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Near the start of level one, you'll find a small island in the water. Jump on that and press the B button to open a manhole that leads to level three.

Another wormhole in the space-time continuum may be located within level three. On that level, after you have passed the three blades, grab the key from under the manhole cover and carry it with you as you progress. Jump onto the platforms near the loudspeakers which spit nibbly pibblies before jumping onto and then to the right of the manhole cover. Jump right again once more to get onto the higher platform. Then jump left onto the large platform. Above you should be a manhole that allows you to warp to level five.


On many levels, there are bonus items located on very high platforms that may only be reached using the following tip. That is, start by jumping into the water near the platforms. Wait as the shark approaches. As it bites you, you'll fly into the air. Keep your finger on the UP direction on your control pad to keep the momentum going. This should allow you to reach the top platform. On level one, a bonus life may be found here.


The fourth level may be completed quickly and easily once you've neared the bell. There, anvils will drop from the sky. Avoid them until the green one appears. Making that land on the scale will ring the bell and open the door for you.


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