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RUNE (Walkthrough)

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Rune Full Walkthrough
                              Walkthru by

I'm going to get right into this, the purpose of this walkthrough is to help 
you, it will hold your hand all the way through if you wish, but that was not my
intended purpose, rather, IMO you should play the game, and when you have 
trouble, consult here =).

All area's of the game are broken up by loading screens, and as such, all save-
games are named the area.  This makes it very easy to find the help you need, 
by using your browsers search function to search for the name of your saved 
game in the area you are having trouble.

I HIGHLY recommend quicksaving/loading OFTEN, there are many area's of the game,
where even when you know what you are doing, you may fall off a cliff, miss a 
platform, or just succumb to enemy forces, quicksaves really help relieve some
of the anger than can occur from an unexpected death =p.

As with my Messiah walkthrough, I am not trying to chronicle every corner of the 
game, the idea is to get you through it.  I am also not trying to give away any
of the story, therefore, you will often find mentioned things such as 
'cutscene,' with no explaination.  This is not a transcript of the game, the
story is very ingenious, please pay your respects to the authors hardwork, by
enjoying it, and not cheating yourself out of the experience.

Note:  I'm aware that my spelling is atrocious, and not even consistent.  This 
isn't a school paper.  The idea here is to get the idea across as simply as 
possible, no need to correct me if you find an error =p.


                        -|**  AND IT BEGINS:  **|-

Intro - Setting, explanation of Ragnorok, introduction of hero [enter to skip]



Head to the left and around a house to meet Sigard, this will not be your last
encounter with him..nice axe tho, eh?  Continue along the left wall, untill you 
can go no further.  Follow the house, and jump over a small fence, then procede,
sticking to the left.  Open the Large Gate, and proceed inside.  Go around the 
left of the large house to find a side entrance, already open.  Collect the 
various wepons, and eat your first lizard, found in the right corner, mmmm
tasty.  Continue in the door for your first battle--a simple one, just 
continually strafe to the right, circling your opponent, while slicing away.  
Collect his shield while he talks.  A cinema...and the struggle to stop ragnorok 


                   ---=====The Ships Graveyard=====---

Swim to the surface for a breath of air.  Then procede to dive straight down 
(duck key) past your fridged comrads to a sunken ship.  Enter the bridge of the 
ship to find a small hole leading downwards, continue through it.  Swim forward, 
to another downward hole, go through it, and find another ship, at end of it, 
yet another hole, go through.  Continue through the holes, to a loading screen.


                   ---=====The Underworld Ruins=====---

Swim forward as far as you can, into an underwater ruins of sort.  Swim around
the ruins (avoiding the cool looking fish) until you see a low ledge on the 
surface.  Climb out onto it, and pull out your sword, and swing at the crack in 
the wall.  Always be on the lookout for weak walls, they abound throughout the 
game.  After the water fills, dive back in, and swim to the bottom.  Go around 
the pillar, until you find an entrance to the room you just flooded, go in, 
and swim to the top.  Again, use your sword to break the weak door.  Climb up to 
a tall part of the wall, and jump over to the outstreatched platform to the 
right, and fall thru the grate, back into the water.  Swim forward, then 
down/right, then forward, forward, and surface through a school of jelly fish.

Press the switch to lower the floor, then dive to the bottom, and go thru the 
door, then hole in the wall.  Follow the light up, then the crack in the wall 


               ---=====Underworld Ruins at Sigmundr=====---

Go forward, thru the enemies (which can be defeated if you choose, by slashin 
off their tongues as they lash at you).  Continue until you find a cliff 
overlooking some water.  Jump to the left, and grab the ledge, pull yourself up,
and continue along, finding a shield to the left.  Simply continue thru this 
cavern, avoiding the enemies (you can kill them easily, but avoid them even 
easier).  Once you reach a small green platform with posion shrooms in it, 
you will be informed how to grab a vine, do so, and climb up (jump key).

At the top, jump off, and instead of going right (seems like the obvious 
direction to go), go left, thru the enemies, and break the weakened wall with 
your sword.  Continue forward, and go up onto the middle platform, to be 
introduced with the allmighty Odin.  After he finishes his speech (which is 
quite cool, i must say), he will open a path for you, take it.  Head down, then 
around the right, then jump to the middle, and follow the spiral down to the 
left, untill you reach the bottom.  At the bottom, you should see pillars to 
the exit of this room, simply jump from pilar to pilar to find your way out.  
Note: should you fall in the water, get out quickly, the large jelly fish emit
shockwaves when you are in the water.  In the next room, fall down the hole 
to the left.


               ---=====Underworld Caverns at Skorir=====---

Continue down, following the platforms to avoid fall damage.  At the bottom, 
enter the water, and swim thru the tunnel.  Once you are thru the tunnel, 
stick to the left, to find another tunnel, follow it, until you surface in an 
area where large jellyfish are fallin from waterfalls, into your water.  Get 
past them quickly, avoiding the shockwaves, and enter the next cavern, where 
you will find small creatures battling with the tongue things.  Head past them, 
and climb the first vine you see.

At the top, turn around, and jump to the platform (use key).  Follow the right
wall around the room, until you reach another vine to climb (jump on the white 
flowers to reach the vine), cimb it, and jump off at the top.  Follow the right 
wall again, into the next room, jump to the ledge, and go past the enemy (don't 
worry about it if one of these things takes your sword, there are plenty of 
weapons in the game). Go along until you fall into the hole of loading =].


                ---=====Underworld River Caverns=====---

Run past all the enemies untill you see a cut-scene of a piece of rock get 
smashed, then continue to the bottom (via the platforms).  Once there, wait 
around a few seconds and the piece you saw smashed will get down there, and 
make you a platform to climb.  Climb it, then climb the vine, and jump to the 
platform to the left.  Eat the fruit across the chasm, then climb down one of 
the vines in between (avoiding the steam).  At the bottom, go thru the tunnel 
to the left of the 'bad guy camp.'  Again, take care to avoid the steam.

Follow the wall around to the left, avoiding holes, and falling platforms.  
Follow the left fork of the river to the top, past some vines, to a small pool 
with extruding kelp.  Jump in the water, and swim thru the tunnel.  Swim all the 
way across this huge underwater room to find an assortment of sponge and other 
sea type creatures around a doorway (one of those cool fish might be following 
you around here also).  Go thru the entrance and to the left, swim to the end, 
then up up up...


                 ---=====Eitri Underworld Lair=====---

Climb up the ledges, and past all the lil critters.  Grab the torch and a sheild 
if you need one, then run past/jump over all the large critters (they don't seem 
to attack while you hold the torch...cept occasionally one or two will peal off 
and chase you).  Continue through the next cavern, simply avoiding the jumpy 
At the back of a group of 3 tongue guys, there is a hole/tunnel, climb into it, 
and continue thru it.

Stay to the right side of the room past a pit of lava, and continue to see a 
of rival underground dwellers having it out.  Go around to the right, to where 
you see a jumpy smackin away at the wall, use your weapon to break the wall he 
was working on.  If you don't have a wepon for some reason or another at this 
point, use your torch to flame jumpy up, and take his =p.  Go through the hole.  
Go down the next hole, and thru the right of the mayhem filled room, to find a 
ledge you can climb up on, proceed up.  Go around the left of the water, to avoid
the shockwavers, and once at the back of the room, dive into the water and head 
thru the tunnel.  Go right at the first split, past the giant kewl-fish, then hook
a u-turn to the left, and follow it around and surface.  Exit the water, enter 
the next room and proceed to kill everything that moves.  Use the shell of one of 
the fallin critters (to the back/left of the room) to reach a stone ledge, climb 
the next one, and proceed around, following the right wall.  Thru the tunnel, and 
down the hole....


