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StarCraft 64 - N64 Game Cheats

Game Review & Description

Venture into the depths of space and command your forces in StarCraft 64, the Nintendo 64 adaptation of the acclaimed PC real-time strategy game. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment and released in 2000, this version brings the epic battles between Terran, Zerg, and Protoss to the console, offering strategic depth and intense gameplay that fans of the genre will appreciate. With its detailed campaigns, multiplayer mode, and challenging AI, StarCraft 64 delivers a compelling experience for strategy enthusiasts.

In StarCraft 64, players can choose to lead one of three distinct factions, each with its own unique units, structures, and abilities. The Terrans, adaptable and versatile, rely on advanced technology and guerrilla tactics. The Zerg, a ravenous swarm, overwhelm enemies with sheer numbers and rapid evolution. The Protoss, a highly advanced alien race, wield powerful psionic abilities and formidable technology. The game includes the original StarCraft campaign as well as the Brood War expansion, providing an extensive storyline filled with intrigue, betrayal, and epic conflicts.

The gameplay retains the core elements that made StarCraft a classic. Players gather resources, build bases, and amass armies to defeat their opponents. Each faction requires different strategies, offering a deep and varied gameplay experience. The controls, adapted for the Nintendo 64 controller, are intuitive and responsive, allowing players to manage their units and structures with relative ease. While the control scheme may take some getting used to, it effectively translates the complex mechanics of a PC RTS to the console.

Visually, StarCraft 64 does a commendable job of bringing the game's intricate world to life. The graphics, while not as sharp as the PC version, are clear and detailed enough to distinguish units and structures. The environments are well-designed, capturing the alien landscapes and futuristic settings of the StarCraft universe. The sound design is equally impressive, featuring atmospheric music, authentic sound effects, and voiceovers that enhance the immersion and intensity of the gameplay.

One of the standout features of StarCraft 64 is its multiplayer mode, which allows two players to compete in head-to-head matches using the console’s split-screen capabilities. This mode adds significant replay value, providing endless strategic challenges and opportunities for competitive play. Whether battling against friends or the AI, the multiplayer mode ensures that each game is a unique and engaging experience.

For those looking to master StarCraft 64, a variety of hints, tips, and cheat codes for the game may be found below.

Mercy cheat (all upgrades):

To get this cheat play terran mission 4 on episode 1. When you're running through the place you'll see and orange civilian. DONT' KILL ME! He will say "let me live and I will give you a cheat." Move by him to the beacon and when you come back past him dont kill him again and keep walking by and later he will say thank you and give you the cheat.

Submitted by Bullscourt

Game Shark Codes:

You must have a 3.0 or higher version of the Game Shark to use these codes.

Enable Code (Must Be On) F109BA54 1000

Have All Ten Marines (1st Terran Mission) 800B5202 000A

All Levels Complete:
Terran Episode I 800D13C4 000C
Zerg Episode II 800D13C5 000A
Protoss Episode III 800D13C6 000A
Protoss Episode IV 800D13C7 000A
Terran Episode V 800D13C8 000A
Zerg Episode VI 800D13C9 000A

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