reach the second 
bridge that will take you east.  (First bridge is short and leads to
a dead end.)  You'll be close to there when you see a sign post with 
directions to:

East        Zeptik Village
Northwest   Abandoned Mine, Rastin
South       Minea

-| The Lake |-
Head east when you see the bridge and continue east over the other bridge 
as well.  Now head south where you will pass through a gorge.  The next 
screen has Adol in an open area.  Go down and you will see a circular body 
of water.  Now go to the small inlet on the top right side of the lake.
If you stay still there for a while, you will spot something giving off
a spark. ^^  Well, actually, if you look closely enough, you'll see an
small oval object under water. ^^  Anyway, if you can't find it or
don't know where I'm trying to point you to, just search every single
spot on the right side of the lake and I GUARANTEE that you'll find it. =P

When you do, a narration box will pop up stating that Adol has discovered
something shiny in the lake. ^^;  Why, it's the Golden Pedestal!  It
doesn't do anything except look pretty in your inventory. =P  So what are
you going to do with this useless hunk of an item?  Sell it, of course! =D
Afterall, Pim's looking to buy this sucker, ne?  But before you head
back, you might want to check out the area west of the lake ...

-| The Chest |-
Head left and take the narrow path you see.  You will be lead to the 
half-open chest that you most likely saw as you were running north from 
Minea.  Have Adol walk up to the front of the chest.  It will open and 
you will obtain the Bestiary Potion.

So what does this thing do?  It's ... just something that allows you to see 
the name, HP, strength and defense of monsters. ^^  Well, for bosses, all
you get are the names and the redemption of certain Ys Priests (re: Feny 
Tovah's Redemption of Power, etc.).  Er, do no ask me about this whole
redemption bit since I don't understand it either. =P

To use the Bestiary Potion, go into Inventory,
Equip it, exit back out, and hit Enter/Return or the left mouse button.
Now if you haven't already, turn on your Status and run around the place
picking fights.  The more you fight of one type of monster, the more you
learn about it. ^^  It's something to keep you "motivated" to fight, I 
guess. =P  However, I have compiled the list of monsters encountered and
their stats just for those individuals that don't want to discover 
information of the monsters themselves. =P

After this, retrace your way back to Minea.

Oh yes, if you choose to wander around the plains and encounter giant trees, 
just make note of them since I won't cover their significance until later. ^^;

[5| MINEA, PLACID ROW:  Meeting with Sarah]
Places/People of interest currently are:  Pim the Barter, Ohman (the bar),
Dios' Armory, and Fortuneteller Sarah.
Optional: Rosetti's Weaponry, Reah, and Clause's Clinic.

-| Pim the Barter |-
Since you just popped back into Minea's entrance, head left and then south 
around the house.

Once there, choose Sell Item and select the first/top choice after.  Pim
is surprised that you have the Golden Pedestal in your possession. ^.^
He will offer you 2,000 Gold for it.

@@@ Tidbit:  Pim is known as a barter for a reason.  Heheh.  There's a @@@
@@@ somewhat useful trick you can use against him.  Check the YS       @@@
@@@ ETERNAL TRICKS section if you're interested. ^-^                   @@@  

Now instead of leaving right away, choose Buy Item and select the top
choice which is the Sapphire Ring.  You may also want to buy the Wing -- 
providing you have the money, that is. ^^  The Wing is very useful for 
returning to Minea fast. XP  Believe me, there will be times where you 
just don't want to run/walk all the way BACK to the city. ^^;;;  I should
warn you can only use it once.  You'll have to buy another Wing if you
want to teleport back to Minea. ^^

The Mirror is a fun thing to have with you as it can cause monsters to be
"Fascinated!" (with what?  I have no idea). ^o^  The Mirror allows you
to temporarily freeze your enemies making life that much easier for you
when you're in an area with strong foes.  Unlike the Wing, you can use
the Mirror about 3 times before it disappears from your inventory. ^^;

Anyway, you can leave Pim's place after purchasing the Ring (and Wing) 
and stroll back to ... 

-| Ohman |-
Talk to the one-eyed man and he will be surprised that you got the Sapphire 
Ring for him.  Donis will thank you for this act and reward you 1,500 Gold. 
You'll also get 150 EXP for this. ^___^  

-| Dios' Armory |-
With all this money, you can now afford a shield, providing you didn't
buy it already. ^^  Anyway, depending on the amount of money you want to
or can spend, get either the Small Shield or the Middle Shield.  To do 
this, choose the 3rd conversation topic which is "Buy Shield".  Like armor, 
you can purchase 3 types of shields.  The first one on the list is the
Small Shield, the second is Middle Shield and the third one is the Large 
Shield (which you can't afford right now).

Buy whichever shield you want and if you have money left, buy new armor 
or head on over next door to upgrade to the next sword (Long Sword).  Remember 
to equip your new purchase(s)!!

-| Rosetti's Weaponry |-
@@@ This is just here for ... reference. ^^ No need to buy right now. =P @@@

Located next to Dios' Armory. =B
Wander in and talk to Rosetti.  Choose the 2nd option to buy and you will be 
presented with a list of 3 swords.  The only sword you want to ever buy from 
this place is the 2nd one - Long Sword.  Why?  You'll find out later on. =B
Now choose the 3rd option to end the conversation.

-| Fortuneteller Sarah |-
Return to Sarah and she will ask you if you've heard of a book called Book
of Ys before.  Selecting the negative answer will obviously get her to
explain to you what she knows about the 6 Books of Ys.  The Fortuneteller
will then ask Adol if he could go to the shrine to retrieve one of the 
Books from there.  Andddd, if you choose a no answer here, I can tell you
that you won't be able to get very far in the game. =P

Sarah will be grateful that you undertake her request and as a means to
help you, she will bestow upon you the Crystal.  She also tells you 
she has an aunt that lives in Zeptik Village and to seek her out 
if further information about the shrine and Ys are needed.  Lastly, 
Sarah gives you directions to Zeptik Village. ^^

-| Reah |-
Talk to the brown-cloaked girl sitting on the northeast corner of the 
city.  She will kindly ask Adol to find her Silver Harmonica for her.

-| Clause's Clinic |-
'Tis the northeast building in the city.  There's a sign with a bandaged
heart over the doorway.

This entry is here for the heck of things, really. ^^  All you can really
obtain from this place is a healing.  The 2nd conversation option on the 
list allows Adol to be treated for his wounds or in other words, all lost 
hitpoints will be recovered. =P  There's a fee for this, of course. =P 
The 3rd topic is to purchase the Heal Potion which costs 1,000 G. =/
Well, this potion is very useful in dungeons ... until you get the Heal 
Ring, that is. =B

@@@ Silly, pointless thing to try:  Be insistent on talking to Dr.     @@@  
@@@ Clause. ^O^  (This will require that you pester him about 4 times  @@@
@@@ consecutively.)  The result is somewhat funny.                     @@@

Places of interest currently are:  Village Elder's House, and Jevah Tovah

-| Village Elder's House |-
This is the "central" house of the village.  There are logs on the left
side of the house.

The elder will wonder what brings Adol to the village and after he
finds out that Adol is the one Dr. Buldo spoke of, he will ask if you 
could listen to his situation.  (Obviously choose Yes. =P)  He will tell
you that the village's Silver Bell has been stolen by the bandits.
The elder requests that you go to the Bandits' hideout and recover it 
for the sake of the village.  You then have the option to take the 
quest or refuse it.  Choose the top option. ^-^;  I think refusing 
this will really get you no where. XP

The elder is overjoyed by your decision and tells you that the bandits'
place is located on the mountain area north of Zeptik.

-| Jevah Tovah |-
Her house is directly northeast of the Village Elder's House.  It has
a box of vegetables on the porch. =B

When you talk to Jevah, she will immediately take notice of Sarah's Crystal.
From that, she will know that Adol is the swordsman Sarah had predicted
who would go to the shrine to find a Book of Ys.  Jevah then gives you 
the Shrine Key and mentions that getting to the Book is not as 
straightforward as one may think.

@@@ Tidbit:  Go to the house southwest home and speak to the woman     @@@  
@@@ pacing about the porch.  She will tell you that this morning, upon @@@
@@@ waking up, she discovered that her husband, Luther, was gone.      @@@
@@@ Luther tends to sleepwalk and end up wandering around.  But WHERE  @@@ 
@@@ could he have wandered off to? =/                                  @@@

Places of interest currently are:  Bandits' Stronghold and Shrine of Salmon

Oh yes, being on level 3 is good enough to survive this mountain area.
Just thought I'd mention that. ^.^;;  BUT!  I recommend that you be around
level 4 before entering the shrine and/or have some new armor and shield. =/

Head up, right (when you hit the shrine), and then continue right over the
suspended bridge.  This will bring you to~

-| Bandits' Stronghold |-
Go up to the man behind the desk.  Choose the 2nd option where you get
to accuse Goban and the bandits of coveting the Silver Bell.  Goban
will explain that they would never do such a thing as they only take from
the rich and give to the poor.  (Hey, it's Robin Hood! =P)

All right then, so where is the Silver Bell? =/  Is it in that chest
next to the desk?  Nope. =P  Is it beyond the doorway at the back of
the room?  Nay.  Ah, remember this doorway since it'll lead you to the
Passage Toward Pandemonium.  And it's a mighty important Passage, I 
tell ye. =P

With all the pondering still going on in your head, you can head 
to the shrine or head back to Zeptik for some ...

This won't do much for you if you're can't read/understand the text in the 
game. ^^

Back to the Zeptik Elder's home:
Adol explains the situation with the bandits to the elder.  The elder is
surprised that it isn't the bandits that have the Silver Bell and he
wonders who it could be.  He then remembers something about a suspicious 
black-cloaked man seen heading up the mountain road ... (My God, it's 
Sephiroth!  Sorry ... Final Fantasy VII joke -.-;)

Once you enter the area, head right until you spot a golden statue.  
(If it's NOT golden then you didn't follow everything I have written 
so far! >P) Touch it.  Lucky you, this area is devoid of monsters.  
Head to the upper right-hand corner for a ruby in the chest and now 
head back toward the entrance point where you materialized.

From there, take the southwest doorway and continue downward through the
next doorway.  The rest of this is pretty danged linear.

(Note:  The other chest on this level can't be opened until later. =|)

Walk toward the door with a emblem on it and the door will open.  
Now pwepare yourself for ........

~ Feny Tovah's Redemption of Power ~

Okei, get yourself up to around level 4 for this bugger.  I also recommend 
some extra protection (if you haven't done your shopping already) for this 
battle. ^.^;  If you need the money & EXP, go outside and fight like mad.  
You can also sell the useless Ruby to Pim to get some extra moola. ^^  
(Use the Wing, if you have it, to get back to Minea. ^.^;)  

This fight is kind of straightforward, really.  To begin, step into the
middle.  Rows of fire will start blowing out from both sides and then
Jenocres will make his appearance.  Hit him when he is fully standing
on the ground.  Watch out for the flames spewing out from the mouths of
them gargoyle heads though. ^^;

Note: For an easy time, be at level 4 and buy yourself the Long Sword 
and Plate Mail. XP  The boss will be a piece of cake. ^_^;

After you're done, Adol will regain all HP lost in the battle and the 
back wall will crumble revealing some stairs that descend into darkness.  
What do you think you shall do now? =B

-| Shrine Level 1 |-
Note that Adol CANNOT heal by standing still in these next few floors. -,-
But hey, if you have the Heal Potion then you won't have to worry TOO much. 
^^  Also note that this is actually a good place to level up. XP  
Exploring this floor will reveal 2 locked cell doors at the northern part 
of the level and a locked chest and the lower right area. =/  You can't 
do much here until you go to Level 2.  The stairs down are on the 
southwest corner of the floor.  It's VERY easy to find if you keep 
heading south from where you first entered this level. =P

-| Shrine Level 2 |-
There are more locked chests on this floor yet there IS one that will
open without a key.  This one contains the Prison Key which will give
you access into the cells on Level 1.  You can find this particular
chest by going through the doorway between two goddess statues.  A 
Looter is in the area.  When the chest is opened, two more Looters appear.  
Try not to get hit while fighting these guys since they can do some serious 
damage even if Adol's level is around 4 or 5. =/

Anyway, return to Shrine Level 1

-| Shrine Level 1 |-
Go to the far right cell.  Touch the cell door and it will open.  A young 
girl is found inside.