                ---=====Helgrind:  A Gate of Hel=====---

After a brief appearnce by Odin, grab your very first Rune of Lesser power.  
are scattered throughout the game, but you'll still want to conserve your magic 
for tough situations.  Fall off the cliff to your left, and jump across the cages 
as they go up and down.  Go forward, to some more cages, and jump across those as 
well.  Note: Those creatures with the glowing eyes that are seemingly invincible 
are Loki's Minions; To kill them, simply cut off their head (easier said than 
but easiest with a sword weapon).  

Continue along, and up the blocks/thru the hole in the wall (widen it with a wack 
if you need to).  Through the big gates, kill the critters and the main door will 
open, ignore the LM and head to the left once thru the door.  Climb up, and 
door breaks and falls off, Continue down the other side, and around, to a chain, 
which you can climb, do so.  At the top, the platform to the right contains a 
rune.  Then proceed to fall down the small hole.

You are now inside the castle again.  Grab some munchies off the wall, as well 
as an axe.  As soon as your down the next chain, hit the switch, locking one LM 
then behead the other with your axe (it may take a few tries).  Into the next 
head left, and pull the  lever.  Kill a few LM's (or run by em...but they _will_ 
chase you..), and enter the left room, pull both levers to open the big door.  
Operate the lever in the elevator..


                    ---=====Bridge over Geirvimul=====---

After an ominous welcome by Hel, head down, either direction, and kill some 
baddies.  In the right critter layer is a magic rune, and a viking short sword.  
Head down the stairs to the right of the left critter layer (which has a mace 
and sheild), take the torch from the wall, then enter the door.  Run thru the 
next two hallways, and press the lever at the end.  Continue along, and attack 
the LM maning a lever, then press the lever to torch his buddies.  Press the 
lever directly behind that one to lower an elevator.  Jump thru the lil window, 
and ride your way up.  Press the lever in the middle of the room, then enter the 
left door, exit the next door, hit the gong, and go back.  Once back by the 
middle lever, jump over the edge, to the lower level, and go straight, across the 
bridge.  Hit the gong, and run down the stairs, you'll get there just in time for
the gate to close in your face.  Go back up, and jump off the top of the stairs 
to the roof, and turn around, you'll see a back-gate.  Go in it, and head to the 
left.  Thru the next door, and hit the lever, this will lower you, kill two LM's 
and ride the grated lift.  This is a long slow ride, all you really have to do is
avoid the flames, easiest by staying to one side.  About halfway along, a couple 
LM's will jump onboard, just take care of them quickly, no problem.


                   ---=====Vargeisa:  Fires of Hel=====---

Operate the lever to call the elevator, once it reaches the top, use the lever 
again, to make it go back down, and hop on it.  A small distance from the 
elevator at the bottom, you will find a chain, climb to the top, and operate the 
lever, then climb back down, and head over the grate.  Run past all the enemies, 
and the last one will hit a gong, calling an platform down.  Continue along, until
you reach a small cliff to climb, and do so.  AFter entering the fire room, jump 
off the right, to a small ledge, and enter the door there.

This next part can be tricky, depending on how proficient your climbing is at 
this point.  You need to climb from ledge to ledge, but after about the 3rd one, 
the lava starts rising.  Just continue around the right of the room, until you 
see a door, or a magic rune, these are here to distract you.  Turn away from the 
door, and you will see more pilars, jump up them, to the top, and jump onto the 
chain, then climb up up up..


                  ---=====Eliudnir:  Hel's Chamber=====---

Run down the hall, operate the switch, enter the next room, and break thru the 
far wall.  Out onto the ledge, jump across to the other ledge, then thru the next 
hole in the wall.  Head to the left, and open the gate/door with the switch, then 
go on in.  Operate the lever in the bottom/center of the room, and turn around.  
to the end of this all, past all the darkness, and decend the chain.  After 
all of the enemies, enter the only door you can, and use the switch.  Go back out,
and now all the stone corners are rotating, stand with your back to one to be 
to its 'mini room' inside one is a switch, once you find it, operate it.

The gate'd door will now be open, so head on out thru it, at the end of the road, 
to speak, jump to the right, then onto the chain.  At the top of the chain, jump 
the side with all the lizards, and pull the switch, then jump back on the chain, 
jump off to the small indention/door to the left.  In the middle black tomb, there
is a bloodlust rune.  In the left, an elevator, go into the left, and take it 
Go to the end of the room, and then right, pull the switch in the dark corner, and
go back.  Stand on the stone, and it will rise back up.

Head towards the blue thing, and go up the ramp and to the right, then right 
and pull the lever in this hallway.  A Giant platform will come down, jump out of 
the 'window' opening onto it, and after it goes up, jump from the end of it, to 
the side opposite the blue thing.  Pull the lever, then head into the door on the 
right, then left, thru the next open door.  Proceed the only way you can; work 
your way to the end avoiding the traps, and pulling the levers.  Wait for the 
to go out; jump thru the axe hallways; and jump over the stone templates that case
 the walls to smash.

At the end, press the lever to open the floor, jump down, fight a couple LM's and 
under the far ones tomb, it will bring down the main wall, for you to exit thru.  
Go through it, up some ramps, through a couple more LM's, then head right, into a 
room where a lil goblin will be trying to trap you.  Kill the LMs.  Then move 
towards the trap, and it will fall, missing you.  Then quickly jump from the 
stairs to grab the top of the trap, and climb up on it.  Jump off of it, to the 
goblin, kill him and his friend, then proceed.  Since this hall is full of 
stock up on power, then head back to the trap room, make sure the top lever is 
then jump to the bottom, and the door with the small stairs will now be open, 
go in.  Go all the way to the end of the hall, and pull the lever, then head back.

Pass one door, and enter the next, on the right.  Go all the way to the end of 
this hall, and press the lever, the large central door should now be open, head 
Jump off the bridge about hallway back, and go into the door under the statue.  Go
around the room, and thru the door in the back and enter the elevator.


                     ---=====The Fires of Sultr=====---

Theres a surprize, Hel's still talking sheet.  Anyway, continue down the room, 
from platform to platform to avoid falling damage, and exit the room at the 
There is a door to break, and a leg of meat to the right if you need it.  
thru the door.  To the right of where you enter this room, you will find a spawn 
room, down past this, is a breakable tomb-door.  Break it, and enter the next 

Head to the left, then the right, out into a large open lava room, head down to
the bottom level.  Go over to the left, and chop at the large pilar, then walk 
across it, and chop the next, then repeat over and over, at the top of the left 
ledge, there is a leg of meat.  Chop at the top of the next pilar, then drop down 
onto it, and go over, where there will be a small cut-scene, climb up, and 
the LM's with your newly found Roman Sword.  Jump off to the left of the door, 
climb thru the tunnel.  Cut your way thru the Weakened floor.


