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Cheat Menu

It doesn't get any easier than this. While you're on the main menu screen, press the Z button to gain access to a cheat menu that contains options such as: All Characters, All Weapons, Unlimited Ammo, Extra Modes and so on. The number of cheats available vary according to how many kills you and your opponents have made. For a tip as to how you can gain access to these cheats early, read the next point:

Easy Cheat Access

If you're campaign is relatively young, and you haven't chalked up 1000s of kills yet, this hint can help you trick your system into believing you have. Create a character and save it. Play with this character until you've achieved 500 career kills. Now, copy that player to the other 3 slots on the save pack. When you load all four players, your combined kill total will be 2000 kills, giving you access to all of the cheats on the cheat menu (see above).

Unlock Boss Characters

Turok: Rage Wars allows you to take on the role of one of the boss characters in multiplayer mode. Each is unlocked by completing various tasks, as below:

  • Bastille - Complete raptor, mantid drone, and guardian's trial.
  • Syra - Complete campaigner, lord of the dead, and juggernaut trials.
  • Symbiont - Complete fireborn, mantid mites, and oblivian spawn trials.
  • Tal'Set - Complete mantid soldier's trial.

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