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Unlock All G2G Cars

This trick earns you no exp points, but is otherwise very useful. Go into Championship mode, then stop on the screen that displays Teams, Event select, Save game and Main menu options. Press [Z], then [Right] on the control pad, then press [Z] three times, then [B], then [A]. Complex, yes, but rewarding too.

Unlock All GT2 Cars

Simlar to the cheat above, this is entered with the analog control stick at the team selection screen on a Championship game. Enter [Z-trigger],[RIGHT],[Z],[Z],[Z],[B],[down-C],[A],[RIGHT] and, finally, [Start].

Change Car Colors

While selecting your car, press [Z] to change its color.

2000 Falcon Interceptor

Win all racing events, then race in the Novice Cup and defeat the Interceptor in these races to gain the ability to race in the Falcon Interceptor.

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