Girl:  ".... Who's there?"
Adol introduces himself and tells the girl why he's at the shrine.
The girl gives her name as Feena and says that she's been imprisoned in 
this place for a long time.  She tells Adol that the man who brought her 
here wore a black cloak and that he was able to control(?) the creatures.
Feena expresses her worries for Adol's well-being if he remains in the 
shrine and says that he should leave this place as soon as possible.

At this point, you get the option to take Feena with you (top choice) or 
to come back for her at a later time (bottom choice). ^^;

If you choose to have her tag along:

Feena:  "You'll ... rescue me?" 
(... Heh, you found it strange that her first reaction to Adol wasn't to 
beg him to save her too, huh? =P  And now look, she's SURPRISED that 
you're going to help her escape. =P)

Anyway, she'll be quite grateful for this~ and your mission here then is
to KEEP MONSTERS AWAY FROM HER AT ALL COSTS.  My God, this girl can die
after a few (make that very few) pokes from monsters. >=(  I must warn
you that whenever you choose to take Feena with you, DO NOT spend time 
exploring the shrine.  Get Feena out of the structure, and away from 
the mountain.  Also, DO NOT dash or walk far ahead of Feena.  This is
because, in all likelihood, you won't be able to react fast enough 
to them evil folks that approach from behind her and attack. >P  You'll 
have to walk a bit and then stop just so she can catch up to you. -_-;;;;;  
I should also mention that if she dies then it's game over for you. -_-

Oh yes, don't forget to check the chest next to her because in it is
the Mask of Eyes.  Feena will speak here and explain to you that the 
man in the black cloak left (dropped?) the Mask near the cell door. 
o.o (So why's it in a chest, I dunno.  Heck, why is a chest in the cell 
in the first place?)

Ah, about leaving the shrine:  you don't HAVE to wait for Feena to come 
right up behind you before touching the golden statue to leave.  As long as 
she's visible on the current screen, both she and Adol will be teleported 
out. ^_^

BTW, you get 500 EXP for deciding to rescue her. XB

@@@ Cruel & pointless thing to try:  When you're on the entrance level,@@@
@@@ run away from Feena!! =P  Well, basically dash ahead of her & zip  @@@
@@@ around to the other side of a wall.  (Make sure Feena is still     @@@
@@@ visible on the current screen -- in this case, on the other side   @@@
@@@ of the wall from Adol. ^^)  Poor Feena will be left alone          @@@
@@@ wondering where Adol-kun went. ^o^                                 @@@

If you choose to leave her, she will understand and will warn you of
the lower reaches of the shrine, monsters, and areas where you cannot 
access by normal means (or something to that effect).  Before you depart, 
Feena will give you the Mask of Eyes.  What she says here is the same thing
she says if Adol found the Mask in the chest.  Note that if do choose this 
option, the chest will be empty when you check it. =B

Erg, I should warn you that leaving her and coming back later just means 
going around the dungeon to level up. =P  You really can't do much more 
than this until you save the girl seeing that the game will not let you go
beyond Level 1 UNTIL you break Feena out. >P  And another warning:  DON'T 
wander around with the Mask of Eyes on just yet. >P

@@@ Tidbit:  Okei, so donning the Mask of Eyes and going around the    @@@
@@@ dungeon is not a healthy practice - however, you MAY want to check @@@
@@@ out the little Easter Egg (hidden "bonus" things that programmers  @@@
@@@ put into programs) that demonstrates the hidden powers of the Mask.@@@
@@@ =P  For details, YS ETERNAL TRICKS is where you want to go.        @@@

Okei, assuming you broke her out of the cell and you're back outside on the 
mountain area.  Where do you go now?  The obvious choice is to head back to 
Zeptik Village, ne?  And remember to keep those Unugun away from Feena!

@@@ Silly, pointless thing to try:  Bring Feena to the Bandits'        @@@
@@@ Stronghold.  The fat bandit (the bald one ^^) says something like  @@@
@@@ how you shouldn't have your back to women and gold (more on the    @@@
@@@ lines of not leaving them unguarded).  The skinny bandit and Goban @@@
@@@ basically say that the bandits' place isn't a woman's place.  And  @@@
@@@ if you try to tread the path to Pandemonium, Feena won't follow    @@@
@@@ you through the doorway.  Instead, she'll go "That place up ahead  @@@
@@@ ... Very frightening ..."  What a wuss. =P                         @@@ 

Upon reaching Zeptik, Feena will collapse.  Adol takes her to Jevah's
home where the old woman will prepare some medicine for the young girl.
Leave Feena to rest up and go back to the shrine.  If you haven't already,
this would be a good time to go back to Minea and get some new armor &
shield. XP  'Tis also a good time to beef up Adol's stats! =B  I recommend 
Level 1 and 2 of the shrine for this. ^^

At this point in time, you can go back and talk to various people such as 

The news of a girl imprisoned in the shrine brings great worry to the
fortuneteller.  From this, her fears are confirmed that something terrible 
is amiss.  Sarah reiterates, with urgency, that Adol should retrieve the 
Book of Ys from the shrine ...

Usually most people wouldn't probably even bother going back to Barbado
but if you do, it will be kind of worth it at this point of the game. ^^
Check the TRICKS section if you're interested to know why. =B

He'll tell you about the usage of the Mask of Eyes.  When you have the 
Silver Bell, he'll talk about that too. =B

[9| SHRINE OF SALMON:  Book of Ys, Volume Hadal]
I tell ye, be on level 6 or level 7 before continuing.  It will help a lot.

Head back to Level 2 and take the doorway with a goddess statue on the 
right of it then head up, ignore the narrow corridor by turning right.
The one you want to take is the 3rd corridor which leads to a dead end
with a Looter and a chest.  Open the chest to get the Treasure Box Key.

Head to the corridor left of the one you just went through and then
go south to the small room with a chest that contains some glowing material.
Open it to get The Silver Bell! *o*  You can go back to Zeptik Village
at this point (and open all the other locked chests along the way) OR
you can continue onward down the dungeon.  Me, I went back up to get
the treasure and then went back all the way down. =P  Afterall, the
entrance level of the Shrine has the chest that contains the Brass
Ring, which halves damage taken. ^-^  This will help a lot for those
that tend to run around the place underlevelled. =P

(I should mention that the chest on Level 1 contains a Necklace that ye can
sell to Pim. ^^)

Anyway, the corridor right of the one that lead you to the Treasure Box Key 
will lead ye to the stairway to Level 3.

-| Shrine Level 3 |-
Warning: the monsters here are rather dangerous ... especially the Dinvel
(which are those yellow-horned guys decked in blue).

Your mission here is to find the keys that will allow you access to the
next boss.  There are several gold goddess statues in this area and
IIRC, you have to use all of them. ^-^;;  The order in which you go
through them is kind of important though considering ONE of them leads
you to the boss area and you don't want to go without the keys, right? =P

So where do you want to go first?  Well, the first thing you want to
do is to get the Ivory Key, one of the 2 keys that will open the doors
to the boss.  This one is located in the upper left room on this floor.

As for which golden statue you want to go use first, you MIGHT want to get 
the Silver Shield first which is found by going to the left side of the 
floor and then take the last narrow corridor south.  Ignore the first gold 
statue and continue on to the right where there will be another statue.  
Take that one.

You end up in an another area with a Lyus (the lion-like creature) and 
a Dinvel.  Go to the room where the Dinvel is and open the chest.  Woo
hoo~!  Equip the Silver Shield.  Check out your DEF stat now. ^_~

Now the main area you really want to go to is accessed via the other
golden goddess statue you saw on your way here.

You end up in an area with a golden goddess statue in the right room
and a chest in the left room.  The chest, guarded by a Dinvel, contains
a Heal Potion.  If you already have one, you can't get this.  However,
it's still in the chest so if you can always get it later if you end
up using the one that's currently sitting in your inventory.

Hirm ... how the heck do you get to the right side of this part of the 
floor?  Well, you DO notice that shadow of a doorway on the wall next 
to the grey statue, hoi?

Now's your chance to experiment with the Mask of Eyes. =P  Actually, you 
want to make sure that the friggin' Dinvel wandering about in that 
currently inaccessible area is not anywhere NEAR the doorway silhouette 
when you equip the Mask. ^^  OR you can just put it on a few feet away from 
the door and then walk to the left a bit, the Dinvel (if it was right behind 
the door), will go through the new doorway and follow you.  Quickly take
off the Mask and turn around to kill it. ^^;  You can re-equip the Mask 
when it's gone. ^^

At any rate ... Ooh.  Everything is a funky shade of grey now and DO NOT 
mistaken this as meaning that Adol is invisible to everyone -- in fact, 
the opposite is true!  Every monster and human is invisible TO ADOL.
This is why, if you chose to lure the Dinvel out, you had to remove
the Mask as soon as possible or you would have risked getting killed by 
something you couldn't see. T_T

Okei, go through the door, take off the Mask, ignore the statue to the
north and head to the east.  Go through the statue at the end of this
superbly linear path.  The area you manifest at has a chest that contains
the Marble Key.

After you obtain it, retrace your way to the statue that was north of the
hidden door.

Woo, I like how Falcom took into account the difference of walking and
running in water. =B  Anyway, head left and you will end up at another
door with an emblem on it and after you go through that one, there will be
an identical door at the end of the path.  Ooh, I bet you know what that
means ...

*** BOSS BATTLE II: Nygtilger ***
~ Gulba Dabby's Redemption of Light ~
Definitely be on level 7 when you fight this boss.  I just tried it with 
Adol on level 6 and it takes FOREVER to kill it (even if you're armed with 
the Talwarl ...).

Your aim is to hit the boss' body and NOT the head.  AVOID the head at all 
costs since if you touch the head, the damage will reflect ON YOU.

My strategy for this is to chase its body by running in tight circles. XP  
Believe me, if you do this right, you'll suffer next to no damage. ^_^

After the battle, walk up to the broken wall.  It will crumble upon impact
revealing a small hole.  Beyond it lies a Book of Ys.  NOW you can go back
to the Village Elder in Zeptik. =P

-| Zeptik Village |-
Return the Silver Bell to the Village Elder and receive the Power Ring 
as a reward.

