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The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may function with compatible systems sourced from other regions:

Start With 1 Life (player 1)PEXALTIA
Start With 8 Lives (player 1)AEXALTIE
Start With 10 Lives (player 1)ZEXALTIE
Start With 20 Lives (player 1)GOXALTIA
Start With 1 Life (player 2)PEVALTIA
Start With 8 Lives (player 2)AEVALTIE
Start With 10 Lives (player 2)ZEVALTIE
Start With 20 Lives (player 2)GOVALTIA
Start on Level 2 (player 1)PEXAPTAA
Start on Level 3 (player 1)ZEXAPTAA
Start on Level 4 (player 1)LEXAPTAA
Start on Level 2 (player 2)PEVAPTAA
Start on Level 3 (player 2)ZEVAPTAA
Start on Level 4 (player 2)LEVAPTAA
More Power Ball Time - Level 1LTSOZOIL
More Power Ball Time - Level 2LTSOLOALL
More Power Ball Time - Level 3LTSOGPLL
More Power Ball Time - Level 4LTSOIOTZ
Less Joust TimeGLUOZGLV
Stop Joust TimerGZXXLUVK
Less Cannonball TimeGLOEGALV
Stop Cannonball TimerGZEPGOVK
Less Wall TimeGLKXXZLV
Stop Wall TimerGXOXEXVS
More Assault TimeLTXATNIL
Less Assault TimePZXATNIU
Stop Assault TimerGZSAINVK


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