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The most effective way to dispose of enemy vampires is to lure them towards you using the Awe Discipline, which makes them clueless enough as to easily enable you to feed on their blood as you would a mortal's. While the don't make the tastiest of snacks, you'll be able to drain the average vampire dry with no problems.

If you fancy yourself as an undead James Bond-of-sorts, use the Obfuscate power Mask of a Thousand Faces to disguise yourself while in enemy territory. After selecting the power, simply right-click on another character to morph your appearance to theirs.

Though somewhat logical, it's worth noting that when creating a multiplayer game, the best and most challenging experience will come from balancing the strengths of player characters with those of your enemy. Also, unless you're a die-hard deathmatch fan, you should also mix up combat with involving quests and role-play to add depth and variety to the experience.

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