Now go visit Jevah.  Ooh hey!  Feena is out of bed. =P  You can go
talk to her now. ^^  In the conversation topics window, choose the
2nd choice to speak with Feena.  She will tell you that she will have
no memory of how she found herself in the cell.  All she remembers is
her name. =/  As for Jevah, I'm not entirely sure of everything she
talks about but for certain she shoos you off to see Sarah. =P

[10| MINEA, PLACID ROW: Book of Ys, Volume Tovah]
-| Fortuneteller Sarah |-
When you arrive, you will see an old man waiting for you.  He will tell
you the sad news of Sarah's murder and how the day before her death, 
Sarah entrusted the old man with a book.  The old man then gives a
Book of Ys to Adol.  According to the man, Sarah lightheartedly told
him about her possible fate and requested that he give the book to a 
red-haired swordsman named Adol in such a circumstance.  At first, the 
old man thought Sarah was joking but then remembered that she was 
fortuneteller so he knew that what she said about herself could very
well be true.

Sarah's final words were cryptic, only hinting that the mines were Adol's 
next place to investigate.

@@@ STORY ENHANCEMENT:  Optional quest??? @@@
(This one's a long one. ^^)
I believe the main triggering event for this to happen is by talking to
Luther Gemma's wife in Zeptik.  And you know, this may not be something
you have to do.  I know for a fact that you don't have to in the Chinese
one but players of the Japanese version may HAVE to go through with this
mini quest to gain access to the Dahm Tower. =/  I'm still not 100% sure
on this but hey, if you're finding you can't get into Dahm, read through
this section. =D

Port Barbado:
Go to Buldo's Clinic and talk for a bit.  Exit the town and ... go back to 
the clinic immediately. ^o^  You will stumble upon a conversation in 

Dr. Buldo:  "Are you sure?  The members of the Vigilante have said that
they could escort you all the way to Zeptik Village."

Luther Gemma:  "There's no need to be overly worried.  I assure you that 
I'll be fine travelling back alone."

Soon after, Luther thanks the doctor and turns around to leave, bumping 
into Adol. ^^

Talk to Buldo and find out why Luther is in Barbado. ^-^  Apparently, 
some Vigilante members discovered Luther sleepwalking around in the area 
and then brought him to the clinic. ^^  If you talk to the nurse, she'll 
tell you about Luther's (constantly worried) wife. ^^

Go back to Zeptik and tell Luther's wife.  She'll be really surprised that
Luther was at Port Barbado.  She will thank you (and God ^^) for the news 
and wonder where he is now. ^^

Heheeehee.  Luther really should have taken some escort. =P  You end up
finding him in the area west of the bridge you cross to get to Zeptik.  
(Er, it's beyond the area that's immediately west of the bridge. ^^)
Once you get to a wide open area with lots of Oacrots around, head south 
and you will find Luther being harrassed by a Curloyd that's trying to 
poke him to death. =P

And if you go up to him ....
Luther: "... Help ... Help ..."

You know, if you stand there for a while (like a minute or two), you
will notice that there's really no sense of urgency here in regards
to rushing in and saving Luther.  If you must know, the boy is 
nigh INVINCIBLE.  I had him cornered between the Curloyd and Adol 
for a while once and all he did was keep glowing red. =P

And if you talk to him again, he might say
"Don't you see me?  Hurry and save me!"

The first time I encountered him saying that, I thought he was giving
me attitude, *demanding* that I save him. XP  Then I realized that he
was probably just hysterical at the moment. ^^;;;;;;;

Anyhoo, just bump into the Curloyd and it'll be dead. XP  Luther will
express his thanks and state that he remembers Adol from Barbado.
Our invincible friend here will then introduce himself and Adol will do the 
same.  Adol will also tell Luther about how worried his wife is. ^^;;;
Luther will say that she worries too much (I think ^^) and he also mentions 
to Adol, along with some other stuff, that he didn't start sleepwalking until 
the Barrier of the Tempest appeared. =/

I think Luther then asks Adol to accompany him back to Zeptik Village. 

ARGH!  Look at the minstrel's wimpy stats!  How the heck did he survive
the barrage of hits that Curloyd was dishing out!?  I tell ye, Luther really
cannot be killed!!!

Luther's wife will be overjoyed to see her husband return.  Methinks that
Luther tells her that she shouldn't have worried so much about him.  His
wife replies that of course she had to worry -- he may not have returned at 
all!  The minstrel waves it off saying that he's all right now.  Next, he 
introduces Adol and says that he was the one that saved him from the 
monsters.  Luther's wife thanks Adol (immensely, I might add ^^).

Methinks, at this point, they invite Adol into their home.  If you talk to
Luther's wife, she'll tell you how "unreasonable" her husband is in telling
her not to worry when his sleepwalking acts up.  If you talk to Luther,
he will tell you about the dreams he used to have about a black pearl and 
what he can make out within the pearl.

[11| ZEPTIK VILLAGE:  The Readings of the Books of Ys]
-| Jevah's House |-
Talk to Jevah and she will note that Adol doesn't look too well.  This
is where Adol breaks the news of Sarah's death to her.  Jevah doesn't 
seem too much in grief as she says that this was the path her niece
chose (or does she say that this was all predetermined? >_<;).  Talking
to Jevah a second time will have the old woman tell you that Sarah knew 
and understood her own destiny.  And although the current situation might 
invoke great sorrow, one must understand that Sarah brought everything
onto herself.  After this, you will have the option that will allow you 
to find out the contents of the Books of Ys.  Talking to Jevah for the third 
time will reveal that she and Sarah are direct descendents of one of the 6 
Ys priests.  She says more but I can't understand most of it. _

Anyway, get Jevah to read the Books to you.  With Sarah dead, Jevah is the
last person on Esterior that can read the ancient language. =/  Let's hope
nothing happens to her too. XP

After she reads them, she'll say that the Barrier of the Tempest, the
appearance of monsters, the thieving(?) of silver things, and the death
of Sarah are not coincidences -- they are all part of a bigger scheme 
of things. =\  But hey, you knew this already, right? =P

Everything is done here for now so you're off to da mines. =P

[12| ABANDONED MINE, RASTIN:  Silver Ring, Harmonica, and Seed of Roda]
The mine is located northeast of the 1st bridge to Zeptik.  You can
get to it by crossing over the bridges, heading north, and then making
a left at the narrow gorge.

This place contains EVIL monsters that do quite a bit of damage to Adol 
even after you max out your levels. >(  However, you can minimize the
damage by equipping yourself with the Brass Ring and two items you 
have yet to obtain -- the Silver Armor, and Sword. =D  Where are these 
wonderful items?  I will tell ye, of course. ^.^

-| Abandoned Mine, Level 1 |-
Since this place is more of a maze than the levels at the shrine, I will 
list what you should find here on this floor: 

Silver Armor:  
From the entrance, head left, take the first path down, take the first 
right, and keep heading toward the right side of the mine.  At the fork 
that goes northeast (NE) and southeast (SE), choose to go northeast.  There 
will be a chest (as well as a Nubrrow wandering around) with glowing 

Heal Potion:
If you already have one, you can ignore this chest.  The easiest
way of finding this thing is heading left from the entrance.  Go
all the way to the end and follow the south (S) path.  You will definitely
pass by a chest that way. =P

Time Ring (which slows down enemies):

From the entrance, take the first pathway all the way south.  At the fork 
going SE and southwest (SW).  Choose southeast.  BTW, good luck surviving 
the Othclos (red grub-things) at any level under level 8 & without the Brass 
Ring. =P  You know, if you wear the Time Ring, you can WALK away from danger 
.... well, in most cases. =P

Access to the next part of the mine:
Go the way you would to get the Silver Armor but instead of going NE,
go SE.  And you will see a doorway with a Othclos wandering around.
Go through it and follow the path out.

-| Abandoned Mine, Pit |-
Don't go across right away cuz you can heal in this area.  So remember,
every time you're at a pit, you can replenish lost HP. ^_^;

When you do go across, you'll end up at the other side of Level 1 which
has stairs leading down to the next level.

-| Abandoned Mine, Level 2 |-
This level had me confused for a while since both doorways (one on the
lower right end and one at the lower left end) leading to the pit lead you 
back into this same level. >_<

Heal Ring:
(Erk, when wearing this, note that you still have to stand still for healing 
to take effect. XP)

From where you emerged, head all the way to the east and then go S until 
you're at an area where you can see a round, one-eyed monster (Menon) 
guarding a doorway.  BECAREFUL in fighting this thing since it can take eat 
away at quite a bit of Adol's HP. =/  

Silver Harmonica:
From where you got the Heal Ring, go SW, take the west (W) path, and at
the fork, choose the corridor leading south, then go W.  You'll be
in the right area if you find that the area you entered is rather big
and has a Menon milling about.  The chest containing the instrument is 
to the left.

Seed of Roda:
The easiest way to find this is to find the lower right doorway 
leading to the pit (you can easily spot this by going to the area where 
the Heal Ring is found) and then running across the suspension bridge 
Once you emerge from the pit, just follow the path and you will see
a chest. ^-^;

-| Abandoned Mine, Pit |-
USE this area as a place of healing.  Put on the Heal Ring and you'll
heal much faster. ^.^  Don't forget to switch back to whatever ring you
were wearing before! ^^

Stairs to Level 3:
From the stairs to Level 1, go SE, SW, and then you will see it. The path
to this is pretty linear. ^^  But wait, don't go here yet!  You'll want the 
Silver Sword before continuing. >P

[13| PLAINS:  The Roda Trees]
-| North Roda Tree |-
Head to the area just west of the mine.  You will encounter a Roda Tree
(if you haven't already).  Approach it from its south side and it will
begin to speak ...

"..... Ys ....."
"......... Goddesses ...."
".. Sal .... mon ...."
"............. Ahh ...."

-| South Roda Tree |-
Go back to the area where the lake is and then travel south and then turn 

"... Dahm ....."
".......... Black ... Pearl ...."
"... Cleria ...."
"Already ... too late ......"

This tree will eventually say something else but there has to be a 
trigger event. =/

Note the path that's just northwest of the giant tree.  It'll lead
you to a chest that is somewhat opened.  Inside is a piece of paper.
What do you do with it?  Check the YS ETERNAL TRICKS section. ^.^

-| Minea, Placid Row |-
Ou est Reah? o.o?  Go up the rampart and you will find her staring at Bagyu 
Ba dead.  Reah will be happy to see her harmonica again and is perplexed to 
discover that Adol found it in the mine.   She thanks Adol and asks for his 
name. ^^  Of course, our red-headed hero tells her. =P  Like Slaghf, she will
compliment his name. ^^  Reah will then invite Adol to listen to one of 
her tunes.  (Talk to her again and she will just thank you again.  Do this 
around 4 times and she will say "Hoho (or in the Japanese version, Fufu ^^). 
Reah thanks you from her heart." Or something to that effect. ^.^;;  Either 
way, it's ... just odd that she suddenly speaks in third person. ^^;)

When you're done here, go back to the southern Roda Tree.

-| South Roda Tree |-
(I humbly apologize for the shoddy translations. m(_)m)

"Ah ... !"
"... The world's catastrophe is returning ..."
"The nightmare of Ys is returning"
"Kenshi! (Swordsman in this case sounds really stupid, IMO) 
Now is the exact time to begin the journey ... !"

At the root of the tree, Adol spots something emitting silver light.  
Why, it's the Silver Sword~! =B

"At the same time the silver's radiance fills you with hope, it may also
guide you to destroy." (<-- erg.  Cannot translate properly. >_<)
"Do not be misguided
"Do not be tempted"
"Often recall your true heart"

The trees will speak to Adol no more after this.  Remember to arm yourself
with the Silver Sword before going back to the mine! ^^

[14| ABANDONED MINE, RASTIN:  Book of Ys, Volume Dabby]
Go all the way back to the mine and go down to level 3.  Wearing the Brass
Ring for this level is a very very good idea, I tell you.

