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Select the 'single player' icon, and when the single player game page appears, type drdeath. If entered correctly, you'll find that a Cavedog Entertainment bone will appear between the 'load game' and 'previous menu' icons. Clicking on this will take you to a special mission selection screen that allows you to play any level, despite whether or not you've legitimately earned your way to that level as yet.


While playing a game, hit ENTER to bring up the message box before entering one of the following cheat codes. You'll find that most of these work only in multiplayer and skirmish modes.

+ATMGives you 1000 metal and energy
+CDSTART or +CDPLAYStarts CD music
+CDSTOPStops CD music
+CLOCKShows game clock
+CONTOUR #Displays a 3D contour, where # = 1-15
+CONTROL #Lets you control a different skirmish AI, where # = 0-3
+DITHERDithering instead of line-of-sight
+DOUBLESHOOTWeapons do double damage
+HALFSHOTWeapons do half damage
+ILOSECauses you to lose
+IWINCauses you to win
+KILLKills all units (including own)
+LIGHT 1000Make structures darker. Omit the number to make them black
+NOENERGYYour energy drops to 0
+NOMETALYour metal supplies drop to 0
+NOSHAKEStops screen shaking upon explosions
+NOWISEE or +LOSShows full map and disables line of sight
+RADAR100% radar coverage
+SHADOWToggles object shadowing
+SINGUnits 'sing' when giving orders
+SOUND3DToggles 3D sound
+SWITCHALTUse number keys to switch between squads
+VIEW #Reveals the metal and energy supplies held by player, where # = 0-3


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