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Press [ALT] + [SHIFT] + [CTRL] + [C] to activate cheats, then:

SATAN (God Mode)
PORTAL (Skip Levels)

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50,000 Gold:

When you are at the screen where you choose the character, type IWANNAGETEVERYTHING and you will get 50,000 gold to kick-start the game.

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All Weapons:

After you die, and you are back in the town without all your equipment, press alt-tab to go out of the game and then press ctrl-alt-del and shut the game down. When you go back in your body will be just south of your starting point. You will have to go and kill all the monsters again but atleast you'll have your weapons.


Item Retrieval After Death:

To make things less difficult when retrieving your items after dying, save and exit your game. When you start the game again, your corpse will appear in town.


Gambling cheat:

So you want to gamble with Gheed, but don't want to get ripped off? Here's what to do. Save and re-enter your game. You will be in town. Gamble with Gheed. If you don't want the item, then hit ALT-TAB to go to Windows. Hit CTRL-ALT-DEL and choose End Task on Diablo II. Restart Diablo II, reload your character, and you will be back at your saved game without the purchase from Gheed.


Inventory hint:

Your inventory is full and there is an item that you just have to have that is on the qround. Open your inventory and pick up the item. It is now on your cursor. Now Save your game. When you restart, you will be in town and the item will still be on your cursor.

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