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To get the cheats to work type CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+C, then type:

WATER_TOOL : Puts water around your home
KLAPAUCIUS : Gives you an additional $1000
SET_HOUR : (Values 1-24)
SET_SPEED : (Values -1000 - +1000)
LOG_MASK : Set event logging mask
INTERESTS : change personalities/interests
AUTONOMY : (Values 0-100)
MAP_EDIT ON : Edit Maps on
MAP_EDIT OFF : Edit Maps on
ROUTE_BALLOONS ON : Self explanatory
ROUTE_BALLOONS OFF : Self explanatory
SWEEP ON : Ticks enabled
SWEEP OFF : Ticks disabled
TILE_INFO ON : Tile information displayed
TILE_INFO OFF : Tile information hidden
DRAW_ALL_FRAMES ON : Draw All Frames enabled
DRAW_ALL_FRAMES OFF : Draw All Frames disabled
;! : Repeats last cheat code

Bill evasion:

To never ever get bills again. Simply type in the cheat; Move_objects on Go to build and click on the hand. Run the hand over the Mail box and click on delete.

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Level skip:

Press the F10 key when asked to select the starting level and you can start at level 30 instead of level 10.

Another money-related cheat:

Money is a real pain on the sims but this is the best money code. press shift+ctrl+alt+c. Then a little gray bar will show up in the uper left corner to get $1000 type in rosebud but it stinks! Type in rosbud but then add;; and press enter it will say no cheat. Just keep on holding enter and it will add $2000. the longer u hold it the more u get. In about 30 seconds u will get$100,000.

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Avoiding chores:

When playing The Sims I get tired of taking out the trash, as it uses alot of your energy and it gets annoying. When trash can is full, simply pause game in buy mode, (buying chairs, tables etc...) highlight the trash can, delete it and simply replace it with new.

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