                  ---=====Hyrokkin:  Realm of Hungr=====---

Head to the left, and down the spiral room, avoiding the flaming bats (Ravens?).  
Walk around the next room, until you see the giant gate.  Go into the door to 
the right of it, and around a couple of corners, to activate a switch, then go 
back out to the gate.  Now enter the door to the left of it, and do the same 
find/activate the switch, the gate is now open.  Go thru the gate, past the first 
door (avoid all the fire, of course) and enter the second door.  Go around the 
room, and thru the next entrance, now go thru this whole hallway, and break the 
far wall, fall down the hole, and enter the next door.

Enter the first room/door to the left of where you entered, and run towards/jump 
over the blade and push the botton in the back, exit.  Enter the door/room at the 
end of the large room. Again, there are more blades, but run at them/jump over 
and activate the switch, then exit.  By now, there are whords of LM's in the main 
room, your choice to kill if you wish.  Go to the remaining room, now on the far 
left.  This can be VERY hard...or extremely simple...method 1) avoid the blades...
method 2) just follow the right wall, your out of range and the LM's should be 
to you by now.  Hit the switch, and exit, then climb the center chain of a group 
three, and jump off onto the ledge.

Enter the next room, and follow the right wall around, avoiding the flames.  
Continue along, skipping all doors, up the slanted ledge, keep going, avoiding 
and flames alike, until you reach the door in front of the ledge that extends to 
center of the room.  Note:  flaming LM's will die if you just stay away from em.  
Just continue through a couple doors.


              ---=====Nagrind:  Stand of the Dishonored=====---

Once you emerge from the passages, go right, then left, around all the fake 
and into the large, open, circular mirror floored room.  Go step on the floor 
tile behind the pilar to the right of the door, to make it push into the floor, 
then walk into the hallway to make enemies come, and go stand to the left of the 
door, so the enemies walk over the second floor tile, run thru the door quickly, 
while they are standing there.

Enter the next room, jump from the ledge and ativate the switch, then flip a 180, 
and head down the ramp, into the lava room, and ride the floating stone across.  
In the next room, break the wall and press the switch to see the lava swell a 
small amount, then climb the chain to the top ledge.  Don't bother breaking the 
obvious wall, but run all the way around to the ledge with the lizards on it, and 
break the wall under the ledge.  After pushing the switch contained within, the 
lava will rise rapidly.  You must jump to the bottom, go into the other room, and 
ride the float-stone as the lava rises.  Twice as the lava rises, you will 
need to change rocks.  Continue thru the next room, and you will be trapped in 
the final room, as Hel sends some menions upon you.  After killing 10 or 20, the 
large door will SLOWLY begin to open, just run and jump up on the lizard 
platform, and they will not attack you.  Just stand here till the door is 
fully open, then go thru it, ditching the LM's.  Pull the left lever, then the 
right lever, go thru the door, and use the elevator.


                 ---=====Helreginn:  Machine of Hel=====---

Walk forward out of the elevator, and to the right.  Go thru the next door, then 
down the stairs, and break the obviously weak wall.  Jump from the hole to the 
platform on the right, and proceed to break the wall behind the barrels thru the 
door.  After walking through this new hole, jump from the bench to grab onto the 
outsticking cube 'o rock, and climb up to the next level.  After some in-game 
foreshadowing, go past the pressure cooker type dealio, to the opposite side to 
where you climbed up, and jump over the edge.  Take a jumping swing, breaking 
out the discolored wall, and climb up in there.  Go out into the next room, and 
use a club weapon to break the statue (or it may come alive behind you), then 
press the switch, turning up the fire.  Go thru the door on the right of the 
dark room, past the statue, and take a left to see some sweet sweet lizard 
lovin..ahrm...or take a right to proceed.  At the top, press the switch to 
call the elevator if it isn't there (whatch out for a couple LM's), and ride 
it upwards.

At the top, activate the level to your right, completing the pressure cooker.  
After dealing with the now attacking group of LM's, take the right door, and 
follow the passage to a lift.  Don't stand the in corners of the lift if you 
want to live =].  After it returns down, go in the entrance on the left 
(the one you didn't come in through).  Walk down the hall halfway, and turn 
right, use the switch to lower the drawbridge, and press the switch, now 
inside the pressure cooker.


              ---=====Skelkingr Caverns:  Goblins' Lair=====---

Press the switch to open the dome, Welcome back to the living world.  Head 
around, behind the dome, and enter the cavern, and proceed thru it, if 
you happen to fall thru the floor, just climb back up, if you fall/jump 
down into the river part, you can find some out of the way magic runes 
by following the vines/ledges/waterfalls/platforms/ladder bridges.  Don't bother 
if you have a full magic bar alreay.  Jump over the break (or climb up 
out if you went  for the runes), and continue thru a small hole cut for 
you by a goblin (duck), then to the right.

Grab the 'meat on a stick' if your hungry, a cage will be dropped on you, 
but its simple to cut your way out.  Moving along, you will come to a 
cliff overlooking some lava, jump down to the left, then over the lava 
to the vine, then up the vine, to a small cave.  After the cave, on 
the right you will find a Power Rune.  Always be on the look out for 
these, they are few and far between, but increase your magic capacity.   
Jump down to the lower platform where you can see some goblins, and go 
around the corner on the bottom, to find a sword stuck in the ground 
(another cage trap), climb the ledges behind it.  Walk to the left and
the dome will open, revealing 4 or 5 LM's (sword usage recommended...), 
after fighting them, some goblins will join the fray, after all are dead, 
if you enter the dome, and operate the switch (if a goblin doesn't 
follow you in and do it for you =) the dome will only close, but not go 
anywhere.  Open it back up, and go back behind the dome, to the ramp, 
leading to a lower level.  Go thru the tunnel, and jump down the hole.


               ---=====Skerkir Ravines:  Goblins Lair=====---

Kick some goblin arse.  Head to the left, thru the open tunnel (a 
float-rock will take you there if you so desire, then continue all 
the way thru the tunnel.  Enter the next large room, and cross it, 
avoiding the bright spot in the water (hot spot; pain), and go thru 
the exit surrounded by the bone spikes, to find yourself yet again in a 
cage.  Jump back in the water, and swim into the deep spot, then down the 
hole.  Go thru the next area, avoiding the wires/vines (more cages) and 
emerge in the second to last one, then proceed down the tunnel.

Follow the path down the bone-bridge, and go stand on the hot-spot to 
the left, it will shoot you upward, push your way over to the ledge.  
Turn around, and jump to the left, to a low platform on the pilar, then 
to the platform on the right.  Continue around, jumping from platform to 
platform, till you reach the top of the pilar, then jump to the 
outstreched platform with a small tree on it, then continue jumping 
along, until you reach the vine, climb it, and jump off to the next level.  
Go across the bridge, and into the next area.  Go forward, climb the small 
rock, then the vine, go down the ledge and jump over the lava, go left, 
and climb the ledge, then jump to the next, then again, and finally, jump 
up to the wooden support.  Cross the bridge, and climb the vine, use the 
outstretched skin cover to catapult yourself to the high rock level on 
the right.  Go up the path, cross the bridge, and up the vine, again, 
use the skin to get up to the next ledge.  Once again, use the skin to 
the down/left, to reach the slanted one, and use it to reach the exit.

