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PAPER MARIO Cheats and Hints for N64

Extra Star Points

Although the availability of stars becomes sparse in later levels, there are a few places that you can spend time to refuel quickly. The key is to track down the Bullet Bill Shooters. They can be found in the Koopa Bros Fortress and Bowser's Castle. When there, eliminate the enemies until there are two shooters left. They will continue to shoot Bullet Bills at you. Just keep killing the Bullet Bills, and you'll earn two star points for each one.


Coins Galore

If you find yourself running low on coins, venture to the Lavalava Volcano, Koopa Brow Fortress or Bowser's Castle and find the areas that contain spinning fire sections. Continually jump over the fire, back and forth, until the flames start to flash and disappear. In their place, 10-20 coins will appear to congratulate you on a job well done.


Answers to Bowser's Questions

The answers to Bowser's questions, in order, are:
3, Red, Red, 24.


Transform into the Original Super Mario

This one won't advance you in the game, but it's an awesome easter egg nevertheless. Head to Boo's Mansion on the far side of Forever Forest. Once inside, head up to the first floor and then enter the room to the right (containing the rocking chair). There, you will see two pots. Jump up on to the first pot and, from there, leap into the second one. You'll fall into the pot and after a moment, will be greeted by the retro Super Mario theme music. You'll then jump out of the pot as the original Super Mario! If you tire of this, leave the room, then re-enter and jump back into the second pot again. You'll emerge as Paper Mario.


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