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The Even More Incredible Machine - Apple Mac

Game Review & Description

Imagine a world where Rube Goldberg machines and video games collide, creating a spectacular fusion of physics, puzzles, and a pinch of pure chaos. This is the realm of The Even More Incredible Machine, a game that turns the mundane task of moving a ball from point A to point B into an exercise in creative engineering, all from the comfort of your vintage Apple Mac.

The Even More Incredible Machine isn't just a game; it's a brain-twisting, problem-solving extravaganza set against the pixelated backdrop of the early '90s computing revolution. With a toolbox filled with gears, belts, candles, and even the occasional cat, players are tasked with constructing elaborate contraptions to accomplish seemingly simple objectives. It's like being handed the keys to a virtual junk drawer and being told, "Make something amazing."

Each level presents a new puzzle, ranging from the delightfully straightforward to the fiendishly complex. The game dares you to think outside the box, then turns around and asks why you were in the box in the first place. The physics engine, a marvel of its time, behaves with a predictability that can only be described as deliciously unreliable, adding a layer of unpredictability to each solution. Will your contraption launch the ball into the air with the elegance of a ballet dancer, or will it crumble like a cookie under the scrutiny of a toddler? Only time and a bit of trial and error will tell.

Graphically, The Even More Incredible Machine is a testament to the charm of early Mac gaming, with its simple yet expressive sprites and backgrounds. Each component in your mechanical arsenal is rendered with just enough detail to be recognizable and just enough whimsy to remind you not to take things too seriously.

But what truly sets this game apart is its sound design. From the satisfying clunk of gears meshing to the whimsical squeak of a mouse running in its wheel, every sound effect adds depth to the tactile experience of building. The soundtrack, with its upbeat tunes, keeps your spirits high—even as you watch your hundredth attempt at solving a puzzle collapse in a heap of well-intentioned failure.

Diving into The Even More Incredible Machine is like enrolling in a master class of "What if?" scenarios. What if a candle could power a steam engine? What if cats were the key to perpetual motion? The game encourages experimentation, rewarding those with the patience to tweak and adjust their machines until they achieve mechanical harmony.

For those about to embark on this journey of discovery and destruction, take heart. Hidden within the game are a variety of hints, tips, and cheat codes, secrets designed to nudge you in the right direction or, at times, offer a wholesale solution to particularly vexing puzzles. These nuggets of wisdom are like finding a screwdriver in a haystack—a tool that, while not immediately solving all your problems, certainly makes the task at hand a bit more manageable.

The Even More Incredible Machine stands as a monument to the golden age of Mac gaming, a time when games weren't afraid to challenge your intellect while tickling your funny bone. It's a game that proves, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that with enough ingenuity (and perhaps a liberal interpretation of the laws of physics), anything is possible. So, gather your wits, prepare your toolbox, and remember: a variety of hints, tips, and cheat codes may be found below, ready to assist you in your quest to build the truly incredible.

Level Passwords:

LEVEL:                   PASSWORD:

002                       SIERRA
003                       DYNAMIX
004                       MACHINE
005                       DISK
006                       SHUTTLE
007                       SATURN
008                       KING
009                       DRAGON
010                       ANTS
011                       BASEBALL
012                       BEAR
013                       FISH
014                       DALE
015                       CHESTERTON
016                       SIZE
017                       IRELAND
018                       WORD
019                       BRIEF
020                       HOT DOG
021                       COUNTDOWN
022                       PSALMS
023                       TANK
024                       NIGHT
025                       GAMES
026                       WESTERN
027                       LOG HOME
028                       GRAPHICS
029                       KNUTH
030                       DONALD
031                       COMPACT DISC
032                       SHAVER LAKE
033                       RHEUMATISM
034                       HARPSICORD
035                       MARKET
036                       DESK
037                       MYRTLE
038                       QUA TERNION
039                       AQUARIUM
040                       SHOE
041                       FLOWER
042                       STONE
043                       CLARE
044                       KERRY
045                       FLANGE
046                       SEASON
047                       TRIBOLOGY
048                       ABRASIVE
049                       DEFORMATION
050                       ELASTIC
051                       ASHESION
052                       SPECTRA
053                       INDUCTION
054                       POLARIZATION
055                       OVERJOY
056                       DISCURSIVE
057                       CROSS
058                       CHOCOLATE
059                       PLATO
060                       WELLSPRING
061                       HYDROPLANE
062                       PALM
063                       SOMBRERO
064                       JOIST
065                       ASTRONAUT
066                       ASSURANCE
067                       OSMIUM
068                       ASSURANCE
069                       CALCULATOR
070                       SUPERIOR
071                       PHIHAROMONIC
072                       ANGULAR
073                       ZIPPER
074                       UMPIRE
075                       RECOVER
076                       SHADOW
077                       IONIZE
078                       QUAKE
079                       OCTOBER
080                       BILATERAL
081                       LYRIC
082                       NEEDLE
083                       THEORY
084                       LOBSTER
085                       SAMURAI
086                       SPLICE
087                       GULF
088 Tutorial: Get Mel Home         RHOMBUS
089 Horror Flick                      OLIVE
090 Bouncing Balloon               POLYNOMIALS
091 New Tennis                      PARAMETRIC
092 When Push comes to Shove      SOLAR SYSTEM
093 Cat Boxing                      MARBLE
094 A Better Mouse Trap            HEAVY
095 On the Way Home               REPUBLIC
096 Cannonball Chaos                QUATRAIN
097 Mouse Dance                     TYRANNOSAUR
098 Balloon Breaking                SULFURIS
099 Bumping Up                      DOPA
100 Eight-ball in the Bowl         MINARET
101 Infiltration                   DOVETAIL
102 Push                            JASMINE
103 Sacrifice                       WRANGLE
104 Good Shot                    KUDOS
105 Morning Aerobics             CULDESAC
106 Drop the Bucket               YODEL
107 Prison Break                    XYLOPHONE
108 Attacking Bob                  MONKEY
109 Making a Windmill Turn       HEIST
110 Free the Mice                  CAPTURE
111 Bounce, Fire, Pop             PURSE
112 Eight-ball in the Side Pocket   HOBBY
113 Bonk the Monkey             DEIFY
114 Time to Cleanup               MERGANSER
115 Hole in the Floor              SEAK
116 3-Point Shot                    CONTRAPTION
117 Ambulance Driver             FLAX
118 Trick Shot                      PRIMORDIAL
119 Balloon Exterminator         RAVE
120 Alligator Country              HYACINTH
121 The Launching                  SPIDER
122 Vertical Bowling               YAMMER
123 Monkey Aerobics              NERVE
124 Rocket Launcher                GRATE
125 Attracting Mort                 EMULSION
126 Shoot                           INPUT
127 This Sucks                     PARADISE
128 Launch the Rockets III        SAMURAI
129 Fansy                             CHAOS
130 Mel fires the Cannon         BRAWL
131 Team Work                       ASIDE
132 Countdown to Liftoff         AXIS
133 Transportation                  OFFBEAT
134 Round-a-bout                   QUIP
135 Pokey plays Pinball           NEWMAN
136 Demolition                      SLOPE
137 The Trap                         TENON
138 Hit Two Bumpers             CROSSCUT
139 Bowl Breaking                 NORM
140 Balls into Pots                HOUSE
141 Feeding Frenzy                MACARONI
142 Nailed                          TALON
143 Rocket Launcher               BEAK
144 Blowing Home                  BIRETTA
145 Balloon Exterminator II      FREQUENT
146 Don’t Eat Me                   STREAM
147 Like a Good Neighbor         UMIAK
148 Bucket Training                HIATUS
149 Mel to the Rescue             CREEK
150 Tea Time                        CROQUET
151 Basket-bowl                    ACID
152 Ballooning Around           BABY
153 Bucket Work                    SEAN
154 Come Home Mel               QUALM
155 Cheese                          THIAMINE
156 Expert: Where is My Home?     TURN
157 Expert: Clear the Path        KANGAROO
158 Expert: 10-9-8…                CONTENT
159 Expert: Clear the Path II      BELLOC
160 Expert: A Long Walk           PASSWORD

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Start the machine and press “V”.

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