-| Abandoned Mine, Level 3 |-
The path starts off as pretty linear and then there is a branch heading off 
to the west.  Take that.  As you continue heading west, you will come across
chests containing the/a:
Dahm Key:
You will see a Brayzal hogging up a doorway.  Go through it (and the guy 
too =P).  Oh yes, BEWARE of these guys.  They do a lot of damage (if you 
let them hit multiple times) even if you're wearing the Brass Ring. =/

Heal Potion:
This is found by going all the way left (ignoring the Brayzal taking up
the northern doorway) and then going south.  Eventually, you will be at 
a SW/SE fork.  Follow the SW path.

-| The Mystic Chamber |-
To get here, follow the SE path of the SW/SE fork.  Adol will use the Dahm
Key to open the door.  Ooh, check out those groovy lights floating about.  
And look!  A chest with stuff that glows within it!  Touching it will 
begin ...

*** BOSS BATTLE III: Vagullion ***
~ Sems Hadal's Redemption of Earth ~

This boss can be a bloody bloody pain (well, less so than some of the bosses
in the final dungeon and of course, the big baddy himself) since the fight
will most likely take you a while due to all the running away you'll have
to do. XP

The strategy here is to run to the corners and stay there until *all* of
Vagullion start to swarm close to you.  'Tis then that you dash off to the 
next closest corner and repeat.  Watch it though since sometimes, the close
swarming might mean that he's about to reform and that's exactly when
it's time to attack. ^-^;  You can tell when he is about to reform when you
see swirls of red where the bats are.  Hitting Vagullion anywhere is fine.  
BTW, don't hang around him too long after you hit since he'll EXPLODE 
into little bats again.  The explosion can do quite a bit of damage. -_-

You probably already figured this out but do not run the way the bats are 
coming. XP  And you really don't want to start running away with stray bats 
around. ^^;

Ook, after you're done, the chest will reappear.  Open it to receive your
third Book of Ys.  Go through the small door and you will be in a room
with two ... um ... tables (^^) and a wide door with the familiar emblem 
on each of them.  As far as I know, you can't do anything with these doors
in this game. =/

@@@ Silly, pointless thing to try:  If you stand to the right of the   @@@
@@@ doors to the boss' room, you can fight lots of Brayzal safely      @@@
@@@ since they will NEVER go past the doors. XP  I wonder if this is a @@@
@@@ bug?                                                               @@@

[15| BANDITS' STRONGHOLD:  Toward Pandemonium]
-| Zeptik Village |-
Get Jevah to read the recently retrieved tome & then talk to her again.  
She will say that there are a total of 6 Books of Ys and that the remaining 
3 Books must be in Dahm Tower.  (I don't understand the reason but she does 
explain why. ^^)  She tells you to go and speak with her son Goban and ask 
him to let you into the tower.

-| Bandits' Stronghold |-
Goban will tell you of how the tower is full of monsters ever since
the Barrier of the Tempest surfaced.  He will also tell you how he lost
his righthand man, Dogi, while they were in the Dahm Tower.  Dogi's fate
is unknown but the bandit leader fears the worst. ;_;

Goban usually doesn't allow anyone into the tower but he agrees to open 
the entrance for Adol because he sees that he is equipped with the silver

Here, you have the option of going into the Passage Toward Pandemonium or
go back out of the place to do ... stuff ... like ... buy the strongest
set of sword, shield, and armor you can buy (if you haven't already).  
Believe me, you will not regret going back to Minea and doing this. XP 

Goban says that he will be giving you one day to find the remaining Books 
of Ys.  If Adol doesn't find them by dawn, Goban instructs him that he must 
return to these doors.  At that time, he will let him out but until then, 
Adol will not be able to exit the tower.

Er, you don't have to worry about this 'time limit' as you will soon
discover. XP

The bandit will wish you good luck and for you to return quickly.  Now
if you have the Wing, he will stop you before going into the tower. ^^
He warns you that the tower has some sort of barrier that can alter the
effects of the Wing.  Using the Wing under such conditions can result
in death. *.*  Goban will then take it from you for safekeeping. _

NOW you may enter Dahm Tower.

(Hey, I just thought of something.  If Goban keeps the Wing, does that
mean that the Wing he gives you in Mask of the Sun is that very same
one Adol had in this game? @.@)

Eh, just for the fun of things, here are some survival tips for 

a) normal players:
   Don the Brass Ring + best armor/shield/weapon.

b) those Duke Nukem "come get some", gung-ho players:
   Wear the Power Ring + best armor/shield/weapon.

c) paranoid players:
   Equip the Time Ring, Mirror + best armor/shield/weapon.

d) masochistic players:
   Equip no items or rings and don any armor, shield or weapon except the 
   Silver/Battle Armor/Shield, Flame Sword. XP  Have fun.

Me, I'm a cross between normal and paranoid -- using the Mirror and Time 
Ring every now and then. =P  I only used the Mirror on ONE floor though I 
would have LIKED to use it AGAIN but ... for some reason, the Mirror 
disappeared on me. T_T  (And to think I only used it once in the entire game 
so far ;_;).  To avoid items disappearing on you, I recommend quitting the 
game if you plan to leave your computer for an extended period of time. >P

-=| Dahm F1 |=-
I'll make this as short and painless as possible seeing that there are
25 flippin' floors to this place. =P  

Left doorway:
Leads to cell area.

Middle doorway:
Leads to Dahm F3.

Right doorway:
Leads of Dahm F2.  This is where you want to go first. =P

-| Outside Area |-
There will always be only one doorway next to the one you exit from
when you're in this area so going right or left doesn't really matter.
Well, unless you happen to be in an area where you can ONLY go left
or right.  Anyway, when I wrote this walkthrough, I just had Adol always
going to the right. ^^  With this in mind, head right to the first doorway.

And, oh yeah, you can heal when you're in this area. ^^

-=| Dahm F2 |=-
You SHOULD be at a corridor that leads to a treasure room.  The left
chest contains a Heal Potion; top right chest, a Mirror; bottom
right chest, Evil Ring.

Note: DO NOT, under any circumstances for the time being, WEAR the
Evil Ring.  There will be a time and place for this ring, so don't worry.  
If you're dying of curiosity as to why, go ahead but hey, I warned you.

Go back to F1 and go through the middle doorway to F3.

-=| Dahm F3 |=-
The on doorway here leads to F4, but this place is very important. *.*
I'll note it as being the 'Area with the Many Statues'.  

Okei now, head of F4. XP

-=| Dahm F4 |=-
There's a room with an opened chest in the middle of the floor.  The 
doorway here leads to F5.

-=| Dahm F5 |=-
Middle doorway:
Leads of F6, East Side.  Note that you can't go to the West if you emerge
from here.

Left doorway:
Leads of F6, West Side.  Note that you can't go to the East if you
emerge from here.

-=| Dahm F6, East Side |=-
Severely pointless room.  It's a self-contained room.  You can't access
any other part of the tower from this place.

-=| Dahm F6, West Side |=-
It's an evil room but you HAVE to go through here in order to continue
on with your quest.  Step between the 3 statues and ...

-=| Dahm Prison |=-
When Adol awakes, he finds himself in a cell with ... Luther Gemma!?
But more importantly, he discovers that all his silver equipment is
gone! T_T  NOW do you see why I told you to return to Minea's armory
and weapons' shop? XP

Luther is naturally surprised to see Adol and says that he never expected 
to meet him in such a place. ^^;  I'm sure you know why Luther's here. XP  
Indeed, he was sleepwalking again and when he woke up, he found himself in 
this tower. o_O

The minstrel notes that as he was wandering around, he came across
an area with lots of statues.  There, he spotted a silhouette of an old man, 
but within an instant, it was gone.  Not long after, he found himself in 
this prison. ^^;

So how do you escape from here?  Good question cuz there really doesn't
seem to be a way out, huh?  Moving to the cell doors and certain parts
of the dungeon will trigger the narration box but other than that ...
Me, I just made Adol run around the room for a while. XP  No, you don't
have to do that but I think you DO have to search the walls and the cell
door in order for ...

GWAH! @_@  Someone just burst through the brick wall! o_O  It's the
missing bandit member, Dogi, coming to save the day. ^_^  He'll go
on a bit about the Tower and finally say that there's an old man
on the 3rd floor named Rarba who knows much about the current situation
Esterior is in.  Dogi suggests that Adol hurry and go search for the 
old man to have a chat with him. ^^

If you try to take Luther with you, he will only tell you to go on ahead
stating that he's not a fighter like Adol so should monsters spot him ... 
well, you already know the answer. ^^;  (But hey, isn't music boy here 
immune to death? >P)

Before you leave, Dogi hands Adol the Idol to give to Rarba.  Equipping
it will make ye invisible to everyone including monsters.  If you're
not up to fighting your way to floor 3 (who is? =P), equip it. ^^

-=| Dahm F3 |=-
'Area with Many Statues'
Go nine statues to the right and put on the Mask of Eyes.  Oooh!  A 
doorway!  Go in and you will see an old man.  Talk to him.  He will
immediately take notice of the Idol as it was something he was looking for 
(or lost, I think).  The old man tells Adol to give Dogi his thanks the
next time he sees him.

Rarba will tell you about the legend of Ys and afterward, if you speak to 
him again, he will give you the Blue Necklace.  If you wear it, it will 
protect you from the evil curses and the like.  The Blue Necklace does 
squat otherwise. ^^;

Please equip the Blue Necklace before moving on ...

-=| Dahm F6, West Side |=-
Return to this floor and continue beyond the 3 statues that stole your 
silver gear.

@@@ Silly, pointless thing to try:  Walk through the statues WITHOUT   @@@
@@@ the Blue Necklace equipped. XP  And yes, you can do this a THIRD   @@@ 
@@@ time too just to see Dogi burst through the wall yet again!  After @@@
@@@ that though, he's burst through all the walls he can down there. =/@@@ 
@@@ Hey man, I finished the game already so I'm entitled to do some    @@@
@@@ really stupid and moronic stuff, okei?  BTW, the Silver Armor and  @@@
@@@ such are found in the exact same locations as you found them after @@@
@@@ the initial time you were robbed.                                  @@@

-=| Dahm F7 |=-
In the left room, you will encounter Dogi again.  Your conversation with
him will not yield much new or vital information. ^^  Believe me, it's just 
another one of those story enhancing moments. =P

Anyway, proceed to the right side of the floor to get the Silver Sword 

Now the corridor next to where Dogi is leads to F8 and that's the only
way up so that's where you want to go. ^-^

-=| Dahm F8 |=-
Right doorway:
Leads to F9

Left doorway:
A surprise awaits! =P

-=| Dahm F9 |=-
There's a chest in here that you want to open. =P  Beware the statues as
they will come to life after you get the Silver Shield. -_-  To avoid 
getting massive damage, equip the Mirror before opening the chest and 
then use the Mirror once before they start moving. =P  And no, using
the Mirror before opening the chest will NOT freeze them. >P

On this floor, the doorway to F10 is to the south.  However, proceeding
onward at this point in time will only mean certain death.  I tell ye, 
ye should go back to F8.

-=| Dahm F8 |=-
Go back to the left door.

