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There are several secret passageways hidden within this popular platform scroller that can lead you to rooms filled with bonus items. The first of these may be found on level 1-1.

On that level, lead Asterix down the well and continue to the left. Allow the water to throw you into the air, but don't break the bricks covering the next well. Instead, jump on top of them and immediately jump left into the wall to uncover a room where an extra life awaits you.

On level 2-1, paddle all the way to the wall on the far right before diving. You'll be able to swim through the bottom-half of the wall to a secret room full of free goodies.

The next secret room of which we are aware doesn't appear until level 7-1. There, avoid jumping on the spring and instead stand on the same platform as the bloke with the burning torches. Then, all you have to do is walk right into a disguised alcove where more secret goods may be found.


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