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Take note that it's not possible to advance to the next mission if a cheat mode is activated. In any case, to take advantage of the following cheats, enter within gameplay to activate cheat mode. If entered correctly, the message 'Cheats activated' will appear. Then, hold down ~ and press:

CSend message to enemies
SHIFT+CToggle availability of countermeasures for all ships
KKill target instantly
SHIFT+KDestroy targeted subsystem
ALT+K10% damage to yourself
OToggle Descent-style physics
SHIFT+WInfinite weapons for all ships - yours and enemy's
WInfinite weapons - your ship only
GMark all primary goals as complete
SHIFT+GMark all secondary goals as complete
ALT+GMark all bonus goals as complete
SHIFT+9Scroll backward through all secondary weapons
SHIFT+0Scroll forward through all secondary weapons
RIssue a re-arm request for target
0Scroll forward through all primary weapons
9Scroll backward through all primary weapons
SHIFT+IToggle invulnerability for target


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