*** BOSS BATTLE IV: Pictimos ***
~ Manal Messa's Redemption of Time ~

Ah, mantis boy.  This boss is kind of easy. ^^  I usually hang around near 
the bottom of the screen. ^^;;  What you really want to do here is have all 
3 crescents head to about the same area/distance and as far away from the 
monster as possible.  If you do it right, I can guarantee you that you can 
get in several shots at once before even one of the crescents are back in 
its ... uh ...  legs(?).

Warning: Although it's rather easy to avoid the crescents, getting hit by 
one can cost you quite a bit.  If a crescent successfully cuts through you, 
you lose *50* HP at once.  Nasty, ain't it?  However, getting nicked by one 
of them doesn't eat away HP as much.

After you're finished, go through the door and you will receive a Book of
Ys (Volume Messa) in the left chest and the Hammer in the right chest.
You're probably wondering why the heck there's a hammer in this game, huh?
Well, don't worry, you'll use it soon enough.

NOW you can go to floor 10. =D

[17| DAHM TOWER:  Damsel in Distress]
-=| Dahm F10 |=-
Left doorway:
Leads of F11.

Right doorway:
Leads to a freaky area where walls seems to be covered by pulsing veins. ><  
Your destination at this moment is this corridor though.

-=| Dahm F11, Right Doorway |=-
Run like mad to go through the door you see at the right.  There you will
meet Rarba again who is ashamed of himself since the moment he saw monsters
appear (<-- not entirely positive on this), he immediately fled & hid in 
this room.  Heh, he ONLY got this far because of the Idol, BTW. =P  Rarba 
will talk about the Devil's Corridor and the life-draining sound you hear
in it.  He will also notice that Adol seems ill (well, duh, after running 
through there ...) and heal him.

Talk to him again to find out a vital clue about the Devil's Wind that's 
plaguing the corridor and making it impossible to reach the other side 
without keeling over midway. =P  Rarba basically tells you that destroying 
the source that's allowing the wind in is the key.

So what should Adol do?  Head back out to F10 and go through the left

-=| Dahm F11, Left Doorway |=-
Notice the pillars are different here?  Well, that's because ONE of them is
letting in the damn wind.  Which one is it?  Just mosey on over to the 2nd 
pillar to the left and smack it with your Hammer.  Now continue left until
ye see a doorway.

Oh my, a room with a bloody trail.  Follow it and you will find an 
injured Luther sitting by a corner.  He tells you, among other things, that 
he heard (and saw, I believe) that a young girl was captured in this tower 
and asks you to go rescue her.  I believe Luther wanted to be the white 
knight in shining armor but his attempt ended up like this. XP  Bah, what a 
dreamer ...

Hirm ... so who is this captured girl?  Is it Feena again?  Let us go see ...

-=| Dahm F11, Right Doorway |=-
Erm, just go to the end of the corridor and go north.

-=| Dahm F12 |=-
There's nothing to see here.  Move along.

-=| Dahm F13 |=-
Ooh.  Glassiness.

Left doorway:
Leads to F14.

Right doorway:
Leads to F15.

But right now, you want to visit the old man again. =B
Talk to Rarba.  He will ask if it was you that cleared the corridor a few 
floors back.  Rarba will thank you for that deed. ^-^  Gwah, why is Rarba 
injured?  Apparently, the Idol is no longer of any use so monsters were 
able to spot him. ;_;

Anyway, he says that about 3 levels up, there is a place called Tower of 
Lado.  According to Rarba, this is where the girl is imprisoned.  The Tower, 
unfortunately, is protected by an evil force thus making it impossible
for anyone to simply enter the place. =/  What to do?  What to do?  Well,
seeing that the mirrors aren't activated yet, your only choice is to head 
through the left doorway.

-=| Dahm F14 |=-
Wow.  This was fast ...

*** BOSS BATTLE V: Khonsclard ***
~ Grack Gemma's Redemption of Wisdom ~

I actually have NO idea how to fight this bugger of rock but what I do (and
it works), is to stay just outside the center of the thing (that glowing orb
of magma) and run with the rotation of the boss.  So basically, you're 
hitting those chunky rock parts of its body. ^-^;  Erm, just remember to 
RUN the way it's going and not against it. ^^;;;;

You'll probably come close a few times to vanquishing it but still die. =/
That's normal ... but hey, at least this is really fast fight compared
to the previous 2. ^.^  However, wait till the NEXT boss. XP

Welp, once this is over, go into the back room and receive yet another
Book of Ys (Volume Gemma) in da right chest.  (Woo!  5 Books!  One more to 
go. ^_^)  The left chest contains the Rod.  And yes, it's a magic rod.  Why 
it's so magical, it'll let you go through mirrors!

-=| Dahm F13 |=-
Cripes.  Night already?  Yeesh, that was one long battle then. XP
Anyway, I'll just list the routes you have to use to get to the F15 and the 
chest.  Both of these begin from the mirror in the south room in the 
entrance area.

To chest:
- Take the second mirror a.k.a. the most southern one.
- Take the mirror in the bottom room.
- The path here is beyond linear so I don't think I need to direct you
any further. XP

Once you get the Silver Armor, put it on and take the mirror back to 
the floor's entrance area.

To right doorway:
- Take the first mirror you see after running through the second Vilvan 
(them root looking things) in this area.
- You should emerge in a small room with two mirrors that are side by side.
Take the right mirror.
- The area you are now in should have a Wilewarer running around in the 
north part and a room directly south of where you're standing.  Now 
re-enter the mirror you just came out of. =B
- Ta da!  The stairway to the next floor is right beside you. ^-^

-=| Dahm F15 |=-
Nothing here except a room that's on F16. o_O;;

-=| Dahm F16 |=-
There's a chest here in the SW corner of this part of the floor that 
contains the Battle Shield.  Equip this immediately so you can confidently 
take on some friends that just decided to drop in on you. XP  Oog, watch 
it as this entire floor is infested with these Irebowgs. ><  

Now go through that left doorway.  You'll be in a corridor that leads to
two doorways.  The first doorway Adol comes across goes to F17 while the 
doorway in the lower southwest corner leads to Lado.  You want to take
Adol to Lado~~.

Yes, the bridge between Lado and Dahm is considered an outside area so yes,
you can stand here and heal!

The enemies here take a bit longer to kill so you MIGHT want to get the 
Battle Armor and Flame Sword before coming here.  Where do you get them 
from?  Check out the walkthroughs for the next 4 floors. =P

Your destination is go to the top of this tower.  Once you're in front of 
the door with the demonic face on it, put on the Blue Necklace FIRST and 
THEN the Evil Ring.  The order in which you do this is very important. >P  
(You know this is true if you've already experimented with the Evil Ring. XP)  
The screen will glow red for a moment (it will continue to do so as long as 
you're wearing the Evil Ring).  Have Adol touch the door, if he isn't 
already.  Go inside once it's opened.

Hoiya, what's Reah doing here? o.o  (Bah, she acts like a typical 
girl-in-distress-and-also-likes-hero character.  The moment she sees Adol
(well, after 2 lines ^^), Reah goes "I knew you would come save me." XP 
*pukes*)  If I'm reading things right, Reah explains that she basically 
followed Adol into the Tower since she needed him for something. =/  She
tells you that there is a man in black, here in this tower, that goes by
the name of Dalk Fukt and goes on to explain that he is using(?) monsters 
to help him take over Esterior.  The poetess pleads with you to destroy 
Dalk Fukt.

Reah continues and explains that Dalk Fukt's cloak is made with a metallic
substance called Cleria.  In order to defeat Dalk Fukt, Adol will have to
use a weapon that is made of the same metal. =/  

Knowing that Adol has the Books of Ys, the young woman presents to him 
reading glasses (well, a monocle ^^).  With it, he will be able to decipher 
the text in the Books.  Read the 2 ye picked up along the way. =B

[19| DAHM TOWER:  Final Leg]
-=| Dahm F17 |=-
Might I suggest the Mirror here? XP  I think even the masochists will 
appreciate this suggestion. XP  (I tell you, using it to get through
to the other side is a VERY good idea unless you WANT to take a beating.)
Now if you DON'T want to use the Mirror, then what you have to do is
lure as many Karmarel (I think there's 3 or 4 of them) as you can into that 
wide area you just passed through before heading into the narrow passageway.
DO NOT kill them; merely run past them and continue on south. XP  This 
strategy is guaranteed to clear or, at least, minimize, your encounter with 
any incoming opposition.

Anyhoo, once you get to the south, there's a Heal Potion that can be
found by taking the middle corridor up.

The left doorway here leads to F18.  But right now you want to re-visit
Luther Gemma way back on F11.

-=| Dahm F11, Left doorway |=-
Hirm ... I hope you can recall your way back here. ^^

(Oh yes, on your way back, speak with Rarba again and he will be glad to 
know that the imprisoned girl is all right.  He will also tell you that 
something will happen once you get all 6 Books of Ys ...)

Luther will be pleased to know that Reah is all right.  Talk to him again
and he will spot the Gemma volume of the Books of Ys in Adol's hands.  
Luther will ask him how it came into his possession as it was a record that 
was left behind by his ancestor for them (er, succeeding Gemma generations 
=B).  The volume was missing since Luther's childhood days. =|

He often heard his father say that whoever possesses the 6 Books of Ys will
release a power that would bring peace to the land.  Luther then entrusts
Adol with the Gemma heirloom, the Blue Amulet.  (And I have no idea what
this thing does other than guessing that it's the key that allows you into
the final boss' room. ^^)

Gah, I can't figure out the final few sentences Luther says ... well, other 
than him telling Adol not to worry about him & that he will be fine. ^^

-=| Dahm F18 |=-
It's Selnurges on parade!  (Seriously, notice how MANY there are of them!?)

Right doorway:
Leads to F19.

Left doorway:
Leads to F20.

-=| Dahm F19 |=-
You will find the Battle Armor at the end of this floor.  Wear the Blue 
Necklace to open the chest.  Don the armor and bolt back to F18 to get to 

-=| Dahm F20 |=-
I HIGHLY suggest using the Brass Ring here if you aren't wearing it already.  
The Towars that burst out from the wall can deal oodles of damage if you're 
so unfortunate as to be swarmed by them. -_-  Avoid the Towars and go through
the newly formed doorway.

You'll have to dispose of the Towars guarding the chest before opening it
so what you want to do is to try to take them on one by one.  They move
around quite quickly so you'll have to move and act fast. =/  Of course,
you can switch to the Time Ring if you want things to be a bit easier. ^^

Anyway, once you defeat the 2 guards, you get the Flame Sword. ^-^

BECAREFUL on your way out -- the Towars walk as fast as Adol runs. _
If need be, or if you haven't already, wear the Time Ring.  It will help 
lots. =B

Bwah, Level 21 is to the right, BTW. =P

-=| Dahm F21 |=-
More mirror fun.  Here goes ...

- north mirror
- head to the mirror that's all the way on the northeast side of the screen.
- go through the mirror on the left side

You see that red door there?  You can indeed go through it and the mirror
behind it. =B

*** BOSS BATTLE VI: Yogleks & Omulgun ***
~ Amuda Fukt and Fad Fukt's Redemption of Mind ~

I severely LOATHED this fight.  You do squat damage and it takes immense
patience, good timing, and hand-eye co-ordination to win this.  All I had
was the patience. -_-;;;;;;;;

The strategy here is to ONLY hit the red head.  Thing is, once you hit the
head, it will automatically morph into the blue one. -_-;;;  And yes, the 
cubes AND the balls of flame can HURT you.

