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StarCraft - Hints and Tips for Apple Mac

Game Review & Description

In the annals of Apple Mac gaming, amidst the sea of artistic indie titles and productivity software that goes "ping," there exists a legend—a tale of war, strategy, and cosmic conquest that transcends the very fabric of space-time. This is the saga of StarCraft, a game that turned the tranquil orchards of Macintosh computing into battlegrounds for the fiercest digital warfare the galaxy has ever known.

StarCraft isn’t just a game; it’s an interstellar journey across the Koprulu Sector, where three distinct species—the resourceful Terrans, the enigmatic Protoss, and the relentless Zerg—vie for supremacy. Each faction brings its own flavor to the cosmic dinner table, from the Terrans' "shoot first, ask questions never" philosophy to the Zerg's penchant for overwhelming their enemies with sheer numbers, and the Protoss' high-tech, high-principles approach to galactic domination.

The beauty of StarCraft, especially on the Apple Mac, where the command key reigns supreme, is in its timeless gameplay. Strategy here is king, queen, and the roguish knight that sneaks into your base when you're not looking. Whether you're meticulously managing resources, building an unstoppable army, or executing a flank so sneaky it would make Sun Tzu blush, StarCraft demands your brain cells fire on all cylinders.

Graphically, StarCraft on the Mac is a digital tapestry woven from the threads of 90s nostalgia and pixel art prowess. Units are detailed enough to elicit attachment ("No, not Jim! He was two days from retirement!"), yet abstract enough to ensure your imagination fills in the cinematic gaps. The environments, from the red sands of Mar Sara to the twilight of Aiur, provide a stunning backdrop to the carnage and cunning on display.

The sound design? Oh, the sound design. Each unit's voice acting is so iconic, it’s woven into the very fabric of gamer culture. Who can forget the first time a Terran Marine barked, "You wanna piece of me, boy?" or the chilling hiss of a Zerg Hydralisk? The soundtrack, with its haunting melodies and adrenaline-pumping compositions, elevates the art of war to a ballet of bullets, blades, and psionic storms.

But StarCraft is more than just a game of build, rush, and conquer. It's a chess match where every pawn has a backstory, and every move can unravel into a tale of betrayal, heroism, or evolution. The campaign is a masterclass in storytelling, weaving the fates of characters like Jim Raynor, Kerrigan, and Zeratul into the tapestry of an epic space opera.

For those ready to embark on this journey, to pit their wits against the galaxy's finest, know this: the path to victory is littered with the debris of fallen ships and the echoes of lost souls. Yet, within the game itself, lie secrets—hints, tips, and cheat codes—ancient knowledge encoded by the creators to aid you in your quest. Whether you seek to summon a fleet of Battlecruisers or simply desire the godlike power to explore the story untethered by mortal constraints, these arcane commands are your gateway to untold power.

StarCraft on the Mac is a monument to the era when strategy games reigned supreme, offering a depth of gameplay that few titles have since matched. It’s a game that challenges not just your dexterity and strategic planning, but your capacity for empathy and your resolve in the face of moral quandaries. So, gather your forces, marshal your courage, and remember: in the vast expanse of the Koprulu Sector, a variety of hints, tips, and cheat codes may be found below, ready to guide you to your destiny among the stars.

Bonus Level:

In order to play the bonus level 'Dark Origin', finish the Zerg Brood wars level 'The Reckoning' (level 8) within 25 minutes. This can easily be accomplished by using the invincibility cheat 'power overwhelming'.


Build anything:

Press [Enter] during game and type "modify the phase variance".


Buildings and ships are indestructible:

Press [Enter] during game and type "power overwhelming".


Continue playing after completing a mission:

Press [Enter] during game and type "staying alive".


Disable your opponent's Psionic ability:

Press [Enter] during game and type "noglues".


Faster building and instant upgrades:

Press [Enter] during game and type "operation cwal".


Free technology upgrades to mission units:

Press [Enter] during game and type "medieval man".


Gas and minerals increase by 10,000:

Press [Enter] during game and type "show me the money".


Lose game:

Press [Enter] during game and type "game over man".


Minerals increase by 500:

Press [Enter] during game and type "whats mine is mine".


Racing Tips:

While Zerg are best suited for rush games, Terren are equally adept at rush and long games.


Remove fog of war:

Press [Enter] during game and type "war aint what it used to be".


Reveal map:

Press [Enter] during game and type "black sheep wall".


Select mission and level:

Press [Enter] during game and type "ophelia" to enable Mission select mode. Press [Enter] again and type a race (Protoss, Terran or Zerg) and level. (Note: Starcraft missions consist of a race followed by a mission number such as protoss1, protoss2, terran1, terran2, zerg1, zerg2, etc.)


Skip mission:

Press [Enter] during game and type "there is no cow level".


Unlimited Psionic ability:

Press [Enter] during game and type "the gathering".


Unlimited supplies when building units:

Press [Enter] during game and type "food for thought".


Upgrade everything:

Press [Enter] during game and type "something for nothing".


Vespene gas increases by 500:

Press [Enter] during game and type "breathe deep".


Win game:

Press [Enter] during game and type "man over game".

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