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Wonderboy - Sega Master System Game Hints

Game Review & Description

In the pixelated annals of Sega Master System lore, where 8-bit adventures unfold in vibrant cartridge form, there exists a tale of heroism, skateboards, and an insatiable appetite for fruit. This is the saga of Wonderboy, a game that doesn’t just stride into the realm of classic gaming; it skateboards in, tossing hatchets and snagging fruit mid-air with the ease of a Sunday stroll.

Wonderboy is not just any hero; he's the epitome of 80s cool, a protagonist whose quest to rescue his girlfriend from the nefarious Dark King is fraught with dangers, delights, and dietary decisions. Armed initially with nothing but his courage and an alarming metabolism, players guide Wonderboy through forests, caves, and seas, battling snails, frogs, and other oddly aggressive fauna.

Gameplay in Wonderboy is a delightful blend of platforming precision and survival. The screen scrolls relentlessly forward, mirroring the inexorable march of time and Wonderboy’s own unyielding quest. The twist? Our hero’s health is represented by a vitality meter that constantly depletes, simulating both hunger and the existential dread of advancing age. The only salve? Fruit. Scattered throughout the levels or dropped by defeated foes, fruit is both sustenance and salvation, a sugary beacon of hope in Wonderboy’s perilous journey.

Graphically, Wonderboy is a testament to the Sega Master System's prowess. The game is a kaleidoscope of 8-bit artistry, with each level bursting with color and character. Wonderboy himself is rendered in charming detail, from his iconic grass skirt to his perpetually bare feet (because who needs shoes when you have velocity?).

But it’s not just about running and fruit-gobbling. The game layers on complexity with the introduction of skateboards and weapon upgrades. Yes, you read that correctly—skateboards. These boards of glory not only speed up your journey but add a layer of cool that was unparalleled in its time. Weapons evolve from simple hatchets to more formidable gear, offering new strategies for dispatching the increasingly challenging foes.

The sound design deserves a nod, with catchy chiptunes that will have you bobbing along as you dodge and weave through the game's myriad challenges. Each level’s theme is both an earworm and a battle hymn, pushing you forward with melodies that capture the essence of adventure.

For those intrepid souls ready to guide Wonderboy through his trials, know this: the path is littered with secrets. Hidden within the game are a plethora of hints, tips, and cheat codes, tucked away like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered by the worthy. These digital scrolls hold the keys to extending life, unlocking secrets, and even skipping levels. They are the whispered legends of the Sega Master System, passed down through generations of gamers ready to face the Dark King’s legions.

Wonderboy stands as a monument to the golden age of gaming, a testament to a time when heroes wore grass skirts, rode skateboards, and ate fruit to stay alive. It’s a game that blends action, adventure, and a hint of survival into an experience that remains as fresh and exhilarating as it was decades ago. So, lace up your nonexistent shoes, grab your board, and remember: a world of adventure—and a trove of hints, tips, and cheat codes—awaits. The legend of Wonderboy continues, and the journey is just a button press away.


When the screen shows the round and area numbers, press button one twice, and button two twice. Then hold both buttons down and use the direction pad to select a level.


These appear throughout the levels of this classic arcade conversion. Once you've collected them all, you'll be awarded a massive 500 points for all the fruit you collect.


Collect all 36 dolls to automatically unlock a secret tenth level.

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