You'll really have to time it so you hit the head at the right moment. =|
I would describe to you when but really, it's all timing. ^^;  And you
REALLY do no want to use my massive patience-testing strategy for this.
(Well, actually, all I did was stay and the bottom of the screen, attack
the red head when it came close to me, and immediately dashed away back to
the bottom wall. ^^  And yes, I followed the head around. ^^)

I think I finished this damn fight with 15 hitpoints left ... -_-

-=| Dahm F22 - 24 |=-
These floors are just the ... stairway up to the F25. ^^  If you must know,
F22 starts after the 1st archway, F23 starts after 2nd archway, and finally,
F24 is after the 3rd archway. XP  (Yes, I was curious enough to discover
all this. >P)

-=| Dahm F25 |=-
Hel~~lo~ It's the main baddy.  Doesn't he look cool just sitting there?  
Anyway, get ready to kick some ass and also get some ass kicked.  (Well, the 
average player will definitely NOT walk away from the fight without losing 
half his/her hitpoints. >P  Trust me on this ...)

Before you even THINK about starting the battle, arm yourself with all 
things silver (or Cleria, if you prefer =B).  Okei, now you can walk onto 
the symbol on the ground.  You will be teleported onto the platform where 
the fallen Ys Priest, Dalk Fukt, sits.  Seeing Adol, Dalk Fukt rises to 
confront him.

Dalky (sorry, I like to call him that ^^;;;) will "recognize" Adol as being
the swordsman the fortuneteller foretold of.  He commends Adol-kun for 
getting this far.  However, should the secret of the Books of Ys be 
discovered, all his plans will be destroyed.  So in order to prevent this 
from happening and to make the name "Dalk Fukt" known to the world, he will 
have to send A-kun to his death.

"When the 6 Books of Ys are brought together, they will unleash a great 
power.  A pity you won't be able to witness it within this lifetime."

*** FINAL BOSS BATTLE: Dalk Fukt ****
~ Ruined "Ys Priest" ~
Are you an Ys I veteran?  If so, just use the standard Dalky tactics here. 

For first time players, your key to downing this annoyance that moves like
an out of control ping-pong ball is to hit him at the edges around the 
platform -- i.e. the outer rim of the floor -- as much as you can before 
attacking him anywhere else on the platform.  You see, for every hit 
you land on Dalk Fukt, that block of floor he was above will disappear.  
Going by this, you sure as heck DO NOT want to get him when he's near the 
middle of the platform. XP  Running around with holes ALL over the platform 
is not ideal either.  Worst of all is being locked to one part of the 
platform. -,-

Another thing you want to do is to anticipate where he's going but more 
importantly, when he'll be hovering over a part that's as close to the edge 
as possible.  If you anticipate and time it right, you can hit him several 
times in a row (usually about 3 or 4 shots).  This usually requires you to 
run the way he's going AND to be a bit AHEAD of him. ^^;

All of this is easier said than done, of course, but I believe in you!  You 
can do it! p(^_^)q

Erm, you can't do much about avoiding the fireballs -- they're created to
hunt down Adol wherever he may be on the platform. _  On that note, going 
back and forth on the same path is quite hazardous ... unless you want those 
heat-seeking fireballs to nail you every time. >P

Also, if you're finding that you're smashing into holes a lot, you may want 
to go into the Option screen, go to the 2nd choice (Gameplay Control), and 
then click on the 4th choice.  Adol will automatically run around holes and 
such should you bump into one. ^-^;

Ah, after replaying this fight several times, you should be able to remember
Dalky's movements for the first few seconds of the fight.  After that, I
believe he goes random (it's either that or my short-term memory is 
severely limited). -_-  Anyway, those first few seconds can make a big 
difference in the end. ^^

For me, I'm pretty consistent on getting Dalk Fukt down to a quarter HP and
then ... dying. -_-  I think it's usually luck that I actually manage to 
wipe out his entire HP bar. =P  (It probably happens about once every 10 or 
so tries. ^^  Yesh, that's how much I SUCK at this fight. >P)

BTW, there's a bug in the game here and it's covered in the TROUBLESHOOTING
section. ^^

@@@ REALLY pointless and INSANE thing to try:  Fight Dalky WITH the    @@@
@@@ Mask of Eyes on.  Indeed, I'm weird but I only did this out of     @@@
@@@ sheer curiosity.                                                   @@@

[20| END GAME]
Walk up to Dalk Fukt's cloak and you will find the Book of Ys, Volume Fukt. 
(You may have to walk over the cloak and then turn around to face it in 
order to find it ^^)  Read it and ... !!!!  The books are trying to escape 
Adol!  (Aren't the books cute? ^^)  Well, not really.  It's just a nifty 
effect to show that the seal to the power hidden in the Books is now broken.

Not a very exciting ending, is it?  All this damn text. =P  I'm too lazy to
even ATTEMPT to translate this entire blob of words but all you have to know
is that Adol is heading toward a new adventure. ^_~

Blah, it's 3:25 AM on the first day of 2000.  I should sleep. XP

Indeed, there ARE secrets and tricks in Ys Eternal~!  The following is a
taken from a Japanese site (see ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS) that has documented all 
the silly, strange, useful, and pointless stuff that you can do in the 
game. ^^

  1) Forcing Pim to reduce/increase prices
I included this here since I don't think most players will even TRY and 
haggle with the guy. ^^  Well, this is a pretty useful trick especially if 
you're trying to save up gold to buy the next set of armor and such. ^_~

To get him to drive down the price of an item, select any item that's being 
sold and select "Buy Item", when he asks if you want to buy it, choose 
"Don't Buy".  Repeat the process about 10 times and then buy the item. 
=D  The Wing will be reduced by 200 Gold (from 2000 G to 1800 G), while 
the Mirror will have a price reduction of only 100 G (from 1000 G to 
900 G). =/

Haggling while attempting to purchase the Sapphire Ring will bring the
cost of the item down to 900 G.

Repeat the same process for "Sell Item" to get Pim to pay you more for
the item you are selling. XP

What's cool is that if you complete a haggling process for one item,
subsequent items being bought and sold will already have their prices
changed! ^_____^  Or does this only work after you haggle for the
Pedestal and/or Sapphire Ring? =/

  2) Getting Feena's 4 sizes
Ever wanted to know what Feena's measurements were?  Well, here's your
chance to find out!  To do this, push S on your keyboard if you don't have 
Adol's stats on the screen already.  Now go rescue Feena and lead her toward 
the area with the staircase going back up to the main floor.  You see that 
little dead end alley to the left?  Stop in the space just south of it (but 
facing the wall/dead end) and then manoeuvre Adol BEHIND Feena.  Have Adol 
push Feena right up against that north wall in the alley.  Keep mooshing 
into her until Feena says something.  Now, note that there are 4 new numbers 
next to her age. =P

Interestingly enough, the waist attribute is different in the Japanese 
version. o.o

  3) Getting the Talwarl for free!
I'm not entirely certain of the trigger event for this but I was
able to get this right after I rescued Feena.  What you have to do 
is go back to Barbado and speak to Slaghf.  Adol will relay his
encounters with giant monsters to him (? -- I think.  And I also think 
he's referring to the bosses).  Slaghf doesn't seem surprised by what 
his friend tells him.  Afterward, he'll tell Adol-kun to follow him.

He'll lead you to the warehouse and it's here that Slaghf gives 
you the Talwarl. =P  He'll go on a bit about the sword and its 
origins which isn't integral to the story in the least. =P  And
woo, you get to enter and exit the warehouse freely now. ^.^

Hey look!  The couple from Minea in the other Ys I games is here! XP

  4) Getting rid of the piece of paper
After you return the Silver Harmonica to Reah, equip the piece of paper 
and then go up to her and ... use it. ^^;;; She will explain that she 
dropped it one day and Adol hands it back to her.  And no, I really don't 
know the significance to all this. ^^;

  5) Alen Smithy's Graveyard
NOTE:  You can only get here by starting a new game AFTER you finish Ys 
Eternal.  This also works if you load up a saved game but you may have to
restart the game first and follow the below instructions.

!! Finishing Ys Eternal is defined as watching the ending up to the      !!
!! that shows The End (which appears after the credits roll).  Believe   !! 
!! me, if you decide to turn off the computer or something BEFORE then,  !!
!! the game will not be considered completed. -_-#                      !!

Just get Adol killed by an enemy*.  DO NOT use the Evil Ring as your means
of getting here since you will be locked in a cycle of .... dying. -_-;
Now, at the Game Over screen, hit Y, S, and Enter/Return at the same time.  
You'll be teleported to an area with a checkered-pattern on the floor.  
Chase after the little yellow bunny critter that immediately dashes off 
after it spots Adol. ^^;  (If you're fast enough, you'll see it vanish into 
the TV monitor at the end of the top right corridor).

You will end up in a room where you meet Gau.  He(?) will then spout
that ever-familiar dialogue that you have read many times over already:  
"I haven't seen your face around here before.  Where are you from?"
Adol will tell Gau that he came from the plains after being killed
by a mouse (well, in Chinese, a Picard is known as a mouse ^^).

(* Methinks getting killed by a Picard may be the main trigger that allows
you to use the Y, S, and Enter combo any time you're at the Game Over

Gau will ask you if you know where the exit is but he will only show
you how to leave here if you correctly answer the following question (which 
refers to Gau himself):

Who is this character?
1) The  that appears in 
   Popful Mail
2) Someone from Goemon <-- not sure of title

Getting the wrong answer results in something fun to watch. (Heh) ^^
Choosing the wrong answer AGAIN (Gau will give you another chance after
your first blunder XP) can have a devastating effect though.  Try Y, S, 
and Enter/Return again after this and see what happens. ^^;

Choosing the correct one will get you to the developers' room where you'll
get to meet the Ys Eternal staff.  Talk to the 2 guys on the left side
of the room (1 is sitting at the computer, while the other one is ... 
exercising? ^^) several times and you'll get to see some .... interesting ... 
stuff. =P  You will laugh if you can read the dialogue of what the guy who 
shows you the 2 pictures of Elena says. ^.^;;  Oh yes, hit the right mouse 
button to exit from the picture(s).  Also note that Adol kind of has dialogue 
here. ^O^; (Kind of being the keywords. ^^;;)  After conversing with everyone, 
the Falcom employee that was doing exercise earlier (that Elena fan) will 
subject you to a quiz on how well you know Falcom and the Ys series. ^_^;  
You will know if you get them wrong or right by the sound effects. XP  He 
stops if you get about 8 of them right. ^^  (Methinks he's scared of your 
Falcom knowledge. ^^)

Now how do you leave the developers' room?  I have no idea. =P  But you
don't REALLY want to go back, do you?  I mean, all your equipment and 
inventory is gone!  Or did you not notice? >P

  6) Grey-Coloured Adol
NOTE:  You only get this AFTER you finish Ys Eternal.

!! Finishing Ys Eternal is defined as watching the ending up to the      !!
!! that shows The End (which appears after the credits roll).  Believe   !! 
!! me, if you decide to turn off the computer or something BEFORE then,  !!
!! the game will not be considered completed. -_-#                      !!

Load up a saved game that's prior to the final confrontation.  Fight Dalk
Fukt again and AIM to fall into the void.  Once you see the Game Over screen, 
hit Y, S, and Enter/Return keys together.  Ghostly Adol will end up in Alen 
Smithy's Graveyard! *o*

  7) Changing the window design
NOTE:  You only get this AFTER you finish Ys Eternal.

