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A-Train - PC Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

"A-Train," also known as "Take the A-Train III," derails the conventional gaming experience, inviting players to don the hat of a transit tycoon rather than a conventional city builder. With its debut on the PC, this classic simulation game offered a riveting blend of urban planning and railway management, setting the standard for future transport tycoon simulations. Players are tasked with expanding a transit empire, leveraging trains, tracks, and real estate to fuel urban development and fatten their wallets. However, don't let its seemingly tranquil premise deceive you; "A-Train" requires a keen mind for strategy, demanding meticulous planning and a fine balance between growth and sustainability. Whether you're laying down tracks or playing the stock market, "A-Train" provides a complex, engaging experience that remains unmatched in its depth and intricacy.

$1 Million Bonus

During gameplay, hold down CTRL+SHIFT and type the self-deprecating command cheater-cheaterwimp to add a one million dollars to your cash total. A windfall that massive is almost worth calling yourself a wimp temporarily.

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