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The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may function with compatible systems sourced from other regions:

Master Code (Must Be On)R19T-860T
3-Point Baskets Worth 5AZVA-AAAW
3-Point Baskets Worth 10BKVA-AAAW
Normal Baskets Worth 3 PointsAKTT-AAF0
Normal Baskets Worth 5 PointsAZTT-AAF0
Free Throws Worth 2 PointsAKTT-AAFG
Free Throws Worth 4 PointsAVTT-AAFG
Free Throws Worth 5 PointsAZTT-AAFG
Free Throws Worth 10 PointsBKTT-AAFG
Start With 0 Timeouts (player 1)AA8T-CABE
Start With 1 Timeout (player 1)AE8T-CABE
Start With 3 Timeouts (player 1)AN8T-CABE
Start With 4 Timeouts (player 1)AT8T-CABE
Start With 5 Points (player 1)AYCA-AAHY
Start With 10 Points (player 1)BJCA-AAHY
Start With 15 Points (player 1)B6CA-AAHY
Start With 20 Points (player 1)CTCA-AAHY
Start With 25 Points (player 1)DECA-AAHY
Start With 0 Timeouts (player 2)AA8T-CABN
Start With 1 Timeout (player 2)AE8T-CABN
Start With 3 Timeouts (player 2)AN8T-CABN
Start With 4 Timeouts (player 2)AT8T-CABN
Start With 5 Points (player 2)AYCA-AAH6
Start With 10 Points (player 2)BJCA-AAH6
Start With 15 Points (player 2)B6CA-AAH6
Start With 20 Points (player 2)CTCA-AAH6
Start With 25 Points (player 2)DECA-AAH6
Stop Shot ClockATHA-AA2L

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