Through this tunnel, you will find another slanted one, use it, and 
find yet another, which will send you into one last one.  Walk around a 
lil, and you will find yourself in yet another cage, the only way out 
being the floor, cut your way thru to find they finally did it 


                 ---=====Lair of the Torfar-Kolla=====---

Uh seems you are some kind of sacrifice/bait, and all your 
weapons are gone.  Head for the hills--literally.  Run for it once 
your cage gets smashed, and climb the rocks to the ledges, where you 
can find some weapons and a sheild, then use the vines to get to the 
next set of ledges, smashing the wall on that side.  Thru it and a lil 
ways along, you will again run into the snow beastie boy, when you do 
this time, keep a look out for a Tri-Pit Mace (its like a small 3 sided 
axe) and climb the ledges to the right of it.  Go along up here, until
you see a spot to jump to another ledge, do so, and hit the small 
support rock, causing a small avalanche, then jump down the hole you made.

Head out the only way you can, then climb up out of the cavern.  Behind 
you is a Bloodlust you can pick up thru the gate, but you don't need it, 
head out forward, and walk to the end of the long piece of land, grab the 
rune, and get knocked off...


           ---=====The Gates of Thorstadt:  Hlora's Pass=====---

After a rather cool cut scene (may fav from the game..), Look out the 
nearby gate for a view of the castle, and a few words from our sponsor.  
Turn around, and climb the ledges as per usual, once you get in the 
dark corner, you jump up to the right to continue, it is extremely dark, 
and hard to see, you may have to turn up your brightness if you just 
can't see the path.  Once thru, you find yourself on a ledge, go to the 
right then jump to the other side, and go into the tunnel to the left.  
Don't go to the end, but rather to the first step.  Climb it, and the 
step to the left, then jump across and finally up, you are now over a 
tunnel that would have lead nowhere.

Once outside, the house has a leg of meat and some mead (ale, beer, etc) 
within.  Go behind the house, and break another set of logs, and continue.  
After climbing to a dead end, turn around, and jump over where you climbed 
up, and continue some more.  When you reach outside again, go along the left 
ledge, and up, then across.  Down to the left of the fire/meat/roman sword, 
you will find some more climbing to do.

Head down, then down the slope, and thru the tunnel to the left.  At the 
alter to the left, Odin once again appears to you.  Continue towards the 
castle.  Follow the mountain side all the way around to find a lil 
encampment, where you can pick up a viking axe.  Head back to the far 
side of the castle, and enter the side door on the left.  Climb a rope, 
head up to the right, take a lift down.


              ---=====Mountain Fortress of Thorstadt=====---

Head forward, and then to the alley on the left, take a two rights and 
another left, to find yourself in front of a small bridge and two enemies.  
Use the cart on the other side of the bridge to boost yourself up to the 
ledge, then jump from there to the ledge to your right.  Jump down into 
the new area, and head left, and take a left into a small alcove with a 
wooden floor, and break that with your weapon, entering the sewer.  Move 
forward, then left, to fall deeper, then go left, right, right, and 
climb the chain.  In this room, break down the wooden door, and exit.

Cross the courtyard, and break another wooden door, to your left this 
time, as usual, climb the chain.  Exit this next room thru yet another 
wooden door, to the left, on the outside, is a room containing some Mead 
if you need it.  Otherwise, head straight thru this area, until you see a 
path on the left, enter it, then a small room there (wooden door..) to 
see a short cut scene, go back out, and fend off the onslaught, then enter 
the door atop the small platform out in the center of the square.  Climb 
the chain within, and break the chain holding the boxes, then go out the 
now un-boxed window.

Across from where you fell, enter the door, and head up the ramp (don't 
bother with the switch, unless you need to go back to the previous area 
for some reason).  Once up the ramp, head to the other side, and you can 
enter another wooden door after some slashing.  In these tunnels, take 
a left, then another.  Out in the open area, you need to pull two switches, 
one on either side of the giant statue in the middle, to open the wooden 
doors/exit in the center of the back wall (this is safest if you kill 
all the enemies as you go, IMO), then go thru the exit [right of center].


          ---=====Hergrimer Quarter:  Streets of Thorstadt=====---

Using a crappy weapon, should your aim go horribly wrong =p, look upward, 
and throw a weapon at the rope.  Once hit, it will case some various things 
to fall, allowing you a path upward, so take it (up the large piece of 
wood, then jump to the ledge).  Go straight, all the way to the end, then 
break the screwed up door down, and prepare for battle.  A slight warning, 
this battle is probably the first one to actually make you work for a win, 
if you are having trouble, I highly recomend the Ally spell (its on one 
of the axes, looks like two hands).  After killing the foe's, go back thru 
the entrance you forced yourway thru for some more.

Enter the door on the left the enemy came thru, and break the wooden 
support, then use the boxes to climb up to the loft.  Exit thru the window, 
and drop down to the left, then enter the tunnel on the left for a magic 
rune.  Head into the black tunnel and run all the way thru it, then over, 
and operate the switch to bring down the elevator (if you can't see in 
the tunnel, up your brightness, again).  Ride it back up.  Round the 
corner to the right, then up the platforms, and in the window, brack a 
barrel, and exit an adjacent window.  After killing a couple enemies, the 
door to the right will open for you.  Head down the only way you can, 
until you see the tower explode, then grab the Bloodlust rune to help you 
fight off the attackers.

Head back a little ways, and you will find a _small_ alley (now on your 
right if you come from the tower), inside is an entrance, go thru it.  
Go around the corner and climb up, then use the box to climb again.  Walk 
out of the window to the platform across, and exit onto the snow covered 
ledge.  From the higher ledge, jump to the opposite one, then to the next, 
which is almost on fire, and finally to the circular stone object, and 
fall inside.


             ---=====Grottintanna:  Vessel Of Blood=====---

Go up the stairs, and break the small wooden supports on the left, having 
the pilar smash you a path, might as well take it =].  Once you see the 
beast chained up, as scary as it may be, cut it loose, don't worry about 
your power, you need not fight it yet =p.  Following its path, you will 
run into a few enemies to take care of, then go up the path/tunnel to the 
left.  Follow the left wall until you reach a door to plow thru, and inside 
you will find a chain, if you cut away the floor, a rune of lesser power 
can be had, but at any rate, head upwards, and break the wooden door atop.

Moving forward, you will see some fallen logs and what not to the left, 
hack em out of your way, and jump to the neighboring building, a couple 
of right turns, and another chain awaits, climb on up.  Jump across to the 
next building, go straight, and hack the chain on the chandelier, 
effectivly lowering it onto someones head.  Once down, head right, and 
hit the switch then quickly head back, and enter the door, if your not 
fast enuff, it will close back up, and you'll have to activate the switch 
again.  Go all the way to the left, and knock the top box down, then an 
appearance by our lil snow friend again, causing some more havock.  Head 
to where he blocked off a path behind him, and go into a small room to 
the side.  Use the cart to reach the upper platform.  From here its just 
a stroll out..


               ---=====Motsognir:  Fierce Resistance=====---

Enter the room with the over-turned table, to the left is an elevator to 
a magic rune, if you need some.  Otherwise, head straight thru it, jump 
off the cliff towards the Bloodlust, and head to the far corner, press 
the lever and enter the room, then press the lever on the left, and head 
back out.  Now go back to where the BloodLust is and go on in the room there 
now open.  Jump behind the table and a small cut scene will occur, go 
outside and grab the BloodLust, and throw down.  If you need to cheese your 
way out of this battle, simply go jump back behind that table, the enemies 
will come up to the table but not swing at you, meanwhile, you can swing 
and hit them from back there.  Go across right to the corner, and smash 
the barrels, then jump over the holes.  Jump down the hole, and head into 
the bottom of the tower, and throw your weapons up, breaking the ceiling (and 
recollecting them, of course) then climb the chain, and collect the Power 
Rune.  Deal with the statues as you see fit, either killing them after they 
come alive, or smashing them with your mace before hand.

