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The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may function with compatible systems sourced from other regions:

Infinite LivesAX3A-AA2N
Start With 1 Hit PointAEBT-AAB6
Start With 2 Hit PointsAJBT-AAB6
Start With 3 Hit PointsANBT-AAB6
Start With 5 Hit PointsAYBT-AAB6
Start With 10 Hit PointsBJBT-AAB6
Start With 15 Hit PointsB6BT-AAB6
Start With 20 Hit PointsCTBT-AAB6
Start With 25 Hit PointsDEBT-AAB6
Start With 30 Hit PointsD2BT-AAB6
Start With 50 Hit PointsGJBT-AAB6
Start With 100 Hit PointsNTBT-AAB6
Start With 200 Hit Points3ABT-AAB6
Start With 250 Hit Points9JBT-AAB6
Start With 2 LivesAE0A-AAG8
Start With 3 LivesAJ0A-AAG8
Start With 4 LivesAN0A-AAG8
Start With 6 LivesAY0A-AAG8
Start With 7 LivesA20A-AAG8
Start With 8 LivesA60A-AAG8
Start With 9 LivesBA0A-AAG8
Start With 10 LivesBE0A-AAG8

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