** Finishing Ys Eternal is defined as watching the ending up to the screen
that shows The End (which appears after the credits roll).  Believe me, if 
you decide to turn off the computer or something BEFORE then, the game will 
not be considered completed. _ **

If you access Option when the main title screen shows up or when in-game, 
you will notice a new menu option under "Gamma Correction".  Choosing 
it will bring you to a screen where you can choose from 8 different 
background tiles.  The one ye chooses will end up being the background 
and frame (if applicable =P) for all the dialogue boxes, menu boxes, etc.


  1) Why are there such long load times!?
Well, you might want to check if you have the minimum requirements to run
Ys Eternal. =P  Or perhaps you're running it off the CD ROM itself??? >P
(In this case, your CD ROM drive is too slow. ^^)  Be good and run the 
game the way it's supposed to be run -- off the hard drive. >P  There's 
a reason they MAKE you dump files onto the drive, you know.  Besides, it's 
not like you can save if you're playing off the CD ROM. =P

  2) How do I get the in-game text to show up in English Windows?
    (Chinese Version -_-;)

!! Please note that the following is for Win NT, 98 & 2000 only.  And    !!
!! after some experimentation with the Japanese version, I have found    !!
!! that the following applies only with the Chinese one.  Er ... not     !!
!! sure about the Korean version though ...                              !!

Ys Eternal was released in 3 languages:  Japanese, Chinese (Taiwanese), 
and Korean.  As you may know, the English version of Microsoft Windows
9x does not include language support for ANY of these languages because of 
the fact that Microsoft has released localized versions of their OS in 
those particular languages.  As far as I know, all language versions 
of Ys Eternal are playable on English Win 9x except you just can't read 
ANY of the in-game text. =P  The mumble jumble in the readme files and 
on the installation screen, however, are viewable by East Asian 
multi-lingual decoders such as NJWin or Unionway's AsianSuite.

So what's the trick in making the text readable in Ys Eternal, you ask?  
Well, there are 2 ways:  One is to download the corresponding language 
support for the language your game is in and the other way is to install 
Internet Explorer 5 which comes with the Multi-lingual language support 
packs that you need.

(Note:  URLs are subject to change.)
Go to and then to Product Support.  
Scroll down the page until you hit International Support, select the one 
that you need and follow the downloading instructions.  If you don't get 
the option to choose the language you want, then chances are you have them 
installed already. =P

(Note:  URLs are subject to change.)
To install Internet Explorer 5, go to Microsoft's IE page at and download IE5.  If I remember correctly, 
after you run the install program of IE, it will present you with a bunch 
of additional components you can install.  Among them are the Chinese, 
Japanese, and Korean Language Supports and IMEs.  You don't really need the 
IMEs unless you plan on typing in Asian languages in Word or other MS 
applications.  Anyway, note that choosing these the language support 
packages increases your download time so unless you have a fast connection, 
be prepared for a long download. =P  From my experience, Microsoft's 
download sites are pretty congested most of the time. -_-;;;;;;;

Oh yes, if you have or can borrow IE5 on CD ROM, do so.  It'll save you 
MUCH unneeded agony. XP

  3) I'm still seeing blocks as text even AFTER installing the 
     corresponding Language Support!  (Chinese Version -_-;)

!! Please note that the following is for Win NT, 98 & 2000 only.  And    !!
!! after some experimentation with the Japanese version, I have found    !!
!! that the following applies only with the Chinese one.  Er ... not     !!
!! sure about the Korean version though ...                              !!

If you have a similar experience like me where the language support was 
downloaded and installed but the in-game text STILL showed up as blocks
then here's what you need to do (Er, note that I was playing the Chinese 
edition so there might be some discrepancies in terms of file names and 
directories ^^):

- CHECK the Font.ys file in the Data subdirectory on your Ys Eternal 
directory/folder.  Use Windows Explorer or whatever you use to look up
directories and stuff. =P

- MAKE SURE the DATE of that file (Font.ys) matches the one on the game CD 
ROM.  To check for the Font.ys file on the CD ROM, put the game CD into the 
CD ROM drive, use your Windows Explorer and go to your CD ROM drive, open 
the Ys Eternal directory, and go into the Data subdirectory.

- If the Font.ys file on your hard drive is showing a more recent date 
(basically different) than the one on the CD ROM, COPY the Font.ys file from
the CD ROM over the one you have on your drive.  When the computer asks you 
if you want to replace the one on your hard drive, choose Yes.

- Load the game and you SHOULD see text on the main menu screen as well as 
everywhere else where blocks used to be. ^_^

  4) Help!  The game won't allow me to select MIDI/GS or MIDI/SC-88!
Erm, depending on the edition of Ys Eternal you have (such as regular,
special, or limited), you may not get the opportunity to access the 
remaining 2 MIDI soundtracks. =/  I have the Special Edition (I think ^^) 
which comes with the 3-CD Ys Super Collection set.  The Ys MIDI Super 
Collection CD in it contains the GS and SC-88 soundtracks.

I'm not entirely sure if the Korean and Japanese versions have the GS and 
SC-88 MIDI soundtracks though so what you read below is from the Taiwanese
version.  Also, directory names might be different.  I can't verify this 
but I'm pretty sure that they're most likely the same for all 3 language
versions. ^^

How to get the MIDI/GS and MIDI/SC-88 to work (only for owners of the 
Special/Limited Edition? o.o??):

The readme file that is on the MIDI CD explains how you can get the MIDI 
tracks to play in Ys Eternal.  However, if you CAN'T read it, here's what 
you do:

1:  Go to your Ys Eternal MIDI directory on your hard drive.  For example:
    C:\Program Files\Kings\YS ETERNAL\data\midi\
2:  Now go to the Game_mds directory on the Ys MIDI Super Collection CD
3:  Copy the Midiinst.exe into the Ys Eternal MIDI subdirectory on your
    hard drive.
4:  Copy both the GS and SC88 directories into the MIDI subdirectory as 
    well.  (Make sure the extensions of these files are mds and NOT mid. >P)
5:  Remove the Ys MIDI Super Collection CD.
6:  Put the Ys Eternal game CD into the CD ROM drive.
7:  Load up the game the way you usually do.
8:  Go into Option and then Music Control (the 3rd option).
9.  MIDI/GS and MIDI/SC-88 should now be accessible. +D

Hirm, I THINK Falcom's Ys Eternal Web site has the Midiinst.exe and the
remaining MIDI soundtracks available for downloading.  Not entirely sure 
though. =/

  5) Help!  There aren't voices for the characters! T_T
I hate to break it to you, honey, but contrary to popular belief and 
rumours, there ain't no vocals in Ys Eternal. =P  Be glad they even make 
beeping and booping noises when they "talk". XP

  6) Help!  I can't get into Dahm Tower! >_<
Players of the Japanese version have written to me stating how they can't
get into Dahm Tower even after finishing the Abandoned Mine and speaking 
to Jevah several times afterward.  Although I've yet to finish playing the
Japanese version (for theory-testing, troubleshooting, etc. purposes =P),
the only things I can think of that MAY get Goban to open the door for
you into the Tower is to:

a)  Have Jevah read ALL 3 Books of Ys that are currently in Adol's 
    possession and then speak to her again after (like quit the 
    conversation and then bump into her again to start it again  ^^)

b)  Complete the Luther Gemma quest.  You can find this under 10) MINEA, 
    PLACID ROW:  Book of Ys, Volume Tovah.

  7) Help!  I can't continue after dying in the final boss battle!
This is a bug in the game that exists in first generation copies of the
game. -_-

I don't know if this is true for the first time you fight Dalky (as in, 
this isn't your second time through playing Ys Eternal), but sometimes, if 
you finish the game and reload the save game just before that point (I take 
it you DID save before facing bad boy >P), you will not be able to get the 
chance to take another shot at Dalk Fukt right after you die. =/  The play 
area window will be black and you can only select Load (where you can't load 
games anyway -,-) or to go into the Option menu. =/  Your HP will also 
reflect the same amount you had before you woke up in Buldo's Clinic.

Your only way to get out of this is to quit the game and reload it. =/

However, it IS possible to AVOID all this.  You can do it by *NOT* playing
the final fight with CD-DA OR MIDI/GM selected as your BGM.  Select either 
the MIDI/GS or MIDI/SC-88 soundtracks (if they're available), or Background 
Music OFF, and you WILL be fine. ^_^  (Yes, I've tested this under all these 
options. ^^)

Of course, there's always the patch too ... (see below XP)  Also, new 
versions of Ys Eternal come with the patch already applied so this bug
shouldn't exist. ^^  (You know you have the new version if it comes with
Easy Mode~~ ^-^)

You need Japanese SHIFT-JIS encoding to read this page.

This little section is for the benefit of the owners of the Japanese 
version of Ys Eternal that don't read/understand Japanese. ^^;;;;;
(Not that my understanding of Japanese is very good or anything. XP)

*** What you will find there ***
The support page itself contains information and links to many technical
issues that one may have in regards to the game and weren't exactly covered
in the manual.  Many of them have to do with capatibility problems with 
certain video and sound cards and others have to do with outdated drivers 
and such.  You'll also find the Easy Mode patch here for those that were 
(un)fortunate enough to purchase the first generation of Ys Eternal copies 
that Falcom pumped out.

I've been told that the Easy Mode patch is already applied to the new 
copies of the game.  This means that people that have that particular 
version of Ys Eternal have the choice to choose between Normal and Easy 
difficulty modes when they start a new game. ^-^

And if I'm reading the page properly, old saved games (from Normal Mode) 
cannot be used with the patch meaning that if you want to play a part of 
the game with Easy Mode, you'll have to start the game over in Easy Mode.

The README.TXT file that comes with the thing has a more thorough and 
extensive list of what the Easy Mode does to the game.  But here are just 
some examples of some o' the changes:

- Adol's strength is increased by 1.5 times
- The speed of enemies have been reduced

Some last minute notes that didn't make it into the README.TXT file: 

Shortcut keys for Adol's dash
Ah yes, we owners of the first release of the game have the wonderful 
agony of being defeated by enemies JUST because we couldn't hit the 
directional key/numberpad key/left mouse button twice fast enough.  (All 
this means is that Adol took a leisurely stroll around the area instead of 
RUNNING like he was supposed to! >P)  Well, now you won't have to worry 
about that anymore since Falcom was NICE enough to implement some new, 
convenient ways of getting the red-headed hero to run. =B

!! I think Japanese keyboards are different so the following applies to  !!
!! THEIR standard keyboards not American ones. -_-;  I note this cuz I   !! 
!! only got the Shift Key + direction/numberpad key combo to work        !!

- Shift Key + direction/numberpad key
- Ctrl Key + direction/numberpad key
- Toggle the Capslock Key on + direction/numberpad key

JOYSTICK (er, I think this might be the same as before? ^^)
- B button + direction you want to go

Auto Judgement 2
(This has to do with the whole frame rate thing in Video Control sub-menu)
I'm not entirely sure about what's written about this but from what I 
understand, selecting this option will have your character moving at a 
speed that exceeds what the current environment is moving at.  This is 
only effective in Normal Mode.

