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When playing as Aramon, use the Monarch to slay an enemy build unit - such as their shaman - before resurrecting that unit from the dead. The buildr may then be used to build that side's dragon, which will be under your control. It is possible to acquire control over all four dragons using this method in skirmish mode.

An alternative method that may be used to achieve this goal involves players using Taros. That team's Mind Mage may be used to convert enemy builders, and to potentially give you the ability to acquire every unit the enemy has (other than those that you already control), including the enemy's ever-powerful dragon.


After failing any mission, you will be prompted to restart the campaign. Instead, simply click on the 'next' button to jump to the following mission.


While playing a game, hit ENTER to bring up the message box before keying-in one of the following cheat codes and hitting ENTER once more to confirm. Entering the code again will deactivate it. You'll find that most of these work only in multiplayer and skirmish modes.

atmGives you 1000 metal and energy
cdstartStarts CD music
ditherDithering instead of line-of-sight
doubleshotWeapons inflict double damage
fogcolor #Select color of fog of war, where # = 1-256
halfshotWeapons do half damage
iloseCauses you to lose
iwinCauses you to win
noenergyYour energy level drops to 0
nometalDrops your metal to 0
nowiseeReveal full map and disable line-of-sight
radarMaximum radar coverage
singCommand units 'sing' when given orders


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