Exit thru the only door, and jump across the hole you just went down, then 
smash the wood door on the left.  Enter, and if you wish, use the cart and 
chains to reach a BloodLust rune (you may want to save for a min tho..) head 
towards the left exit, and the door will close in your face, kill a couple more 
enemies, head into the back room and push the switch, then go thru the exit to 
the right of the one that closes in your face, you now might want to go get that 
Bloodlust.  You need to kill all the enemies around this area.  If your having 
trouble finding them all, try pounding on the gong a few times =p.  Once done, 
the Prison-style gate will open in the center (behind a statue you should have 
killed as well).  Enter it, and climb the chain, as if you didn't know.

Look around for the roof that leads to the wood-covered window, break out the 
wood, and enter.  Jump over the rubble, and enter the hole, head forward, and 
climb the ledge in the lit room.  Now take the door to the left, then right, 
left, right, forward, forward, right, forward, right, forward, and climb up the 
boxes and jump to the ledge.  In this room, the right wall contains an elevator, 
push the switch, then hop aboard.


                  ---=====Skeggjold Meeting Hall=====---

Immediatly go forward, and jump off, if you don't break thru the glass, just 
cut your own hole, and move down.  Once down, enter the only hall you can 
and smash the wall at the end, proceeding through it.  Kill the enemies here, 
run around, make some noise, go in and out of the left room a few times, and 
another cut scene will be triggered.  As you fight, rubble will be thrown at 
you from above, use this to your advantage by going to the back of the room, 
near the bloodlust rune.  A piler will fall which you can use to reach the 
next ledge.  Climb up, then go to the opposite side, very last door.  Break 
your way in, and push the lever opening the large wooden door.  The blue 
rune is a Rune of Health, rare, like the Power Rune, this one will encrease 
your maximum health.  To the back/right of the room, you will find a switch 
releasing you from this place.


             ---=====Haugspori Plain:  Outer Temple Wall=====---

There is a Bloodlust to the right of where you begin, if you want it =].  
Jump down to the bottom level, go thru the giant stained glass wall, and break 
the supports under the elevator, so it can travel freely.  Press the switch, 
hop on, and ride it to the very top, then dismount =).  Walk out, likely 
falling thru the roof, if so, cut your way thru the floor and you are outside 
on the ground.  Head forward, and press the switch, then turn the corner, and 
break open the door.  Jump over/get behind the boxes on the right, and go into 
the somewhat-hidden path.  Climb out, then the box, then the pilar, then the 
ledge, and press the switch in the round loft, hurridly jump down, and enter 
the door almost directly under it.

Break your way thru some debris, and force yourself thru a small opening to find 
yourself in some sort of tunnel of statues.  They will come to live if you go 
near them, of course you could always just smash them with your mace before they 
have the chance.  Head to the right, when you see the flames, head down the 
hill, somewhat sideways so you can see behind you, stone rollers will attempt 
to smash you flat, so be ready to jump over them as they go, it's rather easy, 
but if you don't want to bother, you can climb down the sides (in line with the 
flames [just jump around them]).  At the bottom, head around the structure to 
the left, staying on the ledge, until you reach an entrance, just inside to the 
right is a swich, push it, then go into the newly opened door ahead of it.


                  ---=====Loki Temple At Thorstadt=====---

Go all the way forward, hop on the box, turn around, climb up, go all the way 
to the end, turn around go back, jump down, and enter the door on the left.  
Go forward, jump over the hole, and climb up on the broken stuff to the left, 
turn around and jump across to the next platform up, then go thru the window.  
After falling down, go to your right, and slightly down the ramp, then jump to 
the ledge on the right, turn left, and go to the second slot in the wall.  From 
the end of this slot, jump up and grab/pull yourself up to the wood beam. Walk 
to the center beam, and jump to the next window, where you will be greeted 
with a nice cut scene.

Walk over and jump to the right platform for a chat.  You now have Sigaurds Axe, 
the best weapon yet.  Turn to the right, and break thru the wall, then decend the 
staircase.  Go forward the only way you can, then press the switch to the right, 
and duck under the large iron gate.  Walk out onto the narrow ledge to procure 
another Health Rune, then return, and jump off to the left of where you came out, 
sticking to the platforms to avoid falling damage. Enter the cave at the bottom.


             ---=====Tyrdall Mountain Range:  Wendols' Lair=====---

Walk out into the valley for another visit from everybody's favorite Norse 
gaurdian.  Walk forward (encounter with snow beast--theres some food and a magic 
rune in his cave) until the ice breaks beneath you and swim the only direction 
can, forward.  There is only one way out of the last water area, near the right 
wall, but to the left of it you can see something cool with a nice little 
foreshadowing music change.  Exit the water, and head for the cliff; take a nice 
lil leap of faith, you'll be alright, no..really..I promise =].

Swim as far as you can on the surface, then submerge (duck key) and swim the 
rest of the way into a cave, then surface and climb up.  Climb up the left side 
of the room, all the way around, then head left of the giant blue light.  Stick 
to the left wall again, and continue along 'till you reach a giant ice floor.  Be 
careful here, as if you step on the cut out pieces, consider yourself dead.  On 
the other hand, you can lead the beasts across them for some help.  Pass across 
the floor avoiding the cut outs, then climb the cliff on the right, then jump to 
the left, then finally center, and continue on.  If the path is blocked, you 
kill all the beasts, do so, then return, and a vengeful one will clear the path 
for you (you might want to get out of the way =).  Then simply go straight 
the way down this hill, to a final left by some flowers. Note: I am unsure if the 
avalanching boulders can hit you, as I've yet to be hit by them, but I haven't 
getting hit.


          ---=====Tyrdall Mountain Range:  Vindsvalr Ravines=====---

Hug the left wall until you see a goblin take to the winds--when in rome...  This 
can be a little bit tricky, if you find yourself not quite making it, your 
to late, you must hit the winds as SOON as they start for maximum distance, try 
jumping just after the sound of the wind picking up, also, jump towards your 
not into the wind.  Do this twice, then cross a bridge, and do it again.  This is 
of those times the quick save/load really comes in handy.  

Work your way to the bottom of the cave, then out onto another slope.  Stick to 
right wall to find a crack to enter, and a path to follow.  Head thru the tree's, 
climb up a ledge, take a left, then decend a cliff into some water.  Submerge and 
move about 3 inches to the left, and emerge from the water in a new area.  Follow 
along the ledge you are on, and continue thru the tunnels, across the shiny 
At the end, you will find some ledges to climb, at the top, you can see who was 
knocking ice down at you from above, to the right, a small jump and a path.

After the path, you will find an icicle you can knock off with a swipe, opening a 
hole in the ice below, jump on down and dive.  You will find a path close to the 
surface to swim thru.  Into this next area, climb up on the side to the right, 
proceed across the ice.  It will break away under you quite often, so be ready to 
jump.  Should you fall, the current will push you back to the begining, talk 
annoying.  After standing around at the end for a while (stay to the far right if 
don't wanna go for another swim) an avalanche will cause a large chunk of ice to 
break into the water, and a stone to fall for you to use to climb up, so do so.