*** YS ETERNAL ver 8.03 PATCH ***
(Latest version can be found at
Falcom has released a patch for its Japanese version that remedies the 
known problems of the game.  And as far as I know, this patch works for ALL 
editions of J Ys Eternal. XP

Here's a list of what it fixes:
- The DDERR_OUTOFVIDEOMEMORY error that occurs after the game is loaded up
- Adol's inability to move after Pictimos is defeated
- Music not looping normally after putting the game CD back into the CD ROM 
  drive. (<-- not 100% sure on this)
- The hang-ups that occur at the entrance of the Abandoned Mines and Dahm
  Tower (Bandits' Hideout/Passage toward Pandemonium)
- The suspension of the game after being defeated by Dalk Fukt
- The freezing of the game after the sound effect of buying items and 
  opening chests is played

Stuff I'm not sure about (>_<):
- The termination of the game caused by loading or saving a game.
- AVIs not playing under a certain mode.  (Starting mode might have to
  be changed.*)

* Changing Starting Mode
If you're having problems booting up Ys Eternal or you find that it's 
running slow, you can add certain switches/options that may help you get 
the game to run (faster).  I'm pretty sure you don't need to run the patch
to use these ...

Options                               Description
  -c        The background/environment around character portraits is white.
  -e        Starts DirectDraw emulation mode.  Things are drawn at a lower
  -s        DirectSound is off.  Sound effects aren't loaded (making the 
            game run significantly faster, I might add ^^;;;).
  -v        All AVI movie files are omitted; this includes those seen when
            opening a Book of Ys, using an item such as the Mirror, etc.

Nargh, just can't figure out what exactly -c and -e do. ><  Maybe those 
switches don't apply to the Taiwanese version? ^^  Well, there is something 
about being able to use -c, -s, and -v after the patch is applied.

Anyway, how do you go about using these options?  Here be the steps:
1.  Access the Start Menu by clicking on the Start Button on your Windows 
2.  Choose Settings and then Taskbar & Start Menu.
3.  Go to Advanced, Programs, and then Ys Eternal.  If you have the Address
    Bar on, its field might read C:\WINDOWS\Start Menu\Programs\Ys Eternal
4.  Right click on the Ys Eternal icon to bring up a sub-menu.
5.  Choose Properties.  Information about the Ys Eternal shortcut should be 
    displayed.  If not, click on the Shortcut tab.
6.  In the Target field, there will be a line that might look something
    like this: "C:\Program Files\Kings\YS ETERNAL\ys1_win.exe"
7.  AFTER the last quotation mark, type in any, some or all of the switches.  
    No, the order doesn't matter.  For example:
    "C:\Program Files\Kings\YS ETERNAL\ys1_win.exe" -s -c
8.  Click Apply and then Close after you're done.
9.  Now you can load up Ys Eternal by double-clicking on the icon or doing
    it the usual way by going through Start, Programs, etc. etc.
Yup, this wasn't put together without the help of other people and/or Web 
sites. =B  This is just a widdle spot to thank those who contributed to the
making of this rather long walkthrough file. ^^  So, without further adieu,
I give me thanks to~

Kuno Christoffel
- for helping me with translating some sub-menus & what the Roda Tree says.
  Also, she's being thanked for enduring my senseless Ys E babblings. XP

Marc Dziezynski
- for telling me that the EXP system in Ys Eternal has actually been used 
  before in other Ys games.

Benny Hsieh
- for helping me troubleshoot the language support problem & also selling me
  the game. ^-^

- for letting me get a copy of her currently unfinished Ys Eternal FAQ. ^-^
  I used it the first time I played Ys Eternal. =B

Espe-Runs EsterioR Guild
- my source for the Japanese version of Ys Eternal.  This actually helped
  immensely with the translations of the stuff Slaghf talks about in the
  beginning of the game. ^^  And yup, this is the page that had the 
  collection of silly, strange, useful, and pointless stuff that can be
  done in Ys Eternal. ^-^;
- I can't translate the name of this Taiwanese site. -_-;;;  Anyway, the 
  walkthrough here helped me when I was at the Abandoned Mine. ^_^

Ys eternal WEB support
- indeed, this was the source for the Web support page section of this 
  file document.
The writer of the Y'S: THE VANISHED OMENS walkthrough (for Sega Master 
System).  Since Salah's FAQ was incomplete, I had to rely on an alternate
source of information to finish the game. XB  And hey, it might have been
written for another platform but it sure as heck did the job for me. =P

Monsters listed may appear in multiple areas but I only recorded their 
"first appearance".


              HP     STR    DEF
PICARD         8     13      8
(those yellow-orange animals seen at Barbado)

OACROT        25     16      9
(wooden guys)

CURLOYD       25     19     11
(blue guys)

RHEBOLL       30     23     12
(wolf/dog-like things)


              HP     STR    DEF
UNUGUN        50     34     10


[- LEVEL 1 -]
              HP     STR    DEF
UNNOS         50     93     60
(skeletal torso armed with sword)

BOLNER        50     97     70 
(spider-esque; appears on level 2 as well)

LOOTER        50     110    100 
(flaming skull; appears on level 2 as well)


[- LEVEL 3- ]
              HP     STR    DEF
RESCOYD       100    140    105
(blue head)

LYUS          100    155    120
(lion-like creature)

DINVEL        100    167    132
(horned figure holding a sword)


[- LEVEL 1 -]
              HP     STR    DEF
NUBRROW       180    185    110
(pink tentacled blobs)

GRYEL         180    200    120
(bluish globbly humanoid thing with red veins ... eew)

OTHCLOS       180    220    130
(giant red maggots)


[- LEVEL 2 -]
              HP     STR    DEF
DYNICK        200    200    120
(purple mouth-like things with wagging tongues)

KARON         200    225    150
(demonic, skeletal half-torso)

MENON         200    235    160
(brown round, one-eyed buggers)


[- LEVEL 3 -]
              HP     STR    DEF
CHELASKEN     255    210    160
(fiery bird)

LIMENDY       255    225    175
(giant upright ant)
BRAYZAL       255    235    185
(blue-armored fellows)


              HP     STR    DEF
REFRYGUN      255    236    100 
(gold and blue horned guys)


              HP     STR    DEF
JESTONA       255    236    120
(walking pink armor)


[- ENEMIES IN DAHM TOWER, F6, East Side -]
              HP     STR    DEF
ACUMATE       255    250    120


              HP     STR    DEF
ZINOYD        255    250    120
(purple monsters)

NORMASS       255    250    170
(3-headed statues)


              HP     STR    DEF
XOMACK        255    244    120 
(pink and gold annoyances)


              HP     STR    DEF
VILVAN        255    244    120
(twiggy bastards)

WILEWARER     255    248    146
(yellow armored guys)


              HP     STR    DEF
IREBOWG       255    256    144           
(greenish-blue cyclops donned in purple armor)


              HP     STR    DEF
MOLFES        255    256    190
(greenish two-armed blobs)


              HP     STR    DEF
KALMAREL      255    260    200


              HP     STR    DEF
SELNURGE      255    256    140
(annoying freaks in bright yellow armor)


              HP     STR    DEF
CHRYOLOS      255    256    140
(green guys with bladed arms)


              HP     STR    DEF
TOWARS        255    290    234
(annoying golden armored freaks)


              HP     STR    DEF
EUCHREAS      255    270    160
(guy with helmet and cloak)

BORDISH       255    274    170
(red creatures)

This is a list of where all obtainable items are found and their base costs 
(if applicable).  After some thinking and consulting with other opinions, I 
decided to just do this in alphabetical order.

ITEM                      LOCATION                 PURCHASE COST
Bestiary Potion        Chest in Plains                  ---
Book of Ys:
Volume Dabby   Abandoned Mines, Level 3 (boss)          ---
Volume Fukt               Dahm 25                       ---
Volume Gemma           Dahm F14 (boss)                  ---
Volume Hadal        Shrine Level 3 (boss)               ---
Volume Messa           Dahm F8 (boss)                   ---
Volume Tovah     Fortuneteller Sarah (Minea)            ---
Brass Ring                Shrine                        ---
Blue Amulet           Dahm F11 (Luther)                 ---
Blue Necklace             Dahm F3                       ---
Dahm Key           Abandoned Mines, Level 3             ---
Evil Ring                 Dahm F2                       ---
Glasses                Tower of Lado                    ---
Golden Pedestal        Lake in Plains                   ---
Hammer                 Dahm F8 (boss)                   ---
Heal Potion        Clause's Clinic (Minea)              1000
                  Various chests in dungeons            ---
Heal Ring          Abandoned Mine, Level 2              ---
Idol                    Dahm Prison                     ---
Ivory Key              Shrine Level 3                   ---
Marble Key             Shrine Level 3                   ---
Mask of Eyes        Shrine Level 1 (cell)               ---
Mirror              Pim the Barter (Minea)              1000
                          Dahm F2                       ---
Necklace               Shrine Level 1                   ---
Piece of Paper         Chest in Plains                  ---
Power Ring      Village Elder's House (Zeptik)          ---
Prison Key             Shrine Level 2                   ---
Rod                    Dahm F14 (boss)                  ---
Ruby                       Shrine                       ---
Sapphire Ring       Pim the Barter (Minea)              1000
Sarah's Crystal  Fortuneteller Sarah (Minea)            ---
Seed of Roda       Abandoned Mine, Level 2              ---
Shrine Key      Jevah's House (Zeptik Village)          ---
Silver Bell            Shrine Level 2                   ---
Silver Harmonica   Abandoned Mine, Level 2              ---
Time Ring          Abandoned Mine, Level 1              ---
Treasure Box Key       Shrine Level 2                   ---
Wing                Pim the Barter (Minea)              2000

This is a list of where all obtainable armor, shields, and weapons are 
found and their base costs (if applicable).  These ones are arranged "in 
sets" (sword, shield and then armor) from weakest to strongest. ^^

ITEM                      LOCATION                 PURCHASE COST
Short Sword       Rosetti's Weaponry (Minea)            500
                       Slaghf (Barbado)                 ---
Small Shield         Dios' Armory (Minea)               700
Chain Mail           Dios' Armory (Minea)               400
Long Sword        Rosetti's Weaponry (Minea)            2000
Middle Shield        Dios' Armory (Minea)               2000
Plate Mail           Dios' Armory (Minea)               2000
Talwarl           Rosetti's Weaponry (Minea)            5000
                       Slaghf (Barbado)                 ---
Large Shield         Dios' Armory (Minea)               6000
Reflex               Dios' Armory (Minea)               5000
Silver Sword         Plains (Roda Tree)                 ---
                          Dahm F7                       ---
Silver Shield          Shrine Level 3                   ---
                          Dahm F9                       ---
Silver Armor       Abandoned Mine, Level 1              ---
                          Dahm F13                      ---
Flame Sword               Dahm F20                      ---
Battle Shield             Dahm F16                      ---
Battle Armor              Dahm F19                      ---

I just added this here since I needed a spot to point out the things about 
this game that plague me. =/  Perhaps ye can help me solve these mysteries?
Or if you find that these are just seemingly babblings of someone that 
obviously knows next to nothing about the Ys series, then please tell me
and I will remove this section. =P

- 7 "priest" names and 6 redemptions
You know, I wonder why there are 7 names (Dabby, Gemma, Hadal, Messa, 
Tovah, and *2* Fukts) and 6 redemptions.  As far as anyone knows, there 
are only 6 Ys Priests too so ... where the heck did that OTHER Fukt come 
from? o_O  Did either Amuda or Fad Fukt just happen split into 2 beings
at one point in time?  Where's the continuity here, Falcom?  This is a
remake of a game, not rewrite of a story, dangit. =P

- Why is Dalk Fukt given the title of Ys Priest?
Again, there are only 6 Ys Priests ... right?  Or maybe Dalk Fukt was a 
practicing Ys priest so he could follow in the footsteps of his 
ancestor? o.o

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