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Drop any item on the ground and walk back about five spaces. Make sure you have room in your inventory for two of the items. Click on the item and right when you are picking it up click on any of the items in your belt (the belt is the area that has 8 spaces for potions and scrolls.) If you did it right the box where it names the thing your clicker is on should name the thing you are trying to duplicate. Press the hotkey for inventory (I) and put it in your inventory. The original item should already be in your inventory. Make sure your inventory is closed while duplicating until you put the item in.


It is good for lagging but will only work with version 1.0. Cast the spell of Town Portal. Make sure no one else is on that level and that you can drop something in front of it and will be able to walk behind it or else it will not work. Drop the item you want to duplicate exactly in front of the portal. Not to the side or else it will not work. Go behind the portal. Then click on the item. You will pick it up and also go to the town. It will be in your inventory and at the place where you dropped it in the dungeons. for duping a shorter way.... ok first drop a weapon you wanna dupe...or in other words copy ...oh need to have space then walk away from it...but make sure the weapon is still in the screen. then make sure you have a potion on your belt then click on the weapon so you walk towards it..(make sure you inventory is closed) then when your about to pick it up on your potion from your belt. Then drop it....if you had correct timing ...the potion that you droped should turn into the weapon ..remember right before you pick up your weapon...but still you gotta pick up your weapon... for it to work easy yeah?


First, get 9 potions. Next, get another potion (perferably a more expensive one like a spectral elixer or rejuvination). Go into inventory, toss out each of the 9 potions by pressing x, than square and once you tossed out 9 potions, select the potion you want to "dupe", than press triangle. If done correctly, there will be one duped potion with the other 9 on the ground and one in your inventory! Repeat as needed. It may take a few times before you get the hang of it. Enjoy the game.:-)

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