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Walk through places faster:

When you are facing the direction you want to move turn backwords and do backflips [z targeting] hold back and rapidly press A. It's much faster then walking.

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Time travel:

Play this song with the Ocarina to travel forward in time 12 hours: C-Right, C-Right, A, A, C-Down, C-Down

Slow down sands of time:

If you play the Song of Time backwards, time on the clock will move slower, but you will still move at the normal speed. This is very useful when running long distances or when trying to prolong game time.

Path through woods:

The path through the woods differs each day. For example; on the first day it is left, right, right, straight, left, left. On the second day, it is right, left, straight, left, left, right.

Easy money:

On the first day between 1:50pm and 4:10pm talk to Anju at the counter of the Stock Pot Inn for a Room Key. Go upstairs and enter the middle room. Open the chest for 100 rupees.

At any time, roll jump from the Milk Bar roof to the ledge. hop the signs and open the chest for 100 rupees.

In the Bombers hideout, swim left at the flood and stick to the wall to avoid the Skullata. Hop to the ledge, and blow up the wall for 100 rupees.

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