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101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy (PC Game)

Game Review & Description

In the grand tapestry of PC wargames, where pixels and tactics intertwine like threads in a meticulous weave, sits a rather unique skein named 101: The Airborne Invasion of Normandy (sometimes called "101st Airborne in Normandy"). This isn't just any stitch in the fabric of military simulations; it's a meticulously crafted homage to the chaos, bravery, and strategic intricacies of one of World War II's pivotal operations.

The game throws you into the boots of the 101st Airborne Division, tasked with parachuting behind enemy lines in the dark, early hours before the D-Day beach landings. Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and really, why wouldn't you?), is to disrupt German defenses and facilitate the largest amphibious invasion in history. No pressure.

Graphically, don't expect the game to paint the Mona Lisa on your monitor. It's more like a well-done paint-by-numbers that, despite its age, has a charm that modern, hyper-realistic shooters can sometimes lack. It's the gameplay, however, where 101 shines brighter than a flare in the night sky. With a blend of turn-based strategy, squad management, and the ever-looming specter of permadeath, it demands not just your attention but your respect.

The game's interface might first appear as complex as a double-knotted parachute harness, but give it time, and you'll be navigating menus and managing your squad like a seasoned jumpmaster. The real joy comes from crafting strategies, executing them across the varied missions, and adapting on the fly when, inevitably, things don't go according to plan.

As you embark on this grand strategic adventure through the fields and villages of Normandy, remember that while history may be written by the victors, victory itself can sometimes use a little inside knowledge. For those about to drop into Normandy, let it be known that beyond the battlefield, a treasure trove of strategic aids and clandestine shortcuts awaits. These are not mere whispers on the wind but tools and tricks to enhance your airborne crusade, as you'll find below.

101st Airborne Cheat Codes

Enter any of the following codes during gameplay to effect the corresponding cheat function:

AirNormandySoldiers leap into Normandy again
AngryManDinnersSoldiers gain food
BeefKill all cows
IknowSee everything
IhaveyounowGerman forces surrender
HeknowsDisable the 'see everything' cheat (see above)
HohohoRemember Die Hard? This cheat gives GI a new gun and ammo
PrisonPodNo parachutes
Robocop3Berserker soldiers
TraitorTraitorSoldier surrenders
WeaselAll soldiers on map made available
YouGoSquishNowKill all Germans

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