Head to the very end, and fight the Mother Snow Beast, once victorious, head back 
to the obviously weak bridge, which will now be gone.  Take a short walk off the 
center and turn around.  Enter the cave.  Jump off the cliff, faith my son.  
Swim out into the open and take to the land.


             ---=====Dwarven Mountain Retreat at Gustr=====---

Yay, a helmet.  Step outside to meet my favorite characters in the game, the 
Dwarves, these guys weapons really rock.  Head right from the house, and follow 
the wall, behind some trees is a cave with a switch which will lower the floor 
outside the cave, run out, and hop on it (not before pickin up that cool dwarf 
work hammer tho =).  To the right of the platform directly across from the 
grate fence is an area you can swim into, swim thru the tunnel, emerge, flip the 
switch, jump back in the water, and swim down the tunnel you didn't come thru, 
if you'r not fast enuff, the gate will close before you get there, once thru, 

Swim to the peer nearby, and hit the switch (it his hidden behine/under a 
bunch of barrels, kick them with the use key, or bash em with a weapon).  
Go up the ramp that lowers, take a right through the door, and a left thru the 
next, bashing open the wall, and ascending the stairs.  Whereever you choose, 
jump down to where the dwarves are werking, kill them, and go thru the wide 
wooden door.  Go forward, pop the gong, go up the stairs, and into the next 
room, where you will promptly be jumped.  This guys should prove NO problem to 
the combined strength of the work hammer and the Bloodlust Rune in the middle 
of the room.  Once they are dead, head into the back left of the room, and 
down the ramp. 

Outside, cross the bride and enter the room, press the switch and exit the 
huge doors.  At the end of the water (swim/drift) climb the cliff, avoiding 
the blades of the windmill, press the switch at the end of the top ledge (the 
dwarf up there has a cool dwarven work sword).  After you press the button, 
head back down, and go in the now open door, and press the switch.  Now climb 
back to the top, and this time, ride the windmill blades now that they have 
slowed, to the open door at the top (past one door), you may have to make a leap 
just before the blade your on reaches an angle so steep it pushes you down 
into the center (which will kill you).  Once in, follow the gears around till 
you fall down a hole.  After falling, head forward before you get squished, 
and down the stairs.  Then break the bottom of the gear, and enter the hole 
where it once was.


                    ---=====Reginn River Engines=====---

Swim over to the right, and climb out of the water.  Head along the right a 
little ways, to encounter some dwarf resistance, take care of it, and press 
the switch, then proceed to throttle the jumpies.  Head to the left, and 
avoid the steam by simply running by after it goes down, or by just staying 
to one side of it.  Past the steam, press the switch, and head back out.  
Jump into the water behind the gong, and swim into the tunnel.  Swim all the 
way to the end of this area, and right the giant gear up a little over halfway, 
then jump to the platform on the right.  Head between the metal arms, and jump
into the water again, and once again pass thru an underwater passage at the 

Surface and climb out of the water, to your left.  Go around, and into the 
room, kill the small people, then kill some more that come down the elevator.  
Hit the lever and hop on the elevator taking it up.  Hit the gong for the heck 
of it, and hop off just to the left of it, onto the ledge, follow it around on 
the left, then jump in the water, and swim under the passage.  Surface, and exit 
the water, to the right of the large stopped gear.  Follow the left wall, till 
you see a small room with chains, go down them, and activate the switch, raising 
the water level.  Exit, by climbing back up the chains, and head back out, you 
can now climb the large stopped gear.  This can be a small pain, due to the 
angle of the teeth, try jumping at them sideways.

Swim over to the peer, climb up, run to the end, and climb the chain.  Press 
the button in the room, then come back down, and head to the other end.  Climb 
up into the open hole, and it will close behind you.  Enter the room, and 
take out all the enemies, then press the switches in the corners, which open 
the shutters, and some more enemies will attack, you can now ride the elevator
in the center of the room upwards, do so.  Go to the back/left of the room, 
and enter the next area, which will be closed off behind you.


               ---=====Dwarven Mountain Lair at Nordri=====---

Run forward, and exit thru the doors on the left, then hit the gong outside, 
causing one of the creatures to put the bridge out for you; cross it.  To 
the left of the bridge, climb the chains up into the cylindar, then proceed 
forward, till you overhear some talk.  Press the levers on the right to 
release the jumpies, causing some civil unrest.  Jump down, and enter the 
door under the switches, press the switch on the left, and enter the door 
on the opposite side of the jail.

Head left, and smash your way thru, then enter this industrial area for 
an enemy encounter of a new sort.  First kill the beetles, and head to the 
far end, where you see a dome, then after a few moments, an enemy will come 
out, you can either poke it to death (hit/run/repeat), or use the Dwarven 
Work Swords rune magic -- lightning, to make quick work of it.  Facing the 
open dome, head right, into the newly opened area, and take care of the enemy 
threat, then press the switch on the left, enter the room.  Go to the back, 
and kill the statues (they will come alive), then kill the one that emerges 
from the water.  Head to the back again, and exit the now open window.

Run forward and press the switch, then go back to where you fell, and break 
open the wall on the left, enter the room and climb up, press both 
switches, and return to where you pressed the first one, the elevator is 
now active, ride it up.  Head all the way to the left, and hit the switch, 
then jump on top of the dome, then to the gear, then to the ledge, and pull 
yourself up.  If you hit the gong a helpfull fellow will come hit the switch, 
making a bridge, or you can press it yourself, at any rate, head down the 
hallway to your left.  Go alllll the way down the hallway for a magic rune, 
slightly back from that, on the right as your coming down the hallway, the last 
window--jump out of it to the ledge, and go forward.  Go around the hole to the 
left, and jump down from the ledge, then to the back of the room, and kill the 
hampsters, the go to the opposite side, and do the same.  The gear now stopped, 
head up the chain on the side of the center, and climb to the top, then climb 
some more, climb up onto the rafters, then to the next ledge.  Wait for the 
flame to stop, and go thru the window.  Head all the way out of the tunnel, 
and jump from platform to platform, weary of the invisible force that pushes 
you around, even when your hanging by your hands...anyway, watch out for 
the falling platforms at the end, as well, then jump into the pipe, mario 


                ---=====Dwarven Aquaducts at Fullangr=====---

Run out of the pipe you start in, and charge over to the Bloodlust on the 
left, grab it, then dismantle the dwarves.  Head to the left of where the 
Bloodlust was, into the large opening.  Swim around to the right and climb 
out of the water, and up a couple of steps, then enter the room in the center, 
climb the chain, and press the switch.  Come back out, and cross the bridge back 
into the other room, and go to the far side, use the rubble to jump across the 
chasm (watch out for those annoying fire/blade enemies), and enter the tunnel 
to the left, then jump down the hole.

Head down the hall, and jump over a small hole (again weary of fire/blade's) 
and enter the next tube.  Go right, forward, left, right, forward, right, for a 
Bloodlust.  You can play a lil tune on the horn there if you'd like, tho i have 
_no_ idea what, if anything, it does.  Walk all the way forward, till you are one 
'square' from the torch, opposite the side with the horn, turn right, and go to 
the wall, to find another Bloodlust, should you need it.  Looking out from the 
Bloodlust, go right, to the wall, then left, to the water.  Head all the way 
right, then jump out into the water, and immediatly swim to the other side 
and climb out when the opportunity arises, as not to be pushed along by the 
water.  Midway down the other side, is a weak section of wall, break thru it, 
for a small cutscene.

