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If you play with France in the skirmish game, first train 12 G.I.s, and build 2 prism tanks. Now take the soldiers and the two tanks to a spot far away from your base. Now let one of your prism tanks kill all of your soldiers, but your soldiers have to be deployed. Now you've only gor two prism tanks left. Take the one who killed your soldiers, and bring him back to your camp. When he is there, build 12 G.I.s again. But now, bring the 12 G.I.s to your other prism tanks, which is still away, and let your G.I.s destroy that tank. Now you can build any type of unit you want for free!

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Use Terror Drones to destroy War Miners and Chrono Miners. The Terror Drones are fast to produce, they don't cost much and they move fast. Destroy Miners and your opponent will not gather resources.

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