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I'm willing to wager that at least 75% of mobile gamers have played this classic. Fruit Ninja took the world by storm upon its release in 2011, for his highly frenetic action, simple gameplay mechanics and bright design. Years later, it's still fun to dust this one off and give the swiping finger(s) a good workout. The game cheats below help to make that process even more fun.

Unlocking New Blades

There are a whole range of special blade types that can be unlocked during gameplay within Fruit Ninja. Here's how to gain access to the most popular blades:

  • Ice Blade - For those who like to play cool, the Ice Blade can be gained by chopping your way through twenty frozen bananas while in Arcade mode.
  • The Shadow - An awesome name for any ninja's blade, The Shadow will be unlocked if you score exactly 234 in an Arcade Mode round. Aim for just over 200 by the end of gameplay, and once bonuses are calculated, you'll hopefully land on the magic 234.
  • Butterfly Knife - Not nearly as difficult to unlock as some of the others, you can earn access to the Fruit Ninja Butterfly Knife by scoring at least 40 combos that include one or more strawberries.
  • Party Time - If slicing up strawberries to earn the Butterfly Knife got you hungering for the tasty red berries, this is your next goal. To gain the Party Time bonus, slice every single strawberry while in arcade mode - but don't slice anything else. It's all strawberries, all the time. That's the sign of a real party..
  • Pixel Love - Achieve 50 combo slices in Classic Mode to access this retro-inspired blade.
  • Piano Blade - Accessed over time, the Piano Blade will be unlocked once you have carried out 100 critical slice combos.
  • Bamboo Shoot - This one takes a little dedication. Play the game for five days in a row in Zen Mode. Then, if you play the full game, you'll have access to Bamboo Shoot.
  • Flame Blade - Who wouldn't want to carve up their fresh produce with a flaming sword? If that holds appeal for you, keep your finger warmed up and ready to make a split-second swipe. Unlocking this one requires that you start a slice in the milliseconds before the timer ends, and score the combo just after the timer has expired.
  • Mr. Sparkle - This one is easy to earn, in terms of the level of skill required, but will only come if the fruit fall in the right way. That is, while in Classic Mode, you need to slice three pineapples in a row to unlock the glittery Mr. Sparkle.

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