Walk on out into the low water, and head to your left, then swim down into 
the deep water, and follow the right wall, until you find a location to 
surface, then climb out.  As you approach the cracked large stone door, another 
small cutscene ensues.  Enter the door, then immediatly break down the door to 
your left, acend the staircase, and break down the door at the top.  Exit the 
door, hit the gong, and jump off towards the large statue, and enter the other 
side, now opening.  Break the supports to the large column to the left, the 
end result being electrified water, and jump on the small floating platform 
at the right side of the room.  When it reaches the other side, jump off 
to the ledge/shore, and walk along the slanted edge to the back, press 
the switch on the other side, then return to this side, and walk along the 
slanted surface out.


                ---=====Water Reserves at Gloinn=====---

Head down the tunnel, then enter the room on the left, hop a platform to 
traverse the electrified water.  Jump over the water, from stone platform to 
stone platform to reach the entrance on the far right of the room.  Continue 
down the hall, and jump out of the first window, just past the poisonous 
mushrooms.  Grab the Bloodlust (unless your either quick, or don't mind 
gettin fried), and jump into the water, hurriedly break the supports and run 
out of the water to the right.  Using the remainder of your Bloodlust, or 
the lightning sword, take out another spinny-robot up here, then press 
the switch, creating a bridge.  Cross the bridge, and press the switch on 
that side, then go partially onto the new bridge and jump to your left, on the 
platform thats having a fit.  Climb up, then walk onto the pipe, and finally 
onto the stone platform behind.

Jump from the tip of the platform to the wooden platform, but be ready to jump 
again, it moves a small distance, then sinks, so jump off of it to the next 
platform.  Head left, all the way to the end, then jump on the vines, climb up, 
and enter the pipe.  Then simply walk to the left, and jump down.


                    ---=====Hlevangr Reservoir=====---

Head out into the room, and press the switch, then press the switch on the 
opposite side, then the switch at the bottm.  This will fill the room with water, 
just get in the middle, and stay at the top, till it stops rising.  Once it 
exit the water, and head down the pipe, until the floor gives way.  Head out 
into the center of the room, and a large wall will open, yay, another spinny-
(you should be gettin the hang of these guys by now) take care of it, then head 
into the door on the right.  Press the center switch, then the switch on the 
and get back, with luck, the enemies will attack each other, and you can slip by 
and run up the middle.

Turn left when you get the chance, run around to the back of the room and pick 
up the blue rune, then jump on the centerpiece, and cut it down.  Grab the 
Bloodlust and jump into the water below.  Behind you (depending on which 
you faced when you jumped down) are some beams you can break.  Do so, and press 
the switch on the left in this room, then jump into the water.


          ---=====Hornbori:  Outside the Dwarven Forge Towers=====---

Get the large fish to follow you to the left, and it will smash into the weak 
support, lowering the edge of the platform into the water, climb up on it, then 
the chain.  Run all the way around the small hut, and jump to the ledge behind 
it.  Break into the rooms on the left and right, pulling the levers.  Once you 
see the piston go up, jump down into the low water on the other side, the exit 
the water via the ramp.  This next part can be a little tuff, just know when to 
run away, so you can fight one enemy at a time, enter the door, and the door to 
the left will open one of these dwarves carries a Dwarven Battle Hammer, which 
you'll want to collect (this Hammer can often knock enemies down when you 
just run up and smack em, allowing you to kill em while they are on the 
ground).  Break thru the upper/right wall, and continue outside, into more 

If you want that Bloodlust, jump on the barrels--if you destroy the barrels, I 
see no way to get it.  Run thru this small forest all the way to the end, then 
walk up to the wooden door.  After a small scene, it will open, for yet more 
battles to ensue.  Afterwards (or if you just run for it), climb the chains 
to the top, and collect some health.  Head back down, and enter the door to the 
right, in this room.  Now, there is a snow beast to the left you can release, a 
Bloodlust to the right you can collect, and a gong to the right (climb) you can 
use to have the jumpies on the other side of the canyon put out their half of 
the bridge so you can get across.  But all you need to do, is run straight 
press the lever, enter the door, press the lever, walk out onto the half-bridge, 
and jump off to the right, onto the pipes, below, then follow along the pipes as 
far as you can go, till it u-turns back towards a small open pipe, then jump into


               ---=====Solblindi:  Dark Dwarf Citadel=====---

Kill the dwarves, and another will ride down the elevator in the back/left 
corner to see whats going on, kill him, and ride the elevator up.  Head alllll 
the way to the right, jump down, and exit thru the large wooden door, then 
the next.  Outside you find a dwarf regimine, and Odin will take care of that.  
Take a peek over the edge, and you will find some platforms forming for you.  
Walk up to the ledge, and a bridge will lower.  Cross it, (kill the spinnies) 
then press the switch to the left and right of the large door, then enter it.

There is an ambush here, and a ton of enemies to kill, but they should be no 
trouble at all, as there is a ton of meat scattered around the hall.  Kill 
everything, then head to the top, and activate the switch, and enter the 
now open door.  Boy this level really makes ya fight, ya know?  Anyway, 
kill the two spinners (keep one between you and the other, and the other 
will help you by putting fire into the firsts back).  After killing them, 
enter the center door, then the next, to have some fun with the 'levels boss.'  
Run forward towards it, then enter the bottom column on the left, with the 
blue teleport stuff.  This will put you on top, this is also the basis of 
this fight.  Run around the top, till you find the switch highlighted in red, 
and press it.  Along with charging up the boss, this will open another 
blue teleport thing at the bottom.  Jump down and go in that one, to 
be back on top, with a new switch lit in red, ready to be pressed.  
Always go into the NEW blue teleporter that opens on the bottom 
(usually directly across from the switch that opened it) or a new 
switch won't become active.  After 4 switches, the boss will get 
over-charged, and explode, opening a gold teleport, enter that.


                  ---=====The Dwarven Outpost=====---

Jump down off of the platform and head left.  On the right, you will find 
an entrance, with some dwarves inside, kill them, then enter their inner 
sanctum.  Climb the spiraling staircases going around the room, then 
proceed down the hall.  Press the lever and jump on the transport, then 
press the lever in the back on the other side, opening the huge gate.  
Jump down from the transport, and go left, entering the huge opening where 
the gate was.  Proceed over the gap (using the planks of wood) and continue 
forward.  Go back and forth down the hill, and fight the Mountain Beast 
at the bottom, you can run from it if you wish...but..uh..good luck =).  
Step out onto the bridge, and it will be smashed, go back, and down 
the stairs to the side of it, entering the room.

Go down the stairs, and carefully cross the log to the other side 
(man..that must have been an odd looking tree...EXTREMELY 
tall...yet only maybe a foot in diameter..hmm).  Climb up the 
stairs and watch out for a dwarf that will charge, trying to push 
you off.  Then head to the door behind the catapult, and operate the 


                   ---=====The Castle Entrance=====---

Go down the hall, around the middle and press the switch, kill the 
three dwarves, and the gate will open, go in, and desecrate the grave, 
and hop in, the door behind you will now open.  Get that sword ready, 
your once again in the land of Loki's Minions.  Head into the door on 
the far right, then down the stairs, to find the LM's have a new trick, 
by jumping into Loki's blood (the green stuff) they can become much more 
powerful.  A side-effect however, is that you no longer have to cut off 
their heads, as they can simply be killed.

