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Choplifter - Sega Master System Cheats

Game Review & Description

In the pantheon of Sega Master System classics, where pixels clash and nostalgia reigns supreme, there exists a game that turns the skies into a battlefield and heroism into a high score. This game is Choplifter, a title that doesn’t just break the mold; it rescues it from enemy territory and flies it to safety.

Choplifter is the quintessential helicopter rescue mission, a game where you, the intrepid pilot, navigate your trusty chopper through enemy lines to save hostages. It’s a simple premise, executed with the finesse of a ballet dancer wearing combat boots. The game combines the thrill of arcade shooting with a dash of strategic rescue operations, all from the cockpit of your Sega Master System.

Playing Choplifter is akin to juggling with hand grenades; it’s a delicate balance of attack, defense, and daring rescues. Your helicopter is not just a vehicle of destruction; it’s a chariot of salvation. The screen scrolls left and right, a stage upon which your daring deeds are cast. Hostages wave for help, oblivious to the pixelated peril around them. Your mission? Scoop them up and whisk them away to safety, dodging bullets, tanks, and the occasional angry bird along the way.

Graphically, Choplifter is a testament to the power of the Master System. It paints its world with broad strokes, creating a landscape that’s both minimalist and expressive. The helicopter, a sprite of beauty, animates with a fluidity that belies its 8-bit origins. Each enemy, from the foot soldiers to the fiendish fighters, is rendered with just enough detail to make your heart skip a beat when they appear.

But what truly elevates Choplifter from a mere game to a legend is its gameplay. The controls are a dream, responsive and intuitive, allowing for precision flying that’s as satisfying as popping bubble wrap. Rotating your chopper to face threats or to gently land for a rescue adds a layer of complexity that’s engaging without being overwhelming.

The sound design is a marvel of retro technology. The thrum of your helicopter’s blades becomes a comforting constant amidst the chaos of battle, punctuated by the staccato of gunfire and the dulcet tones of rescued hostages expressing their thanks. The soundtrack, while sparse, underscores the action with tunes that stick in your memory long after you’ve powered down your console.

Yet, for those daring pilots ready to take to the skies, know this: the airspace over Choplifter is fraught with hidden dangers and secret joys. Buried within the game are hints, tips, and cheat codes, the spoils of war for the observant and the cunning. These secrets can transform your mission, providing you with extra lives, invincibility, or even new ways to approach your rescue operations. They are the whispered strategies of the Sega Master System sage, ready to guide you to glory.

Choplifter for the Sega Master System is more than a game; it’s a rite of passage for those who dare to fly into the face of danger and laugh. It’s a reminder of a time when games didn’t need sprawling open worlds or cinematic graphics to captivate us. They just needed heart, challenge, and a helicopter ready to brave the unknown. So, strap in, fire up your rotors, and remember: a trove of hints, tips, and cheat codes awaits, ready to lift your spirits and your score to new heights. The adventure is just beginning, and the skies are waiting.

Level Select

Wait for the presentation screen to appear, before pressing UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and START. This will activate level selection.

Speed Bonus

When you shoot helicopter pods as soon as they start to emerge from the ground, a Superman character will appear and stimulate your men to run faster. Collect three of these for max speed.

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