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The following dongle-dependent codes are designed for use with the North American (NTSC) version of the game, but may function with compatible systems sourced from other regions:

Can Perform Super Hulk Moves at 10%BKJV-AAE6
Can Perform Super Hulk Moves at 20%CVJV-AAE6
Can Perform Super Hulk Moves at 30%D3JV-AAE6
Capsules Add Twice As Much (Hulk only)CT3B-AAAJ
Capsules Add Three Times As Much (Hulk only)D23B-AAAJ
Don't Lose Health With Time When 'Hulked Out'A4YT-8A46
Don't Take Damage As Hulk/Super-HulkDVPV-AA9Y
Don't Take Damage When 'Hulked Out'DVRB-AA6W
Infinite Ammo for GunsABRV-AAFN
Infinite Time to Defeat BossesAC5A-8AB4
Infinite Transformation CapsulesACYA-8AG2
Level Select Screen Appears After Game StartedALVT-8A82
No Lives Lost From Falling in WaterABNB-AAGT
No Lives Lost From Running Out of HealthABDV-AAA6
Regular Gamma Capsules Don't Max Out at 70% (Can Hulk-Out)AJ2V-AA64
Start 1st Life With 75% HealthKR4A-8AEN
Start 1st Life With 100% HealthPC4A-8AEN
Start All Lives Except 1st With 75% HealthKRXA-8AE8
Start All Lives Except 1st With 100% HealthPCXA-8AE8
Start With 1 LifeAG4A-8AEY
Start With 2 LivesAL4A-8AEY
Start With 4 LivesAW4A-8AEY
Start With 5 LivesA04A-8AEY
Start With 7 LivesA84A-8AEY
Start With 9 LivesBG4A-8AEY

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