Head back to the LM room, and kill them all, then some will break thru 
a wall across from the right door.  Go in, and jump down a hole.  Head 
to the right, and you will find a Power Rune on a small mantle over 
some Loki Blood.  Just take some damage from the blood and grab it, its 
worth it.  Go back out, in the other direction, and go down a couple of 
stairs, then jump over the blood by jumping from cage to cage, quickly, 
as they will fall.

Go thru the tunnel, and run down the winding road, ignoring the LM's.


                    ---=====The Tricksters Maze=====---

Simply run down the tunnel, keep moving, some statues will take swings 
at you, but you will take little damage, if any.  Enter the next room, 
and kill the armored LM, then take his Dwarven Battle Axe, and enter 
the next room.  This is where the maze bit comes in, this is a real pain,
so just follow my directions, or you will be endlessly teleported back 
to the begining.

Maze 1) Forward, forward, forward.

Maze 2) Left, forward, right.

Maze 3) Forward, right, right, forward, left (I think -- this one 
	doesnt teleport you, just find the gold door.)

Maze 4) Right, left, right, forward, right.

Maze 5) Forward, down, left, down, right, right.

Maze 6) Right, left, forward, left.


                   ---=====The Tricksters Chamber=====---

Ah..the infamous Loki in the flesh..

Head forward, then all the way down the stairs, at the bottom, go 
across, ignoring the doors, unless you feel inquisitive, and press 
the lever.  Enter the door, then the door to the right, go forward, 
then left, and head into the door straight across, and break down the 
right wall, then jump down the hole.  Head out of this dark area 
(there is a Bloodlust on the left, but trust me when I say you'll want 
to save it), then cross this open area and head up into the next room, 
when you see the supports, break em down, and use them to facilitate 
your entry to the room above.  Press the switch in there, and head back, 
allll the way back to the room with the wooden stairs (go back in the 
dark hall, climb back up, and exit the barracks), go up the stairs, 
and turn left, this area is now open, enter.

Head in the door on the right, then the left (stand on the floor 
plate), kill the armored LM, then press the lever, and enter the door 
opposide of this room (press the lever).  In this square room, you can 
look thru the windows and use the various switches to kill some LM's, 
but at anyrate, head around to the other side, and use the floor plate 
to open the gate, and head back to the main room once again, this time, 
the LARGE wooden door will be open, prepare for war.

This is by FAR the hardest fight in the game, and seemingly endless.  
The first thing you want to do, is run and get that Bloodlust rune I told 
you to save earlier.  Then run back, and kill as many as you can before 
it wears off, then retreat.  Change to the axe with the ally  magic and 
activate it, then make some friends to help you.  Be sure to kill your 
friends after a few kills, or it will wear off (it lasts a good while tho) 
and they will attack you once more.  If there are still enemies left, 
and theres a good chance there are, try running back into a tunnel of 
your choice, and waiting, only one can fit down the tunnel at a time, 
giving you a chance to fight far.  After they all appear to be dead, go 
thru the back, now un-locked, for yet more guys, again, run away, and fight 
on your own ground.  AFter they are dead, you're STILL not done.  Head back 
into the unlocked area, to be locked in, after a stroll thru memory 
lane, you are attacked by Conrack.  Conrack will go down surprizingly easy, 
but your STILLLL not done =).  Don't worry tho, all this fighting is 
worth it, IMO.  You are then attacked AGAIN, but ignore them this time, 
and take a dip in Loki's True Blood (purple).  Love those plot twists..


                     ---=====The Barren Canyons=====---

You are now bigger, stronger, faster, and more agile, bout damn 
time.  Oddly tho, the weapons seem to have grown as well..hmm.  Anyway, 
use you're new jumping ability to reach the high ledge, and exit 
the same way you saw Conrack before you.  Down a hallway, you will 
now find a pool of Loki's blood, you have no near to fear it any 
longer, quite the contrary, it now heals you.  Swim across, exit, 
then ascend the stairs.  Exit the only way you can, and jump your way 
across the broken bridge, then continue into the next area.

Head along, following the left wall, shreading enemies as you go, 
if you please, until you find a small alcove to the left, with spikes 
preventing you from jumping off the cliff.  To the right there is a 
ledge you can climb up on, then jump to the ledge on the other side.  
Jump from that side across the canyon, taking some damage, and go 
the only way you can, thru a group of your villagers fighting the 
enemy, they will also attack you, tho I haven't seen an ill effect in 
killing them.  Once you reach the open area, ignore it, and head 
direcly right, into another canyon.  Climb the platform on the left 
(remember, the green is your friend now).

Head all the way to the end of this narrow path, where you can climb 
a chain you would have once only dreamed of being able to reach.  Break 
thru the beams, and go out onto the small ledge, then continue along, 
killing who you have to.  At the end, jump across to the left, then 
down, and a group will come from a tower to attack you, head past them.  
And thru the trees at the end.


                    ---=====Embers of Hrafnborg=====---

Take the path of your choice, they both end in the open area.  Out 
here, go all the way to the left, where there is a small opening, 
from behind this broken wall, climb up onto it, then up again, and 
finally, jump to the ledge, and follow the path.  Once you get 
onto the wooden path, if you jump across the stone pilars, you 
can find a pool you can get your health back in, but if you 
have decent power, I wouldn't bother.  Follow the bridge all the 
way along, then follow the left wall, until you reach a vine.  
Jump to the next vine, then to the platform on the left.  
From the far side of this platform, jump to another vine, 
then another, then the lower cave, and  follow the cave along.

Use your massive jumping ability to progress through the lava room, 
from platform to platform, from the last ledge, jump just to the left 
of the steam, and climb up, then head right.  All the way out, just 
what you need, more and more and more large enemies =p.  The pool to 
the far back/right can be used to heal, but it will drain of energy, as 
will all shallow pools.  After you manage to kill all this bastiches, 
climb up to the high ledge, and continue along.  Just keep heading 
forward until you fall off a small cliff.


                     ---=====Return to Wotenkeld=====---

Head to the right, then up the ramp, along the right, until someone 
collapses the path back...

                                -=Bad Ending=-

Simply head directly up the hill, and smash the last Rune Stone.

                               -=Good Ending=-

Head to the right, and kill the two enemies, then head to the left, and 
kill the three.  They are quite easy, all you have to do is run 
backwards, swinging the Dwarven Battle Axe.  This also works on 
Conrack _sometimes_.  If its not working, try circle strafing him while 
swinging.  If you still can seem to beat him, fight him around the 
deepest part of the water, he will attack less for some reason.  Kill 
him, then play along with Odin.
                             --The Journeys End--
	Cross the bridge.


                         ---=====Game Over=====---

I hope this helps someone out there =].  If not, oh well, it helped me enjoy
the game even further, and for that it was worth it.

Thanks to Destify for pointing out the bad ending there.

Thanks to Human Head/G.O.D. for an awesome game.

All game content copyright its respective owners, 2000, all content contained 
this document, copyright me, 2000.  That said, as usual, I really don't care what 
you do with this faq, as long as you don't edit it in any manner, you may 
distribute it however you see fit; however, ould appreciate it if you let me know

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